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The Game's Doctor's Advocate leaked


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Yeah, I don't have a link but...look at certain sites...and you'll find it.

It's not too bad. I'll admit a couple of tracks like the Scott Storch stuff ("Too Much" and "Let's Ride") aren't too good and I outright hate "Da Shit", but it's been pretty good so far. The Will.i.am track "Compton" surprised me with how good it was and it's probably my favorite track on the album. "Wouldn't Get Far" is solid, too.

Okay, I've listened to the whole thing and...well, it's only merely decent at the end of the day. Disappointing, actually.

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I like a few of the tracks, like the one Just Blaze produced, because I basically worship anything he does. I also like the Kanye track, and those tracks "It's Okay" and "Compton" are pretty good.

And I agree, two tracks produced by Scott Storch is two too many.

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the track 'doctors advocate' is supposed to tell the story of him leaving aftermath and all that shit but after listening to it it doesnt really explain much about it at all!

(and is fiddy gonna diss busta now for being on the track with game?)

(Oh, and california vacation with snoop & xzibit is my favourite track)

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The Game actually leaked the album himself, but only the clean version, with the assumption that if people dug it they'd buy the album. Judging from most of the reaction here, I'd say that was a bad plan.

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