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Saw 2 question


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Firstly, no spoilers as I haven't seen it.

What I wanted to know is can you watch Saw 2 without having watched Saw and "get it"? As in, does it follow on at all, or is it just like a whole seperate story? Would watching Saw 2 ruin watching Saw 1, or could you technically do it in that order?

I ask purely because I've seen Saw, but my girlfriend hasn't...I have Saw 2, but don't want to watch it with her if it might ruin her watching Saw later this week when I'll probably try and rent it out. Chances are I might wait anyway, but thought I might as well just ask to be sure.

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It'll ruin the "twist" of the first movie for sure. However, the second film is still a good film in its own regard. I think if your girlfriend has no interest in seeing Saw, then you can put in Saw II and go buck wild. But if she wants to see Saw I, then let her watch it first (purely so she can see the twist coming at the end).

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then you'll be ready for Saw III.

Seriously, can anyone see this dragging on, Hallowe'en style?

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I liked both movies marginally, though, Saw II had the advantage of being more bloody and fascinating with its group stuff (even if it has been, y'know, done to death) and I love the twist stuff at the end of both (though, obviously one has the better twist).

And yes, I'm trying my best to avoid spoiling it all, Liam. :P

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I liked both. They were both brilliant movies built up to a twist in the tail and they did it well.

I didn't like the fact the first time I saw Saw II I went with a mate and he was bugging me with questions the whole way home because he didn't pay attention.

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