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Ok, so I've recently been listening to the odd Dimmu Borgir track (thanks to Mike aka timmayy rave). Now, whilst I'm not a massive fan of growling, I quite like the song "Burn in Hell", whilst "Hybrid Stigma ~ The Apostacy" isn't too bad.

Going on that very limited info, anyone got any recommendations where I can hear some similar kind of stuff?

For the record, I'm not really a Cradle of Filth fan, with only "Nymphetamine Overdose" being a song I'd go out of my way to listen to.

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Hmmm, I'm more of a death metal fan, but for Black metal, you can't go wrong with Emperor. Simply the best black metal band in my (admittedly limited) opinion.

Zyklon (one of the Emperor spin-off) side projects are awesome, and if you feel like veering a little more towards some death metal, check out Akercocke.

And The Project Hate (insert roman numerals...I can never remember what they are though) are worth checking out, just because they own.

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**adds damshow to friends**

And thanks guys for the recommendations, I'll be sure to check them out. :)

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Behemoth's earlier releases were black metal. Their latest album Demigod was death metal.

And Cradle's latter releases hasn't really been black metal anyway, more of extreme metal with shrieks.

That said, The Project Hate MCMXCIX also gets my vote, despite them having nothing to do with black metal whatsoever. They're good for any metal fan.

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While I will not second all of these suggestions (Burzum is just horrible, and dear Jesus Christ & other fairytale creatures, Satyricon?), I will second most of them. As well as giving out some of my own:

1349 (Very fast and heavy, with all your typical black metal fare. The production quality tends to be better than average, however, and thus sounds a lot cleaner than standard black metal)

Aborym (Very strong industrial and even techno influences here: fast guitars, nasty vocals and drum machines interwoven with industrial themes and keyboards)

Algazanth (Aside from being just fast and heavy, Alganzath really gather points in my books for the good use of keyboards, probably the best aside from Emperor and Summoning. Also, they write a lot of stuff for the guitars in a higher key, so the sound is somewhat different than the usual murky darkness)

Anaal Nathrakh (Just inhumane. "Pandemonic Hyperblast" is enough to strip paint off of walls and shock the dead back to life)

Arcturus (Their latest few albums aren't really that black metal anymore, more like weird space metal operas/symphonies with black metal elements to them. However, their first album "Aspera Hiems Symfonia" is a beautiful album with masterful music as well as your typical black metal lyrics and vocals)

Asmodeus (One of my favorite albums for 2006, "Imperium Damnatum", comes from these guys. Their drummer is just withering in his speed and fury. The vocals are also not as tortured as a lot of other bands')

Belphegor (Gotta love a band whose promotional pictures include the lead singer sodomizing the neck stump of a dead deer that is wrapped in barbwire. Filthy European black metal, you should try them if other suggestions like Gorgoroth and Marduk catch your ear)

Blut Aus Nord (The French, while I usually dislike their black metal scene, have produced an excellent band in Blut Aus Nord. Not as fast as a lot of other stuff, but they make up for it with nice variation and guitar riffs. Also, one of the few bands I have heard that actually manage to sound very good with a low production quality)

Bombensturm (More folk/viking metal influenced than most, but hey, I mentioned Arcturus so might as well go all out. Epic and melodic, they should fit pretty well if Týr is your usual fare)

Carpathian Forest (boo on damshow for mentioning Nattefrost but not CF!)

Horna (Had to mention my favorite black metal band from my own country :P Horna's material is usually pretty low quality production-wise, but their guitar-work and vocals are what win me over. If you ever get to listening to them and like it, PM me for more Finnish black metal suggestions :P We have a pretty good scene up here)

Impaled Nazarene (OK, well, here's another Finnish BM band right there >_> Very akin to Darkthrone, even to their "black-and-roll"-influences. Had the best Finnish metal album of the past year with "Pro Patria Finlandia" IMO, which is very angry, well-produced and fast black metal)

Judas Iscariot (Hey, even some Americans know how to make good black metal. Judas Iscariot is a one-man band that has churned out some very nihilistic, fast and technically sound black metal. His vocals are very good in my opinion, and like Algazanth a lot of the guitar stuff could be considered even uplifting by black metal standards)

Keep Of Kalessin (One of the better Norwegian BM prospects out there right now. They had Mayhem's vocalist and Satyricon's drummer for their last album, but now they have a fully "original" lineup and their latest release "Armada" is an excellent black metal album through and through)

Nokturnal Mortum (If you can stomach the fact that these guys are even more bigoted than Graveland's Rob Darken, you're in for some very nice epic black metal that plays around with a lot of folk influences and spirits. Just don't get alarmed the first time the singer starts growling about the Jewish threat to his people's lands)

Rivendell (Kinda like Summoning, that is epic and symphonic black metal completely immersed in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Unlike Summoning however, Rivendell sound more like black metal and less like ambient soundtracks. Still, I bet you'd like both Summoning and this very much)

Vesania (Features some of the members from Behemoth, at least the bassist if I am correct. They incorporate a lot of keyboards into their music, which sounds somewhat like slowed-down Behemoth with downtuned guitars. The keyboards are a bit too obvious for my tastes, but some people dig it like this)

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Guest Pringle


Dark Funeral

Limbonic Art

Hecate Enthroned

Ordo Draconis







Lord Belial





Those and the other big list of bands should be more than enough :)

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Sigh. That's the name of the band. Japanese avant-garde black metal. While the earlier stuff is mostly straight black metal, the later stuff incorporates plenty of other genres too, from doom to power to thrash, bypassing surf guitar once or twice.

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First... shame on all of you for not seconding Dissection. Shame.

Second... can anyone recommend a couple of black metal bands where the vocals are more pleasing than traditional black metal would allow? For instance, the vocals from Dissection and Satyricon are worthy of the Devil's ears without sounding like total shit. So, anything like that?

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