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Chinese Democracy


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RollingStone.com reports: "From the annals of We'll Believe It When We See It: A friend of ours with a retail source has told us that the long awaited GUNS N' ROSES album, 'Chinese Democracy', has gotten a firm release date of November 21st. Under normal circumstances we'd laugh at such an assertion — after all, this album has reportedly cost more than $13 million and has been 'due out' since 1998. But whenever somebody has actually managed to get Axl to speak in the past few months, he's said it's coming out before the end of the year. Plus, there was that GN'R tour announcement the other day that alluded to a release date some time in the next two months. Dare to dream, folks. Dare to dream."

Source: The Internet.

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Come on. You know that the shipments will arrive around 11:30 PM November 21st, when they were expected on shelves at 8:00 or so. The drivers will get pissed that the shelves aren't clean enough and leave. Mass rioting will ensue, and the release date will be postponed. Furthermore, the drivers will eventually be fired by the Distribution Manager, only to be replaced by other drivers who are talented, but unappreciated since they're not the original drivers. Meanwhile, the drivers who were fired will team up with a formerly drugged-up Distribution Manager named Scott and start a new driving crew which are talented, but unappreciated since they don't have the original Distribution Manager.

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but... but I like Velvot Revolver, ____.

Also, I'll believe it when I can listen to the CD. Anything up until that point I'll blame on the government inserting memories into my brain.

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I saw the latest GNR line-up this year in Sheffield. They were fucking ace and put to bed all the nay-sayers in the crowd (and there were one or two...).

Best gig I've ever been to.

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