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I've been playing FIFA 07 for two days now (yes, illegal -_-) and I must say it is....


Yes, that's right. I've always prefered Pro Evo over FIFA because FIFA's gameplay always sucked big time compared to Pro Evo's but NOW......FIFA just got a whole lot better. The gameplay is very smooth etc, it's Pro Evo but then with loads of leagues and cool options (like a youth squad). I'm playing with Boavista now in Portugal, but I think I'm going to start over with a English third division team. So has anybody played it yet (full version) or do you have questions? :)

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Boo. The 360 version isn't out until October 27th and it has a lot less leagues in it (example: no English leagues past Premiership). The gameplay better make up for it >_>

Did they give any reason for that? I understood when it was first released... but there's no excuse for it this time around.

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Got the game on Saturday and thoroughly enjoying it so far. Shame about the lack of teams compared to current gen versions and whatnot, but they should be back in for next year's game which I'm very excited about.

Just a question, is anyone else having problems heading the ball (for a shot)? Whenever I press B (360) I always volley it instead of headering it.

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Thought i'd bump this because i only got the game a few weeks ago. I have the latest Pro Evo for the 360 since it was released and was happy with it but was given a copy of Fifa by a friend...

I was a bit dissapointed. I heard good things on here about the gameplay being fixed but there's some stupid things going on, here are a few

- Almost everytime i go fro a cross, the strikers in the box go for a volley instead of a header which is not realistic at all especially since the legs go through other people's heads so you could imagine if this happened in real life more often there would be a ton of severe head injuries..

- When subsituting it goes to a camera shot of the stadium, the sound gets all weird and then it goes back to normal.

- Players look incredible on there own but say i go in for a tackle, sometimes it just doesn't connect and it looks dodgy like there is some wall around the player.

- No way is any keeper this good... same goes for Pro Evo which has the same problems.. so does FM 2007...

- It's odd the pitch looks off colour, not a dark green but more like a tennis court..

They have added some nice features though, like playing while it loads, that's great. Lots of extras as well and there is lots of stats to look over where as on Pro Evo they don't show much. Graphics blew me away for the most part and it has started to grow on me. The gameplay has drastically improved since i last owned a copy of Fifa (Fifa 2005).

It just seems more like a beta version than a full game to me so i think i will stick with Pro Evo, anybody else have these gameplay problems?

In summary, i have mixed feelings but it is so accesible, i feel like i should play it whenever i pick up my 360 controller and i enjoy it for the most part so i don't know, each has there pro's and con's and now i'm just fucking confused about which one to play.

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It just seems more like a beta version than a full game to me so i think i will stick with Pro Evo, anybody else have these gameplay problems?

I think it feels like that because they rushed it a bit since they chose to rebuild the game entirely for the 360, rather than developing what they already had. There's a few bugs/things that need changing in there (one that really irks me for some reason is substitutes coming off the bench and already having a dirty kit) but I have high hopes for this year's game. I really hope they keep the power meter on through balls that they included in the Champions League game, that was such a great addition.

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