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Punk Goes 80s

MalaCloudy Black

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So I have this Punk Goes 80s CD with some bitchin' covers like Hidden In Plain View doing I Ran, Amber Pacific doing Video Killed The Radio Star, Rufio doing Don't You Forget About Me, etc.

I want more punk bands covering 80's songs.

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Not really what you were asking for, but tried the other Punk Goes... albums? Some are pretty good.

Oh, you might want to see if you can find the Kerrang! 25 Years CD too, that had some 80's covers.

I have Punk Goes 90s, what else is there?

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yes we do.

& Thx

dude, punk goes 90s is awesome. I love Mae's NIN cover and Gym Class Heroes' RHCP cover. So badass.

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Punk Goes Metal...worth it for Strung Out's "Bark At The Moon" (which counts as 80's?) and Bigwig's "War Ensemble". Both do a pretty good job, IMO. Not 80's tunes though

There's also "Punk Goes Acoustic", which is shite. And lead to the birth of the most disgusting thing in Rise Against's career..."Swing Life Away".

Not 80's but it's borderline, No Use For A Name do a pretty cool cover of "Enjoy The Silence".

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I'm not sure which one of those Punk Goes.... albums it was on, but Divit did a pretty badass cover of Breakin the Law

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How about a Slayer goes punk album? Seriously, undisputed attitude is an awesome album by Slayer, all punk covers. Plus they cover some damn good bands that might peak your interest.

It has Richard Hung Himself on it, which makes it the NUMBAH ONE SUPER AWESOME! *Japanese Anime Girl Pose*.


Which reminds me, I need to pimp Live at a Dive again, its that time of year. DI, DI, DI, DI, DI. I need to get a new copy of that album, I lost the burnt copy the chick who turned me onto them gave me, plus the copy I burnt of that one :P

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I could probably dig that album up for you if you're interested.

Honestly, there was a favorite "live album" thread and I was shocked when I didn't see "DMN" as the last post with the message stating something about that album. If you never were heard from again on EWB, I'd always remember you as the one member that always pimped out D.I., and it would always be a fond memory.

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