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Video Of Axl Rose Stopping A Song To Kick Out A Fan.


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I can't decide if this makes me love or hate Axl. I mean, stopping in the middle of Sweet Child Of Mine should be illegal, but he does school the guy, makes fun of himself with the Chinese Democracy reference, which is fucking hilarious, and does an amazing job of picking up where they left off... but still... you can't stop in the middle of SCOM... ever.... ever ever ever.

Anyway, does anyone know what the guy actually did? I can't see him throw anything (Which is Axls thing at the moment, the two times I've seen them he's started crying about people throwing things). And he can hardly be yelling abuse, it's in the middle of a song right up close to the stage, no fucker couold hear him.

Yeah, anyone know what he did?

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I thought this was pretty cool until I heard how screechy Axl and Bach's voices are. Yikes. The monitor with the lyrics also reduced this to karaoke, making something that should have been awesome kinda soul-crushing. :thumbsdown:

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I fucking adore both Axl and Baz. Their voices are still as good (or not, depending on your perspective) as they were in the 1980s and, you know, their both bastards but I hardly care. I'm not trying to read into their psyche, I don't know them; all I care about is that both are still able to be good vocalists when properly motivated.

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