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John Woo Presents Stranglehold

Fanku Kaibutsu

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Saw the first trailer for it a few months ago, and my jaw dropped.

Hard-Boiled is one of my favorite HK action movies, and easily my favorite `Gun-Fu' movie.

This game is THE reason I want a PS3.

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The demo for this is out on Xbox live. It's pretty meaty demo, full cutscenes for the first level and every thing. Judging from the demo, it's everything I hoped it would be. At the end of the demo, it says it has the most destructible environments of any game, and it seems to be an accurate statement. The level in the demo is set in a Hong Kong alleyway, filled with little shop-hut-things filled with junk and food and pigs and propane tanks, and catwalks and scaffolding everywhere. You could probably destroy everything but the full buildings if you knew where to shoot. One well placed bullet in this game can end a whole encounter. There's a part where you could fight 4 guys across shop stalls and catwalks, or you can shoot a large sign attached to a building, which will swing down, and crush the buildings and the guy on the catwalk. You could probably go through the entire level kill every enemy, yet never actually fire at any of them. You get a 'style' rating while fighting, similar to the Devil May Cry series. Headshots and environmental kills are obviously worth more than just shooting people center-mass, while on foot, in non-bullettequilla time.

You also get 4 special attacks, or 'Tequilla Bombs', one heals you, another allows you to sniper-target enemies in slow-motion, the third is, like, rapid-fire near-invulnerable mode, the last is the legendary 'spin around firing, killing all the enemies in the area while doves fly around' attack. You can slide on surfaces, ride on carts, grind down/walk up rails, do a rebounding dive off of walls, and who knows what else. The cutscenes are slick, stylish, and all-around badass.

Honestly, while I did had high hopes for this game, I was fully expecting it to suck. It's an 3rd-person max-payne-ish game, it's based on a movie, and it's made by Midway. That's a recipe for disaster if I ever heard one. But if this demo is any indication, this is gonna be a kick ass game I can't wait to pick up.

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Stranglehold is absolutely badass. The gun fights fill and look exactly like those in Hard Boiled. From sliding off of a railing and jumping onto a cart seamlessly to the whole stage being ripped apart after a big battle, Stranglehold captures it perfectly.

The true beauty of the game shines when playing on Hard. On Hard, every gun fight is intense as hell, as you go from cover to cover looking for ammo and finding a way to kill people without using much of it. This game is a must for anyone who loves Hard Boiled or 3rd person shooters.

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Does it have any shots of the camera riding the bullet or anything like that, from what you've seen so far?

Hard-Boiled is my favorite HK action flick (with The Killer being my second, but if they did a game based on it it would probably have to be a prequel), so I'm definitely waiting to get hold of it. I'll have to get the PC version, though, and I'm not sure if my video card will be able to handle it.

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Wow (hadn't even heard about this before) but I downloaded the demo after reading this and it really does kick ass.It's a pretty fun game, and looks really nice.

The prescision shot looks awesome. Sure, we've all seen it before, but it just looks really nice, and for instance, while aiming, I accidently shot the guy in the hand, and he did this whole fiasco dropping the gun and grabbing his hand thing, just overall had really nice presentation.

And I love the stand off's too. Only thing I sort of dislike, is that I think there should be a button for sliding across tables, because as it is now, you do it by just walking into them, and while that looks cool, and it's not really that big of a deal, I had this thing where I would slide across like every table I walked by without trying too.

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