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Two Upcoming Titles Now Xbox 360 Exclusives


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According to the latest Game Informer, Microsoft has nailed a few more exclusive titles shortly after announcing exclusive downloads with GTA 4. BioShock, which was at first assumed to be a multiplatform title, is now exclusive to the 360. And apparently, Ubisoft, who usually passes on exclusive deals, has agreed to make the next installment in the Splinter Cell franchise a 360-only game.

Further, the most recent EGM reports in their gossip column that Microsoft is looking to purchase Capcom. I can't possibly see this happening, although it would be one of the biggest shake-ups in video game history. Makes me nervous though with how terrible Rare has become, although their downfall began before Nintendo even sold them off.

It should be noted that there are rumors suggesting that the PS3 will also get exclusive downloads for GTA 4 as well.

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BioShock has been relatively hyped, I'm surprised you haven't heard of it. I think it was one of Game Informer's cover stories a few months back as well. Of course, it's another first-person shooter (like the world needed anymore of those), but it'll be a big title.

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Good for Microsoft. Splinter Cell has been a good series and with it going exclusive to 360 hopefully it means more units get sold. I have to say, I was cautious about Microsoft when I heard about the 360 but I can say now it might be one of my favorite investments in gaming since the PSX. Good online service, good titles, and the idea that I can download demos of games for free really make the system a good deal.

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I'm really looking forward to Bioshock. I think it's got serious potential to top Gears Of War. There was a 10 minute or so video floating around of the developer playing through the game and it looked immense. The whole interaction thing with the 'Big Daddy' and 'Little Sisters' looks great and it seems to have a very advanced AI system in place.

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