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So I'm buying an XBOX 360 tomorrow...

Miami Vice

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So I've finally managed to save enough money to buy an XBOX 360 bundle. I'm getting PGR3 and some shitty other game with it in the bundle. I'm wondering if there is anything I should know, any accesories I should look at or any interesting XBOX live tidbits you could share to improve my knowledge of my new system.

I'm hoping once I get everything set up and running I can own all of you online!

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On that note, when I bought my 360 just after release, the shop owner said he'd been using normal rechargeably batteries with no ill-effects. I thought it was odd that he'd deprive himself of a sale, but at least he was probably honest. Has anyone had any experience of this themselves?

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I recommend you go out and get a laptop usb cooler. I've had my 360 for less than 3 months and it is on it's way to Microsoft's Xbox Repair in Texas due to an internal failure(3 red blinking lights). Microsofts own tech support told me the boxes have a problem of overheating and causing this type of failure and to go out and to buy a laptop cooler to place underneath it to help prolong it's life, and DO NOT USE THE NYKO FANS! They've been reported to cause fires.

I recommend Xbox Live Gold, When signing up for Xbox Live Silver, you will have a 30 day free trial of Gold.

I too recommend the battery pack, as that controller can eat some batteries!

And place it in a well ventilated area!!! You'll need a bit of room for the power supply, but you must keep it in a ventilated area due to the overheating problems.

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That's kind of funny KOMW.

I've had my 360 since May (so about half a year) and for the whole time it's been sitting in the corner, with my PS2 on top of it. It's been perfectly fine. And my room can hit close to 30 degrees (celsius) with my PC on, my two TVs on and one of my consoles on. Maybe even hotter.

And I refuse to open the window, due to my primal phobia of moths.

Yet lots of my friends online have had overheating issues. One of them could literally see heatwaves (like you get on hot roads) coming off of his 360 after playing Dead Rising for about 3 seconds.

I assume it may just be an issue with the first batch. Waiting until the 360 was more availiable (and not the faulty first batch of them) seems to have paid off for us.

I use brackets a lot. (:blink:)

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It seems they're already making console bundles now. Just in time before Christmas I suppose.

I saw this when I was browsing earlier: http://play.com/Games/Xbox360/RCS/3-/26624..._6/Product.html.

First package I've seen like that. Probably good value, especially since PES6 is a brand new game, and likely to be high-selling.

Both package and game aren't out until the end of the month though.

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Also if you the 360 premium bundle now you get 1 month free gold service so you'll able to play online games without having to worry about paying for a month and then you'll have money to buy a year subscription or whatever, i know because i just bought mine 2 weeks ago and went onto x-box live expecting only a silver level and it said since i have just recently bought a 360 about 2 weeks ago, i am entitled to 1 month free subscription to a gold level.

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So I got mine today and it pretty much kicks ass. My bundle came with PGR3, harddrive, headset ect. Another bonus was on top of the 1 month of XBOX Live Gold I got a mail in offer for a free 3 Month Gold pass and 1250 XBOX marketplace points.

I rented Saint's Row and NHL 2K7. Both are aawesome!

I can't figure out if my mic works or not though which kinda blows.

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I'm grabbing one in mid-November now that I'm working and making good money. I just want to get a bankroll going before I buy one with a few games. I'm probably going to get Fight Night Round 3 because I've wanted to play it for awhile, and I figure it might be a bit cheaper than some of the newer games. I'm also looking to get Dead Rising, Saints Row, and Smackdown when it's released (which should be before I have my XBox).

I have a feeling that it'll take me a bit to figure out how to get online with it though.

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Guest muddatrucker

Now I didn't wanna get involved in the new console fad whatsoever, but I saw that the Wii was only £180 and that got me thinking 'wow, thats fairly cheap...I'm working fulltime hours next week and I could afford it - plus I've got the flat to myself so I'll be bored' but thinking about it I'm not keen on the Wii (especially the controller) that much, but then the Xbox360 is another £100 ontop aswell as essential accessories.

Decisions, Decisions. I could deal with a console and a game, but which one?

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