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Future of the gaming industry

The Mask of Norro

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I've been thinking on this as of late, just recently brought it up in my Advertising Concepts class... look at how focused we are on these three upcoming NextGen models. Microsoft's X-Box 360, Sony's Playstation 3, Nintendo's Wii.

We've seen Sega fall, Sony rise, Microsoft come in and make themselves legit compitition, and Nintendo manage to ride it out to now. What's left for the future of the gaming industry after this though? Who could possibly find success here, now that these three companies have established themselves as the big three?

... what about Apple?

Think about it: Apple's seriously established itself in the music industry, the iPod wiped out Sony from the MP3 Player market. With Apple starting to build itself, as a computer company, once again to try and take on Microsoft... what if they tried out the gaming industry?

Apple's technology capabilities are incredible, their marketing is solid, and their ideas have clearly brought them alot of success. It's very clear they've found a calling in the music industry-- "Apple Music" is a testament to that-- but what if they tried their hand in the gaming industry as well? This is an industry that's grown larger then even the movie industry, there is a LOT of money to be had here, and Apple could try to bank on that.

With that being said, we all know how much they advanced the MP3 player with iPod... how on earth could they advance the gaming console? How could anyone? With all the changes made by the big three, what else do we have left (aside from the ever-obvious answer of 'graphics that look like real life')?

I just thought this might spark an interesting bit of discussion. I honestly think there's a good chance Apple might actually get into this years from now, because with the way the gaming industry is on the rise they'd have a solid chance at making some good money with it as a venture. The question is, if they did... what would be so different about their product as compaired to the big three's products?

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Well Nintendo's like Ric Flair. It'll never go away. I can't see Nintendo ever going, especially with the upcoming Wii, which I see winning this generation console wars.

Sony. I love Sony. I owned a PSX, and currently own PS2 and PSP. But the PS3 it way too out there. There branching out in terms of what PS3 has it offer. Apparently its supposed to be able to replace your computer. I think it'll do very well. Sure it'll cost a lot, but there are lots of rich Sony fanboys out there willing to pay $600 for a console. Me, I'll just wait for a big price drop, I may get one around '08.

Microsoft, for some reason I just don't see staying. Nothing against the X-Box or 360, their decent consoles. Just a feeling.

And I've heard rumours of Apple entering the video game franchise. I got nothing against this. Sounds outragous now, but so did Microsoft getting into games 6 years ago. And a 4 way console wars down the line will be very interestng. Maybe for 2012.

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if done right I think Apple could over take Nintendo in the handheld gaming department . They could easily make a ahndl gaming system which is like the ipod thus having music and gaming in one.

other than that I see Sony and Microsoft staying head to head for the most part . nintendo won't fall they'll have their own devoted fans , youngsters and eldery peopel to keep them in good shape

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I don't know whether a fourth machine could enter the race. I just don't think it's possible these days, what with the huge developmental costs, if it fails the company is most likely going to go bankrupt. Microsoft were able to bankrole their console because they've got pretty much unilimited funds and were able to get some good developers on board.

Microsoft will be around in the console wars for quite a while and will survive in the marketplace because they have a lot of first party support. They have their own software companies that are churning out hugely popular games like Halo, Gears of War and Lost Odyssey. They have a lot of licences for exclusives like Mass Effect & Bioshock because they can afford to pay these companies and make it worth their while to release it on their console only. I wouldn't be surprised to see them snapping up a lot more, I wouldn't put it past them to make GTA a Microsoft only game down the line by offering them a huge down payment to release it exclusively.

Nintendo is the same, they've got a long history and their devoted fans wiill always go with the new console. Plus they were smart and knew they'd never be able to compete with Microsoft and Sony in the same way and went in a totally different direction.

Sony had it with the PS and PS2 with games like MGS, GTA etc but it seems they're losing the support they had. GTA will be released for the 360, Assassins Creed was intended to be a PS3 exclusive but will also now be released on the 360. There have even been rumblings that MGS4 could get a 360 release because Konami are worried about the spiralling costs of the game and don't feel that it would make it's money back being released on the one console and are putting pressure on Kojima.

It's a worry, but the only one I see dropping out is Sony because they are losing a lot of exclusives that really sell their system. It'll be interesting to see how well the PS3 truly does because they've pretty much got their whole company riding on it. If it fails, Blu-Ray will most likely fail as well.

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Sony have been hit by the international delay of the PS3.

However it has something going for it that it's had going since day one - Sony consoles are 'cool'.

They're legit entertainment for adults who turn their nose up at the kiddie-friendly Nintendo.

Microsoft are fighting with Sony for the twenties, thirties and forties market and I thikn they're definitely making inroads into it.

However, the PS3 WILL retain the following demographic:

1) Rich young businessmen who can afford it on release.

2) Single working guys who can afford it.

3) Guys like me who've been a PS fanboy for ten years because of the massive support for the console there's always been and the fact that within weeks you're picking up cut-price games, platinum games (the greatest concept ever) and a happiness to cut the cost of games.

Some will be lost to the 360 cos it's out there already and the Wii will make good Christmas sales. However I've not really thought about getting either (I've tried X-Box and 360 and played quite a bit Nintendo in my youth but preferred Sega) as there's just 'something' about the Sony.

Having gone to the Sony Centre in Tokyo this year I could just see how hard Sony do go in looking to break new ground, try new things and solve new problems and I have massive respect for them in that. Kudos.

I want Matsui to release a console :shifty:

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Without going into to much detail before running off to school.

On the subject of handhelds, Nintendo will never (or it would take one hell of a company, and that's not Apple) be overtaken in the handheld market.

PS3 will be a marginal success, Anyone who talks to me know I was a PS2 > Xbawks 1 guy and the turning point to my jumping ship to the Xbawks 360 was Sony's absolute horrendous E3 and terrible outlook on the system itself.

Fuck Blu-Ray, Fuck my house burning down if I leave my PS3 on too long, I'll just take my 360 with it's massively better online set-up, controller (No rumble? Fuck you SIXAXIS. Goddamn Wii rip-off) and I'll be happy.

Don't even get me started on the Wii, OHHH LOOK MOMMY. INSTEAD OF USING A CONTROLLER WITH MY HANDS, I'M GOING TO BE USING A CONTROLLER...WITH MY HANDS. Not to mention all the screens I've seen of the Wii suggest it's just two Gamecubes put together for it's mediocre graphics.

Now I'm not a graphics whore, but when I'm seeing jaggies (Jagged pixels) in Wii screenshots that were around back in the PS1, N64 and early PS2 days that's just unacceptable. Plus the whole nunchuk controller reeks of gimmicky crap that I won't care for very much.


PS: I didn't read any other posts. >_>

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It's silly to think that Sony won't win the console war next/this generation. They just have too much fanatical support. However, the price is going to alienate a lot of people and their general dickiness cannot be hidden to the casual gamer forever.

This will mean that the 360 & Wii will build their support in America/Europe and can take over Sony's virtual monopoly, the generation after.

Nintendo will never go away, it is too big in Japan. They are the only company making money from video gaming and could probably afford to sell absolutely fuck all outside of Japan.

To add another topic into the discussion, Micro Transactions are stupid and they need to be ignored by everyone, so gaming is not fucked up because of it. It's rediculous for that Gran Turismo game to have no cars or tracks. That game better sell 0 copies or I'm going to be angry.

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Sony will win the console war (At least in Japan) for this cycle, yes. But they've put one foot into the coffin this gen and it's just going to take some Xbawks muscle to put the other one in there.

They are going in the complete wrong direction in my eyes and will be lucky to break a profit on the PS3. The Xbawks 1 and PS2 didn't break a profit whereas the Gamecube did but that's a different story.

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In Japan pretty much 40% of the school kids on the underground system on their way home from school play handheld consoles.

Around 65% of those were playing Gameboy DS and the other 35% were playing PSPs.

After watching Saturday morning TV AND TV at various other times it is the DS that gets more advertising than any other system, followed by the Gameboy Advance (which is still huge over there).

I just went out and bought Buzz! The Music Quiz from Gamestation, pre-owned for £21 including the buzzers.

By my count that means the PS2 is supported be:

Steering wheels for racing games.

A kung-fu mat for fighting games.

The Eyetoy for Eyetoy goodness.

The Buzz! system for interactive quizzes.

Dancemats for dancing games.

The guitar for Guitar Hero games.

The Singstar mics for all the Singstar games.

A fishing reel thing for the fishing games.

The PS2 is an excellent party package.

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Nintendo's not in the war any more. They're the war profiteers. Wii can't keep up with the power or the graphics (and thanks to the controller being near-unique, the 3rd party support); they're just in it to make money and from Console Sale #000001 they will do that. MS has been taking a loss on its 360 sales from day one, and Sony will probably be doing the same with PS3.

That's been Nintendo's stance since, like, the N64, hasn't it? Screw the competitors, we're out to make money on every console, not overpower everybody else and take a loss on every console sale?

As for the war...A year head start + $200 cheaper + not banking on something different from everyone else = win for Microsoft.

Sony will still be around for Round 3: XCubed v. PS4, but they won't be sitting in the Industry Leader chair come 2012.

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Sony will win the console war (At least in Japan) for this cycle, yes. But they've put one foot into the coffin this gen and it's just going to take some Xbawks muscle to put the other one in there.

Are you kidding me? The Wii will rkOWN the PS3 in Japan. Hell, why do you think they are lowering the prices in Japan for the PS3?

Nintendo owns the Japanese market.

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This isn't completely relevant to that of the discussion about which companies are gonna be around in the future. But the one thing I would like to add about the future of gaming industry and it's part of why I dislike Microsoft and the XBox, is that of online play.

I really, really hope that this isn't the future for games. It's something that games companies are pushing big time with the new consoles and even the PS2, and I am largely against it. I don't mind the odd online game with things like Pro Evo, Smackdown and MMORPG's etc. But I get the feeling that sooner or later the "single-player" mode is just gonna be an addition to the online mode.

Again, I'm not sure how relevant that is to this discussion, but just something on my mind at the moment. Apologies if I'm way wide of the mark here.

And to finish...

Until I can download music, porn and wrestling PPVs for free, the PS3 will never replace my computer.
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I think in a generation or two, Nintendo will be making games for other consoles just like Sega. They'll still have the handheld market under their vice grip, but I just don't see them hanging around in the console market. Yeah yeah, I know they've said "the day we stop making consoles is the day we stop making games," but what do you expect them to say? "Yeah, we might go the way of Sega someday." Not how you do business. Nintendo will realize the insane amount of money they can save and make by developing for Microsoft and Sony.

If anyone's going to compete with Nintendo in the handheld market, I don't see it being anyone but Apple. The iGame can't be that far away.

Sony vs. Microsoft is the new Nintendo vs. Sega. And when the time comes that MS beats Sony (and it will happen, Sony's entire company is falling apart), MS will be the new market leader and eventually some other corporate giant will step in and the process will start all over again. It's the circle of life in the video game industry. Company A reigns supreme, Company B comes in and eventually takes over the market and forces out Company A. Eventually Company C comes in and the process repeats.

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Nintendo owns the HANDHELD market in Japan but Sony controls the console market.

They all spit on Microsoft and wipe their collective arses on X-Boxes.

It's painful but the Japanese are hardcore and they have super toilets that cope with the flushing.

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Nintendo won't stop making consoles until it stops being profitable; since the GC was profitable from Day One and I assume Wii will be as well, why should they stop?

Nobody's leaving the console market unless Wii flops HORRIBLY (meaning under 1mil sales by the start of 07, if not worse). Nintendo makes money on every console and so they really don't care what Sony or Microsoft are doing; Sony and Microsoft are battling for supremacy and have the financial backing to not give a shit how big of a hit they take per console sale.

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