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WWF Attitude


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Is the best WWF game on the Playstation. Bar none. Fuck the SD! series, Attitude is where it's at. And the CAW mode is awesome. Simpler than other games, and not as much detail, but the character models are insanely good.

I love it. Been playing it the majority of today and last night, it's awesome.

Let's talk about it. Stiva likes it too!

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I loved this game when it came out. I was a huge fan of Warzone and loved Attitude because it was pretty much an updated version with a solid roster.

The season wasn't great, but it was still a cool concept to work your way through Shotgun up to Raw and PPV's. Although I can't remember if this was true for "main event" caliber wrestlers as well. I just remember going through it with a Perry Saturn CAW (which looked awesome might I add).

The Owen Hart pile driver in that game was fucking awesome, it looked so god damned brutal. I was also a big fan of this simple move, basically a kick to the gut followed by a knee to the face.

Yeah, Attitude was a lot of fun, and pretty much the only game that gave me the opportunity to use Droz. Gangrel's entrance rocked in that game, as did Gangrel in general.

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The animations for Attitude were very realistic.

My favourite thing is that you could decide how long of a match you wanted. When you adjusted the time limit, the amount of damage a move would dish out was changed.

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I read after this game was released that it was Matt and Jeff Hardy who did all the motion capture.

That is true.

Warzone and Attitude were unique games... would really fit in that "shitty games you thought rocked" thread. The gameplay was awful (but not nearly as bad as Fanku describes it... that was the Nitro game). Still, pressing down, forward, X for a body slam was shitty. The CAW was great (for Attitude, at least), but all in all the game wasn't that good. Certainly had nothing on the AKI games.

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I loved the action noises ie kicking Mankind got a satisfying "oh! oh! oh!" I won the WWF Championship in 45 seconds as well. I was shocked.

Happy days.

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I love this game as well, but I can't find a PSone memory card anywhere, our gamestop quit selling them and now that EBgames has been bought by Gamestop, I can't find one. We have a Rhino Video Game, but it's blockbuster owned and they only sell used games and the occasional new one, no accessories.

But yeah, I play it occasionally but it's not much fun without my card.

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