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Life After McMahon


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Company- World Wrestling Entertainment

Back story- The day of August 3 2006, started out like any normal day would… Until the shocking news of Vince McMahon passing away due to acute heart failure… It shocked the Wrestling World. Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon where devastated they decided to Sell the WWE…. So there where some big name buyers like Donald Trump, Lee Scott and other big names… But one Minnesota Businessman out bid them all… The man is Mike Linger… He got his fortune by creating a Online Store similar to E-Bay… this made him filthy rich. Before that he won the Minnesota 30 Million Dollar Power Ball, to have enough to open the store….. Then with the Profit he made from the Online site called Cyclone Palace… He decided being a Trained Pro Wrestler himself but never making it big to Buy out the WWE…. Now with Linger at the Helm changes are sure to come… Linger is a former NCCA Div 3A National Champion from Augsburg College in Minnesota… He is know to prefer In Ring Matches, instead of Promos, so how will he implement this into the WWE? Will he Implement this into the WWE?


Mike- Amir get in here…

Amir- Yes sir? What can I do for you boss?

Mike- There are a Few Prospects in the Indies we need to sign.

Amir- Who sir?

Mike- Well here is a list get it done ok….

*Hands Amir the List….*

Mike- Read me the list back so I know I got the right people on their…

Amir- Teddy Hart, Salvatore Rinauro, Maven Huffman, Mark Jindrak and Kenny King…… sir why these people?

Mike- Well Amir, Hart is the future of the business and is a magnificent wrestler, Salvatore could become a big star on Smackdown I think he has what it takes, Jindrak was never given a fair shot in the WWE so I’m giving it to him he’s got the talent, King well he’s young and athletic….. Well and Maven, I don’t really know I think he can stir things up a little bit…

Amir- I’ll get right on that sir….

Mike- Amir Second thing Get in contact with the ECW wrestlers and tell them that Accept for Sabu, RVD, Knox, Test, and Punk that there all going down to OVW for now…. ECW on Sci-Fi is cancelled.. The poor ratings they bought us out… so Amir I have a Mystery Signing I need you to take care of….

* Mike slides Amir a folder marked Confidental….*

Mike- Amir don’t let anyone see that or your fired…. And one other thing Let Every know Cyber Sunday is off…


OOC- I did sign all of those People I listed…. For those exact reasons actually.


Location- Williams Arena- Minneapolis Minnesota

Cryme Tyme v.s Cade and Murdoch

The match starts off with JTG and Lance Cade trading shots. Before JTG hits a really bad and painful hip-toss. This match was basically all Cryme Tyme…. Move after move for several minutes on cade…. Until Trevor Murdoch gets tagged in… Shad gets tagged in at the same time. They start to exchange punches the two giant men…. Shad and Murdoch go for shoulder blocks at the same time, and neither flinches….. then out of no where Shad hits a big boot….. Then he picks up Murdoch and sets him in the Samoan Drop position and JTG runs in and they Hit The Cop Killa on Murdoch… Then They both pin him One…Two….Three

Winners of the Match- Cryme Tyme

Spirit Bus?

The camera pans to the Parking Lot with the Spirit Squad writhing in Anger at the site of their Bus…. The Bus’s Windows have been broken, And there is a Big DX logo on the Front and both sides of the bus….. So it can be Assumed that DX did this…

Mark Jindrak v.s Eugene

Jindrak and Eugene both come out to the ring….. The match starts with Jindrak hitting a near perfect drop kick…. For the next several moments Jindrak stomps away at Eugene, busting his head wide open…. Jindrak then drops a magnificent elbow drop to the forehead of Eugene to bust him open more and to deliver a painful blow. Jindrak then stomps alittle more on Eugene until Eugene starts to Special up…. But when he reaches his Feet Jindrak levels him with a straight Mafia Kick…. Then Jindrak covers Eugene for the One…..Two….Three….

Winner of the Match- Mark Jindrak

DX Addition

*Break it down hits over the PA System and DX make there way to the ring, of course followed by many crotchchops. The get on the microphone..*

HHH: Are you Ready?...

*The Fans Cheer*

HHH: I said ARE you Ready?

*Fans Cheer even Louder…*

HHH: Then…. For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home…. Lllllettttsss get ready to SUUUUUUCK IT!!!!

HBK: And if you aint down with that we got just two words for ya!

*Fans Scream Suck it*

HHH: Were out here tonight to tell the Spirit Squad that when four of you come to face us, you’ll also be facing the Newest member in DX…

HBK: Don’t forget you can buy the DX Merchandise at wwe.shop.com

HHH: Please welcome the Third Wheel in this stable

*Break It down hits and Val Venis comes walking out of the back… He rolls in the ring and shakes hands with HHH, and HBK…*

HBK: Well Jack, its good to see you accepted are invitation….

HHH: This man, this man right here is none other then Jack Carter….. Forget what name you thought you knew him by, he is Rough and Tough Jack Carter…

Jack Carter: Thank you… Oh and Spirit Squad tonight your all going down… And if you aint down with that we got just two words for ya SUCK IT!!!!!

Cena's Challenge

*Badman by John Cena hits over the pa system and John cena comes of from backstage holding his WWE Championship in the air, while the Fans are going nuts….*

John Cena: The Champ Is here

*The fans Break out in a eruption of Cena chants*

John Cena: Tonight I came to fight…. And since I don’t have a opponent I’m telling this to anyone in this arena, if you want some come get some…. Anyone got what it takes to take this from me One on One for the WWE Championship?

*Remedy by Seether blasts over the Pa System… This is unfamiliar music every one is wondering who it is…. And then A New Look Shelton Benjamin comes out, Wearing Black Jogging pants, a Tank Top, Sunglasses and a BIG gold chain..*

Shelton Benjamin: Cena, your belt is mine…. Lets do the damn thing..

*Both men Drop their microphones as Shelton runs down the ramp slides into the ring…

WWE Championship Match

John Cena© v.s Shelton Benjamin

The match starts off with both men Exchanging rights and lefts, before shelton took down Cena with a leg sweep. Shelton then starts to stomp away on cena trying to Seize the opportunity. Cena gets back up and levels Benjamin with a short arm lariat.. Cena then mounts Shelton Benjamin, and fires away some really hard shots…. But out of nowhere Shelton, reverses it into a sunset pin, and gets a two count…. Shelton then runs against the ropes as Cena is getting up and hits Cena with a Yakuza Kick…. Shelton Then taunts the crowd as Cena gets to his feet, but Benjamin doesn’t see it…. So Cena comes from behind to hit the Protoplex….. And he then Shouts “You Cant See Me” and does his little hand gesture before running against the ropes to try to drop the Five Knuckle Shuffle… But Shelton sticks his foot up and kicks Cena in the jaw… Shelton then Flips up and runs up the turnbuckle and jumps off with a Flying Mid Air Changing Lariat.. But Cena Ducks and catches him in mid air, and Then Hits the F-U…. Cena then covers Benjamin but Shelton Kicks out at 2 and a Half… Cena Looks Stunned, The He Picks Up Shelton but Shelton goes for the Dragon Whip, and it gets Reversed into the STFU…. Shelton holds on as long as he can before he has to tap out….

Winner and Still WWE Champion-John Cena

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Over The Tope Rope Match

Jeff Hardy© v.s Johnny Nitro w/ Melina

The match starts off with both men exchanging punches neither man really ever gets the clear cut Advantage… The Lock up in a Greco-Roman Wrestling Position, But neither man can quite gain the advantage…. This match was even the whole time no one gained any real advantage until Johnny Nitro hit a Thunderous Nitro Kick… It sent Hardy flying over the top rope…. But hardy lands feet first on the apron, Nitro Starts to punch Hardy to try to get him off but hardy pulls him over the rope to the apron…. Then Both Men are swinging away… Melina shocks everyone as she grabs nitro’s foot and pulled him off the apron….. Then Hardy Jumped off onto nitro… Then Hardy Picked up Nitro And hit A Reverse Twist of Fate…. Then he and Melina kissed and hugged and walked out of the arena together…

Winner and Still WWE IC Champion- Jeff Hardy


*The scene opens up at a Press conference for the WWE…. The new owner Mike Linger is at a WWE labeled black and red podium.*

Mike Linger: First act of business here, Is Friday night smackdown is being renovated… It is no longer Friday night Smackdown… The Show will now be called WWE GroundZero… And the First Main Event for GroundZero will be a World Heavyweight Championship Match…. King Booker against Matt Hardy in a Loser Leaves Town Match…. IF you lose that Match you’ll be sent to Raw in exchange for a mystery Superstar….

Now on to the Second act of business…. What to do with the ECW World Heavyweight championship…. Big Show, don’t worry the belt is yours… But it is now the WWE Extreme Championship… And that Championship is Ground Zero Property..…. And show it WILL be defended at least once a week… Starting at This weeks Ground Zero… Your opponent will be Burchill… Oh and Greggory Helms that Championship you hold will be defended from now on… No more Inactivity!... And Remember the Old WWE Hardcore Championship? Well that championship is being reactivated and brought back to raw…. Next Week on Raw It will be Decided…. So Everyone This Conference is over, have a nice day…,

*The Scene cuts out*

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BC Place Stadium in Vancouver Canada….

WWE Tag Team Championship

Tornado Tag Match

Kendrick and London© v.s The Gymini

This match Started off much like you’d expect The Gymini dominating Everyone…. The Gymini where kicking London and Kendrick Asses like there was no tomorrow… High Impact Move, after Move… Then not before to long They Hit a Double Military Press. On Kendrick… Then London, the hit the Cross-Trainer on them… And pin them for a three count to end the domination…

Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions- THE GYMINI

WWE Extreme Championship

Big Show© v.s Burchill

The Match starts Off with Burchill And Big Show firing off shots…. Then Big Show big boots burchill… Show goes over the top rope and goes under the ring, And then he grabs a Table… He throws the Table into the ring… he also grabs a Chair…. But Burchill grabs the chair before show gets into the ring.. When Show gets in the ring Burchill fires off a thunderous Chair shot.. the shot makes the big show un even, Then Burchill Fires off a even harder Shot that levels the Big Show…. Then Burchill goes to the top rope with the chair and Jumps off with a Senton Bomb, using the Chair along his back to the head of the big show… Burchill pins One….Two…Three….

Winner and NEW WWE Extreme Champion- BURCHILL

Finlay v.s Gunner Scott

This match was surprisingly close… As Gunner was landing a lot of offense early… He looked like he could pull of the upset… But then the reality set in when Finlay landed a deadly European Uppercut… Then Finlay starts to stomp away at Gunner, before running against the ropes and jumps up and his a Bonsai like drop to the chest of Gunner Scott. Then Finlay drops elbows, Before Gunner Scott gets up, Finlay hits the Emerald Fusion… Then he quickly covers Gunner Scott for a one…..two….three….

Winner of the match- Finlay

A Royal Beating

Matt Hardy is Walking backstage Before Regal and King Booker Attack him with steel chairs… They pound away on him…. The would probably do it all night but Security pulls them away…. Then Finlay comes from no where, as Hardy is getting up and whacks him with a Kendo Stick to the back of the head…

Cruiserwieght Championship

Greggory Helms© v.s Kenny King

The match starts out with Helms and King tying up… Then out of no where King takes helms down with a firemen’s carry… Helms looks shocked and gets to his feet where he slaps the taste out of King’s mouth… Then Helms hits a picture perfect drop kick to the side of the head of Kenny King Then Kenny gets up but only to get hit with a DDT…. The match basically ended right there…. And moments later the Nightmare on Helmstreet was hit… Then Greggory Helms pins Kenny King One…..two…..Three…..

Winner and Still WWE Cruiserweight Champion- GREGGORY HELMS!!!

Chavo v.s Rob Van Dam

This match was high octane action from the get go… It was equal through out… Chavo and RVD both hitting key moves Chavo though for some reason gets the upper hand… he never lost it either… After The Three Amigos… He followed it up by hitting the Gory Bomb… Then He went to the Top Rope and jumped off with a Frog Splash… And then Pinned RVD 123…

Winner of the match- Chavo Guerrerro

World Heavyweight championship

Loser Goes to Raw

King Booker© w/ Sharmel v.s Matt Hardy

The Match starts off with both men exchanging punches… The match stays pretty even until a hard knee to the gut of Matt landed… Booker capitalized very quickly, following up by a Short arm Lariat. Booker tries to stomp on Hardy, But Hardy gets up and fires away thunderous loud shots to booker. Hardy then hits a Side-Effect out of nowhere that completely devastates Booker…. William Regal runs down to the ring with a pair of brass knuckles…. So Sharmel distracts the ref… Regal slides into the ring and goes to punch Hardy with the knucks but Misses as Hardy ducks and Hits Booker… Hardy then hits Regal with a low blow…. The Ref Turns Around as Hardy Pins Booker One….Two…Three….

Winner and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion- MATT HARDY!!!!

* The Scene opens up in the Office of the WWE Owner Mike Linger… He has A pile of pappers laying on his desk and he looks into the camera..*

Mike Linger: you may be wondering what I’m doing right now… I have a Huge announcement to make…. WWE has signed some great Talent… To name Three of them WWE Hall of Fame Superstar Rowdy Roddy Piper, Wrestling Icon Scott Hall, and UFC Superstar Chuck Liddell…. The other superstars will be shown later…. I cant give away all the surprises….

Oh and By the way King Booker has been Sent to Raw, And Shelton Benjamin was sent to GroundZero…. Next Week on Groundzero There will be a WWE World Heavywieght Championship Number One Contenders Match…. Between Chavo Guerrerro, Shelton Benjamin, Rob Van Dam and Batista in a First ever Fatal Fourway Elimination Last Man Standing match…. The winner will be the one, the only one who doesn’t reach the 10 count…. Oh and Burchill will be defending his Extreme Championship for the first time, in a Rematch against Big Show… But this time in a Finisher Match…. Where the only way to win is to hit your Finisher on your opponent…

RAW Preview

Raw Airs Live from Ford Field in Detroit Michigan....

Legendary Comeback

It is reported that a WWE Legend, will be making their comeback to the WWE on Monday Night Raw this week... Who will it be? what will they do to make the comeback...

Jindrak To Continue Terror?

Last Week Mark Jindrak dominated Eugene, This week he is facing the Sixteen-Time World Heavywieght Champion Ric Flair.... Will Jindrak continue to make his name known? or will the Nature Boy chop him down to size?

Royal Debut

King Booker is now a raw superstar? he will be in attendence at Raw... what will be his role?

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Live from Ford Field in Detroit Michigan

King Booker v.s Jack Carter

Booker and Carter started off exchanging punches…. Carter held the advantage for awhile…. Until a unseen low blow sent Carter down to the mat…. Booker then on in the match dominated with stiff kicks and chops… Leading to A Book-In…. which then lead to a Scissors Kick…. Then Booker Pinned Carter One….Two….Three….

Winner Of the Match- King Booker

WWE Tag Team Championship

Four team Melee Elimination

Cryme Tyme v.s Sean O’Haire and Maven v.s Highlanders v.s Spirit Squad©

This Four team match was rather odd, and fast paced…. Every team pretty much had a chance to walk away with the titles…. The Highlanders Were eliminated first by the Seanton Bomb from O’Haire…. Then Went Cryme Tyme from a Spirits up on JTG…. Then There were two teams… they both battled it out but in the End a Massive Pile Driver By Maven to Mikey was to much to overcome and Maven Pinned Mikey One…..Two…..Threee….

Winners of the match and new WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS-Sean O’Haire and Maven

Wheres the Spirit Now?

Kenny Furious with the recent loss beat up on Mikey… When Johnny, Mitch, And Nicky came down to the ring…. Kenny attacked them all…. The only real problem was with Johnny a Skilled Martial Artist…. But Kenny after a Low Blow, was the only one left standing…

Mark Jindrak v.s Ric Flair

Jindrak started this match out hammering away on Flair with lefts and rights… I hate to say it but Flair got dominated the whole match… A few chops were hit here and there but for the must part all jindrak… Jindrak hit move after move until he landed the Mafia Kick… He then Taunted as Ric lay motionless… He then picked ric up and hit him With The Mark Of Excellence… Then Jindrak pins him One….Two…..Three….

Winner of The Match- Mark Jindrak

WWE Hardcore Championship

Tra Telligmenv.s Sandman

The match starts out with Sandman swinging a kendo stick at Tra, but he misses and Tra hits a shoulder thrust which he uses then to land a belly to belly suplex. Tra picks up the Kendo Stick and starts to whack Sandman with it… Sandman is obviously writhing in pain… Then A Straight shot to the head as Sandman had gotten to one knee… Then Tra went to the top rope, he looked a little wobbly not knowing what to do… He then jumped off with a flying Elbow drop…. Then Tra Telligmen pinned Sandman one…..two…..three…

Winner and NEW WWE Hardcore Champion- TRA TELLIGMAN

The Greatest IC Champ?

*Jeff Hardy starts out in the ring with a Mic in his hand, and the IC championship around his shoulder…*

Jeff Hardy: Last week I beat Johnny Nitro…. This week I’m issuing an Open Challenge… Why because tonight I prove I’m the greatest IC champ that has ever lived… no one can say differently…

*Some generic Strange music plays… Then a Pink Cadillac comes driving down to the ring…. The fans cheer frantically, as The Honky Tonk Man, steps out of the Cadillac… He grabs a mic*

Honky Tonk Man: Jeff, the greatest IC champ huh? Well then lets dance boy..

*Honky Tonk Man then dropped his mic, but not before dropping Jeff Hardy with it…*

WWE IC championship

Honky Tonk Man v.s Jeff Hardy©

The Match officially starts off with HTM putting the boots to Hardy… Then He runs against the ropes and drops a jumping knee on the head of hardy. HTM puts some more boots to Hardy, Then as Hardy gets up HTM runs at Hardy and hits a painful lariat. He then picks up hardy and hits a Swinging Neck breaker, which Puts Hardy down and out… Then HTM Pins Jeff Hardy for the One….Two…..Threeee….

Winner and NEW IC Champion- THE HONKY TONK MAN!!!!

DX(HHH and HBK) v.s Randy Orton, Chris Masters

This match was real quick…. All out war, total chaos which lead to a Double DQ…… The fight was not over yet as Masters got HBK in a Masterlock, while Orton RKO’d The Game….. Then Security came to break up the melee as the show went off the air…

The Match is Ruled NO CONTEST



Friday Night GroundZero Preview

Live from The Staples Center in LA California

Number One Contender To Be Crowned

Chavo, Shelton, RVD, And Batista set to battle in Elimination Last Man Standing Match for Shot at Matt Hardy at Unforgiven.... Who will survive the match?

Extreme Finish?

The Newly crowned Extreme Champ Burchill will be defending it in a Rematch against The WWE's Most Dominate Athlete, THe Big Show... Except this time to win all you have to do is Hit your finisher... So will it Be, The Choke Slam, OR The Plank Walk?

Scott Hall Returns

WWE Recently Signed Scott Hall, He will be at GroundZero, what will be his role? Why has he come back?

Tune in Friday to the CW network to find out why GroundZero has the hottest action


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Live from LA California in the Staples Center

WWE Extreme Championship

Finisher Match

Burchill© v.s Big Show

The match was a slugfest… Both men wanted that championship, and worked to get it…. Big Show had Burchill in the position to end it numerous times…. But Burchill always found a way out of the big one… Burchill kicked the show in the groin then amazingly Hit The Walk The Plank….. to end the match

Winner and STILL WWE Extreme Champion-BURCHILL!!!

Hey Yo

*Scott Hall walks down to the ring with a mic in hand…*

Scott Hall: Hey Yo…. Guess who’s back? Me Da bad guy…. I’m calling out Anyone from Cali to come fight me tonight….

*Then Boyaka 619 hit and Rey Mysterio came out*

Rey: You want a fight Scott, then I’ll give you one right now…

*Rey ran down to the ring as the bell rung*

Scott Hall v.s Rey Mysterio

Hall and Rey exchange punches but Hall obviously gets a quick advantage…. Hall never let go of that advantage….. He literally Beat the holy hell out of Mysterio… Fall away slam after a brainbuster… Hall looked sharp tonight, not missing a beat since his last In ring work with the WWE years ago…. Then Hall Hit the Razor’s Edge… And Pinned Rey one…two…three…..

Winner of the match-Scott Hall

The Great Khali and Sylvester Turkey v.s The Undertaker and Gunner Scott

This match was real quick… Taker opened a can on Khali…. Then He opened one on Turkey….. Gunner Scott swooped in for the support and to help end a real quick match with a amazing Dragon Sleeper to Turkey…. And Taker locked one in on Khali… Both Men Tapped out….

Winners of the Match- Gunner Scott and The Undertaker


Matt Hardy v.s Rick Steiner

Matt Hardy against the returning Rick Steiner….. This match was Brutal everything from European uppercuts to lowblows…. Neither man wanted to give an inch… In the end though a Twist of Fate was hit on the dog faced gremlin…. And Hardy followed it up by a painful top rope Leg Drop…. And then he Pinned Rick for The Three count One…Two….Threee…

Winner of the match- Matt Hardy

Number One Contender

Fatal Four way Last Man Standing Match

Chavo v.s Rob Van Dam v.s Shelton Benjamin v.s Batista

This match was well brutal….. RVD was the first man to be knocked out…. He was on the sinister end of a Leviathan Spinebuster… Then amazing Batista was the next man to be eliminated…. Of course Chavo and Shelton used multiple finishers and of course Chair shots galore.. Then Chavo and Shelton both fought it out….. Until Chavo picked up a chair to hit Shelton with, but Shelton hit a Superkick to the chair… This Knocked out Chavo to win Shelton the Match…

Winner and NUMBER 1 CONTENDER for Unforgiven- Shelton Benjamin

-Show goes off air-

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Are you joking? Seriously, ignoring the hackneyed and, quite simply, transparently egomaniacal backstory, there's absolutely no rhyme or reason to any of your signings, or business decisions. Why is the ECW title now the EXTREME title? Why, of all the possible stupid matches, is the IC title - which actually has a little credibility left - being defended in a match straight from the thirties? Why is Matt Hardy winning the World Championship? Why is VAL VENIS in DX? Why is Rick Steiner around? My God, you haven't a clue, do you? And fall_out_boy, why is this being "random" your reason for liking it? It's not even approaching anything close to being good for crying out loud.

Please, stop.

And one last thing, calling a show "Ground Zero" is only slightly less offensive than flat out saying "Yeah, we don't really have any respect to the victims of 9/11. lol."

Edited by Be
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Well i'm sorry i disappointed you with my booking.... but it is my diary.... And every Person i signed i have plans for and are more then capable of be utilized.... i'm trying to sway away from the NORMAL WWE diary and do things my way.... but thanks anyways

and to Fall_Out_Boy2 thanks man.... i am very random sometimes.... but i think it is working

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Ignoring the obvious problems that Be mentioned...the cards need to be fleshed out. If you're going to be random, you'd better have more reason to the randomness or it's gonna look really fucking stupid, if that makes any sense. Randomly putting the IC belt on HTM and some random guy named Tra and renaming Val Venis Jack Carter (the most generic name to give a guy joining a group with a guy named Triple H and a guy nicknamed Heart Break Kid)...they're not just random, they're retardedly so.

Your booking notwithstanding, there could actually be something worthwhile to this diary in the long run if you actually give logical reasons why you are doing such random things. I hope that all made sense, as I'm sure the notion of logic attached to random booking doesn't really mesh together.

EDIT: Misspelled something. A wonderful part of this board is its editing feature...just like grammar and spell checks on your Word programs...

Edited by WorldClassKast
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well Tra Telligman is A MMA Cross-over from the Lionsden.... he was trained by Ken Shamrock....

And Jack Carter well, i like the name, and didn't want it to out of the ordinary....

Oh and for HTM winning the IC title.... There is logic there and it will be shown soon it is to help advance a future plan i have

But thanks for the critique

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Ah, it seems like the Mike Linger turd train just keeps on rolling no matter where it ends up. Everything Be pointed out is pretty much the main points in why anyone who says this diary is good, is a filthy liar. But to add my own little point, this diary is just so damn monotonous. Printing this off and getting Stephen Hawking to "read" it would show more emotion.

Again, as Be already said...please, stop.

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Make that a few who disslike your diary.


And from a busisness perspective, ECW should stay in OOW won't make as much cash and you still have to pey them. And Teddy Hart the Future? :lmao: He and Punk HATE eachother! (That cage ain't 20 ft high) and while talented, he has a BIG attitude problem.

Most of the booking lacks common scense. And thats bad. :ohwell:

Please stop and look at some REAL wrestling diaries and if you want Hardy as champ, build it up! The Crowd will love ya for it! When you learn to write a proper diary, the rewards of a good diary will be yours to keep!

The Golden rule is use what you got and mold it into what you want slowly Subtle Changes are harder to spot over time. Might seem hard to do but with aptience you will win!


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well gee you people don't like my diary.... I'm making it Original.... It is Lingerfyed.... Vince's Riegn of terror over the Wrestling World is OVER..... My new riegn of talent and creative shock value is on... THIS IS MY diary.... arn't we supposed to be original? I Didnt Sign AJ,Jarret,Brock,Goldberg,The Rock,Hogan and such.... i signed talent with talent..... Ikilled ECW well because it sucks.... and i don't want it in my diary.... Hardy deserved the push he is getting so i'm giving it to him.... This is my diary, and it will be run my way... no matter what you want or think...

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I'm also going to add to the negativity, being random is nothing good, and it's cool you dont give a shit what we think, but if you don't listen, nobody is going to read it.

Matt Hardy as champ so suddenly with no buildup :thumbsdown:

HTM as IC Champ :thumbsdown:

This diary :thumbsdown:

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Don't worry guys. I know this guy from other boards and he'll soon get bored and go away. He won't take advice because god knows, he thinks he's the best. So make like Xtremefalls and simply ignore this shit from him.

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well gee you people don't like my diary.... I'm making it Original.... It is Lingerfyed.... Vince's Riegn of terror over the Wrestling World is OVER..... My new riegn of talent and creative shock value is on... THIS IS MY diary.... arn't we supposed to be original? I Didnt Sign AJ,Jarret,Brock,Goldberg,The Rock,Hogan and such.... i signed talent with talent..... Ikilled ECW well because it sucks.... and i don't want it in my diary.... Hardy deserved the push he is getting so i'm giving it to him.... This is my diary, and it will be run my way... no matter what you want or think...
Edited by Obinna
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