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The 'new' Nelly Furtado...

Guest mAXi

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Yeh... What are your opinions on Nelly Furtado now that she has changed ?

I remember buying Folklore a few years ago and i loved it. It was practically flawless, apart from a few songs i didn't like, the album was highly enjoyable. I was looking forward to her return but this was just... wow.

I think this is her attempt at getting into the mainstream and sure, it worked but i think she has lost a lot of fans in the process. It isn't reall bad music but im somewhat dissapointed that she has done this and made herself all slutty and ... blah.

'Maneater' is catchy but is nothing compared to previous works. 'Promiscious' is just.... weird to me. I decided not to buy the album because i had the feeling i wouldn't enjoy it. Her last 'transformation' was good, it was like she had matured but this was two steps back.

What do you think ?

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Ah, none of you know what you're talking about >_>

I wasn't keen on her stuff before the "change" but I've really liked the two songs she's released since. I wouldn't buy the album, though. Paying for stuff is for sissies, illegal downloading is where it's at ¬_¬

When does anyone on EWB *EVER* know what they're talking about? :shifty:

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I really dug her stuff prior to this new record, mainly because it brought in a bit of Latin flavor without completely over-doing things (and, thus, a decent breath of fresh air.)

To be fair, though, she wasn't exactly The Anti-Ho prior to "Loose". The video for "Turn Off The Light" can attest to that. Still, I can't help but feel that she's doing all of this because it's the popular thing, and that just makes her past catalogue seem a little disingenuous. Unfair? Definately. Public perception? Usually.

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Old Nelly I'd give 6/10. Nothing great, but fun to listen to. Nice, catchy songs. She stood out. She was unique.

New Nelly, I'd give 3/10. Better than Pussycat Dolls and Fergie, but that honestly isn't saying much. Promiscous is a bad song, and Maneater is a terrible song.

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Blame Timbaland or whatever he's called.

Fuck all y'all...Timbaland is brilliant. :(

What's so bad about Promiscuous barring the over-played factor? And Maneater is fucking ace. Sure, it's not as good as the first two albums, but hell, at least it doesn't sound repulsive...which could also be attributed to Timbo being fucking awesome.

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I can't stand Timbaland. If only for the fact that I did like Furtado's first album and thought she could continue with some potential. Doesn't help watching Much Music over the years and having her go on about how sexuality has nothing to do with music and how people like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera sleaze themselves out for more money.

Kind of funny though. Maneater is somewhat catchy, but is still a shitty song overall. And I don't even know what happened to Justin Timberlake. Sexy Back is one of the shittiest songs I've heard in years.

Ugh, maybe this Timbaland fad will disappear quickly. Distorted "beat" heavy music with no actual singing should die quickly.

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