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Motorhead and why they kick ass


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So I've been listening to Motorhead a lot lately, and my only thought is that they fucking rock. They are an absolutely perfect band, they just kick you in the face with their bad assness (it's not a word, sue me).

Motorhead is one band that exemplifies what rock and roll should be in my eyes. It's loud, fast, heavy hitting, gravely vocals, and there is never any pussification of the music. Motorhead doesn't bother with experimenting, they just do what they do best and that is rock your fucking face.

So what are some of EWB's favorite Motorhead songs, experiences, albums, etc? I really felt the urge to start this topic because Motorhead deserves all the credit in the world for their bad ass rock.

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Every Motorhead song sounds the same :shifty:

I guess you could argue that that means they're all good, but still. I rarely make it through an entire Motorhead album. I like listening to them on shuffle with other bands though :P

Seriously, listen to 1916. It doesn't even feature a guitar. Or listen to Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me. Or anything off the first album compared to anything off the last.

There are plenty of Motörhead songs out there that don't fit their "breakneck blues" formula, and are still fantastic. And considering their formula is better than most music anyway, it makes them a fairly amazing band.

They're one of the first bands I ever got in to, and I still own more of their albums than I do of any other band, which considering I've bought well over a hundred, maybe over two hundred, albums since I last bought a Motörhead album, is impressive.

I like new Motorhead more than old Motorhead...more punkish.

How new do you consider new? Because the most recent I've heard is "Hammered", and that's fairly generic hard rock, compared to the earlier stuff which is essentially blues and rock and roll played very very fast, which is far closer to punk in my opinion than anything on Hammered. The only "new" Motörhead I'd consider punk would be their version of God Save The Queen, or R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

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Favorite songs...

Don't Waste Your Time


Iron Fist

Whorehouse Blues

One More Fucking Time

Just Cos You Got The Power Don't Mean You Got The Right

Ace Of Spades

Eat The Rich

Damage Case

The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

From the newer albums:

In The Year Of The Wolf

God Was Never On Your Side

And I don't know why...but I always thought Motorhead would do a kickass cover version of "Sultans Of Swing" by Dire Straits. They used to play it at work all the time, and for some reason I could just hear Lemmy's voice bellowing the words.

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