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WWF Radical Change

Guest Makegamesnotwar

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

Just a little preface- yes, I know my backstory is rather poor(with rather bad spelling and formating also) yet it is meant to be unfolding, and to be revealed slowly throughout this story.

Radical Change Backstory-

WWF 2002- Radical Change.

Backstory- The WWF realizes they need to build up a new generation to take the reins from their superstars who will grow old and do so, picking up indy and foreign talent and putting them into their development and training camps while pouring the money that they are making into them. Two years later, The New Dawn-A group of heel young wrestlers(28 and underish) with a cult like devotion to their leader Revolution and a mysterious force has become the biggest player in the WWF. That's the way people tell it. But the really story is that one day Vince McMahon was waliking around his neighborhood and got lost, while walking on the phone

with HHH, who was demanding more of a push but was the WWF champion!

He stumbled through a little forest and into the backyard of one of his rich neighbors where he saw 2 backyard wrestlers and had an epiphnay, that this was what he needed to kill ECW and WCW once and for all, to look through the backyards of america, the indy preformers in 97 degrees wrestling for 20 people and the unknown except to smarks wrestlers in other countries, renknowned for their different styles than Americans, to complete the puzzle of his organization. He hired both of the backyard wrestlers, one as a wrestler and one as an advisor to help him in this recruiting drive. The wrestler was the quickest ever graduate of the training camp and OVW, and debuted as Revolution, a mysterious preacher of the "New Dawn." Utilizing his talent from AJ Styles to Randy Orton he pushed this group, while some veterans didn't like it, some outright quit and many wrestlers who were older and over wouldn't sign with the WWF just to be jobbed to the New Dawn. Yet Vince McMahon kept ahead and became very sucessful, driving ECW and WCW back.

And so in 2002 this is a look back from the backyard wrestler turned advisor as he is writing a chronicle of the era, which is far from over, with the most esteemed writers in his feild. On his fact finding missions and excerpts from the book the story is framed, as we get his first person account and other Rashamon-style, or Pulp Fiction style for those with more of a modern taste in film. That means that we are utilizing different people telling the story and some are not to be trusted, some are limited by memory and some are giving TOTALLY FALSE accounts. This is known as the "unreliable narrator", well we have many.

This story is given its format through accounts framed by the true story given by our overall omniprescient narrator, who shows up scarecly. After detailling this backstory we go onto telling everybody about this divergent history, and what happened. The story jumps around,with cards from both the 2002-on linear story and cards back, backstage stuff and interviews with people involved. No match ratings as this game has been Arseniced out of being realistic. It's about the intricate story ,the angles and the very descriptive match descriptions.

And it's about the WWF's overcrowded roster and how they split their first and secondary shows into RAW(brawling), Smackdown (technical) and Heat(highflying speedsters) shows. And this is a real roster split with a real war going on between the three shows, and the revival of the faces, who are outgunned by the heels(the New Dawn, Dark Revolution, Radical Change and The Conspiracy) yet still fight for the WWF. Ric Flair and his montley crew that he has named 4life in honor of the horsemen, are standing up for the WWF but with Ric Flair being the personification of WCW, are his intentions pure? WWF lifers paranoia is only increased by what they view as invasions from ECW and WCW. Little do they know that there has been a plan for a grand invasion ever since The WWWF split from the NWA and other terriotorial systems. The death of WWF. All orchestrated by one detirmined, psychotic, demented, evil person with the power to take down the WWF. The New Dawn, The Conspiracies brewing inside the WWF, all insignifiganct as a mite is to a forest, as we are to the universe- In the eyes of this genius, this master mind of the highest order.

This is an excercise in alternative history. People such as Russ Haas, Curt Hennig, and Eddie Guerrero who have passed away will be featured and sometimes not in the most flattering of lights. People are flawed. I once wrote myself a list of rules, intended to be broken. People are flawed was one of them. People are not binary, good or evil, 1 or 0. Though some people may be portrayed in a binary, simplistic way in this alternative history, the fact remains that hardly anyone believes they are evil. The fact remains that all the characters in this story have reasons and motives that are complex to provide reason to what they do. Just because they are not explained or apparent does not make that any more of a fact. Hitler and Stalin thought they were doing good.

Secondly, this is a writing that is meant to challenge barriers and break new ground, whilst staying true to the beauty of the form. That means that you will read things that are very familiar and warm and things that are different and cold. I hope to make you think about the uses of this form, this medium, this way of communicating information.I hope to do this yet I will most likely fail and for that I am sorry. Maybe one more worthy than me will take up the cause of telling stories that are great in a

magical way-

They can work in any medium, yet can only be as great as they are in this medium.

I will depict, in those things that are different and cold, issues of dissension.

This is not an opinion piece though one's bias always shows. I will try to present balanced opinions on these issues, discarding my own beliefs.

I will depict, things that are unusual, strange and frightening to people. This is not meant for purposes of shock or to hook anyone into a story. These events will be depicted because they are part of the human experience and of all stories to tell, I have chosen to tell them.

This story will include-

Most likely, sub-par to awful content. I do not aspire for this to be a masterpiece, but an experiment.


Consuming illegal substances.

Many other illegal and "wrong" activities. Make your own decision on whether these are "wrong" or "right" as I wish not to demean us with arbitrary thoughts like that.

Things that I do not support or endorse, nor partake in myself. The inclusion of any of these things does not support them or do the opposite- condem them. I would give a detailed list yet I am wary to spoil the story.

I ask one thing of you, the reader. Give this a chance. Oh, and discard preconceptions at the door.

For all the literary hopes contained in the preceding little essay, I am doing this because I enjoy writing. As a great person once said, and I'm heavily paraphrasing- write because you enjoy it, as a supplement to other things, not for fame or success.

If one replies to this piece of writing I will try to reply back in full and answer any questions I can. This is out of a thankfullness to many writers who have done the same for me.

Note: This is an idea that has been in my head for years, and I've decided to use my 100th post :) to at least try and tell this story.

Second Note:This diary will most likely go on unupdated for weeks and maybe months. My schedule is that way. I will post that this is dead when it is dead. Hopefully that is something I won't have to wonder about for a while.

Note Triumvirate: Have fun.

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

Now, let's define a special point. Where I have simmed to in EWR, the actual game state. Monday, March 25, 2002. Let's give it a special name-


Things may be defined as post and prior to said point. There are other important dates-

Another important date is one I can not ascertain. Unsatisfied with the WWE's treatment and use of a few men-

1.Eddie Guerrero.

2.Chris Benoit.

3.Dean Malenko.

4.Perry Saturn.

The Radicalz.

I took it upon myself to use the DATA file of a forgotten scenario to go back to the "Radicalz" debut. I would do it differently, Eddie Guerrero wouldn't be injured, they would become top contenders to and hold the WWF championship. That was the idea. I simmed some months through, only booking the Pay-Per-Views, and decided to create a faction based around two men- one real, and one of my imagination.

So let's call that date-

Radical Arrival.

The first man was AJ Styles, before I even had seen him, he had nice stats and I decided to make him part of the next generation of WWF main eventers. This was accomplished. In the time these events happened I was, as I continue to be, very, very poor at playing EWR. I cheated. Used Arsenic to fix broken things. Too much, in retrospect. So much that as I noted in the first post, the game has become Arseniced out of reality. So no match ratings or anything of that sort. Back to my little story- I created a 18 year old, talented wrestler named Revolution. His stats as they stand at Shatterpoint are-

92 over, 91 brawl, 42 speed, 67 technical, 100 charisma. Though, Arsenic. The stats do not matter, except that I use them as a rough guide to his wrestling style. He would be the manager and leader of this faction.

I named it The New Dawn. That is what it is called now. I like the name, though it's not my favorite. The idea behind the stable was inspired(subconciously, one guesses) by stories of ascension at a certain age- becoming 16(or whatever it is now) and being able to drive a car, being 21 and being able to drink. Being old enough to be shot in dead in a war for your country yet not being able to get your hands on some good ol' fashioned Southern Comfort. Bat Mitzvahs. The transition into manhood. I thought of those opposite stories- communities that would cut off members of a certain age from the core community groups. I thought of all the transition into manhood stories and decided to go the opposite way- the ascension as death. Something to be feared.

So I decided a rough cut-off point, partly based on the age of some of the wrestlers I wanted to include in this stable- 28. Recently I have thought of loopholes to allow wrestlers who turn 28 to remain with the group in some capacity. Those may or may not be used. Why 28? Don't know. Sean O'Haire- big mark for him and wanted him in. Didn't want guys to grow out of the stable and destroy it.

So that's the general idea-

A stable of wrestlers lead by Revolution and AJ Styles 28 and underish. Mostly made up of indy talent and development talent, who I wished to move up the card. Some guys who became stars-

AJ, Randy Orton, John Cena at one point I think. John Ceno in my game. Ceno evil, get it? Hilarious. I know. Named after an actual John Ceno, and I wasn't quite the greatest Cena fan and didn't want to just redo his character.

That general idea has become something much more. The New Dawn went from being a stable, to a cult, to religion, to a way of being. An elaborate religious structure and culture based on the different religions I have observed. I've included some religious figures who resonate with me- Christian figures, Sun Gods, I mark for the ancient druids, Mithras, Amaterasu, Gaia. Some invented religious stuff- The Sundread for example. These began to dominate my perception of The New Dawn as a group more and more and that transition should show.

Enough babbling about the process of writing this. I'll shut up on that.

The first card to be posted(though this may change) at this point is my Wrestlemania 2001 main event.

Team WWF vs Team New Dawn.

Mankind, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, The Rock and Steve Austin vs Revolution, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, Matt Hardy and Masato Tanaka.

Now, ask yourself-

WTF? Tanaka would be 32 then. 32 is more than 28. The explaination of this is that The New Dawn has members and allies. Some of these allies, consist of people over the age of 28. They are not allowed membership in the New Dawn. They are hired guns, to put it bluntly. Mostly "My enemy of my enemy is my friend" type alliances, never to last long. Allies of convenience. Usually, as in this case to united to take down the WWF. Masato Tanaka is from a group who I will talk about in length later-

Dark Revolution/The Conspiracy.

The concept of those groups are that they are respectively a Dark Revolution and a Conspiracy.

I will now give you my description of what Revolution looks like. In the first drafts of this, he was to be revealed after a long time of mystery. He was, in EWR. Not in this time-jumping diary thingy.

A quick, rough description.




Above average height that contributes to a lanky, yet muscular form.

Tatooed over almost every part of his body. The tatoos are important. They will be explained later.

Natural blonde hair.

Natural green eyes.

Very attractive to the eye.

In the ring, wears usually black tights. They have print on them, and the words and symbols on them are as the tatoos, to be explained later. Black tights, white print spelling out Revolution. That's what I give you now.

Outside of the ring, a plain black hoodie. Jeans or black pants. Inside said hoodie are markings and other things. Again, as the tatoos, part of a puzzle. The puzzle of Revolution's past.

I will drop a hint- Revolution is connected with a certain fallen star who many of you seem to like.

The first match-

Team WWF vs Team New Dawn.

Mankind, The Rock, RVD, Chris Jericho and Steve Austin vs Brock Lesnar, Masato Tanaka, Matt Hardy, Revolution and Aj Styles-

The WWF vs The New Dawn-

Wrestlemania 2001.

Stipulations- If Mankind and Steve Austin win, not only do they get the Tag Team titles but they also get a three way elimination match vs AJ Styles for the WWF Title. It also gives the WWF Five Money In The Bank style title shots. If Revolution and Styles win, Mankind has to retire and they get to choose the next commisioner, appointed in April 2002, along with immunity from firing, suspensions, etc. Note:This match is overbooked, over stuffed and just plain crazy. Yet it is the culmination of a huge battle lasting one year of an invasion on The WWF. The WWF's heroes have come to defend it.

Match- Mankind has put his career on the line and he wants put the odds in his favor as much as he can with his own match- The Deathmatch. Cage in an elimination chamber in a Cell TLC deathmatch and a whole bunch of stuff. Best of 9. First fall is AJ Styles vs. RVD,a TLC Scaffold Ultimate X match, the championship replaced by a weapon cache with all sorts of pointy goodies to give out to your team which will be used in later falls along with being used as punishers for your team of lumber jacks. Second fall is a match between Brock Lesnar and The Rock in an Iron Circle of cars. Third fall is between Revolution and Mankind in a barbed wire, tapei fist match, with a barbedwire scaffold with a barbedwire sledgehammer hung above the scaffold providing the means of winning along with lots of glue and tape to make new weapons, even slams into the glue and tape. The ring remains the same, with all the objects from the prior matches remaining, with the barbwire padded to use as a ring rope, but the padding is easily torn off. Fourth fall is five versus five. In the fourth fall the cage comes down, with the fall consisting of a Clock Work Orange match on top of that. The fifth fall goes to the next part of the complex, the elimination chamber, which is with the chamber deadly-fied(barbwire, lightubes, thumbtacks, everything, even a C4 explosion, along with smaller explosives strapped onto about everything). Sixth fall goes to the next part outside of their, triple cage TLC with the object being to grab the case of flash paper and other fireworks, hooked up to lightubes and explosives, to bring into the HIAC in the seventh fall. Seventh fall is two versus two is in the HIAC, as the ring crew brings throughout the match the weapons and obstacles of the other matches.. The next two falls are the same. Best of 9. Teams get no rest period between matches. Note: the singles matches are lumberjacked, plain lumberjacks in the first match, the next match the lumberjacks on the team that one the first match have weapons from the cache.

To be changed at my whim, that is.

NOTE: Most of this was written without spell check and I am too tired to edit it. Sorry. There are mistakes, and that makes me unhappy, yet I have decided I would at least like to have a match by my 3rd post in my diary so time and schedules get rearranged. Just trying to go and give you some content.

Hopefully you'll enjoy it.Most likely coming tommorow. Or next year.

Well, this has been fun.

This diary has lasted 2 posts! That's a new record for me. :) everybody.

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

Ok, I'm currently writing the first fall of Wrestlemania 2k1's main event. All I have now is a list of spots that will be in the match and I'm trying to form a cohesive story around that. The second fall only has a finish. I write finishes that are 20 sentences long so think about how long the matches are. Oy. Anyway, I've decided to post the third fall(the one that I've actually written) first, even though it spoils the second fall. I'm spoilering my own diary.

Well, here it is. I know it's overdone but I wanted to go all out with it. This was the first hardcore/"garbage wrestling" type match I'd ever written as I prefer to write matches that consist of lots of mat work. Yet, here it is.

Unedited from a rough draft, albeit. But I don't want to keep my audience(I've seen that 3 people were reading this- which is a great number for me) waiting so here it is. I know my format is awful. Any suggestions. Negative reviews are much better for me than positive reviews as I WILL change the format and other stuff of the diary around based on reader reaction.

Revolution vs Mankind-

Stipulations- This is an INSANE Barbed wire, Tapei Fist match(Meaning in the Radical Change Universe that taped hands are dipped in glue along with barbedwire, broken bottle glass, thumbtacks and lots of pointy things), with a Barbedwire Scaffold with a Barbedwire Sledgehammer hung above the Scaffold providing the means of winning along along with lots of glue and tape to make new weapons, even slams into the glue and tape. The ring remains the same, with all the objects from the prior matches remaining, with the barbwire padded to use as a ring rope, but the padding is easily torn off. The equipment from the previous TLC Ultimate X scaffold match is there too, the parts that weren't destroyed in that match.

The Entering Of The Competitors-

Team WWF Comes Out First.

On the Titatron, the clock.

9.The crowd stirs.


7.There's poppage.



4.The crowd starts really cheering.



1.By now, it's apeshit pops.



Jericho turns around and the crowd goes W-I-L-D! Jericholics fill the crowd. His revamped theme, including parts of his first theme and his band Fozzy playing "Stand Up And Shout" blasts through the arena as the flash bulbs go off, Y2Jericho surrounded with pyro shooting off. He yells "Come On, Baby!" He makes the walk down to the ring slapping hands, then enters and does his pose as RVD's music hits-

The crowd yells it's first line-

"Rob Van Dam. The Whole Fucking Show!"

As RVD does his usual entrance, doing cartwheels and back tucks down the aisle before entering the ring and doing a backflip off the turnbuckle. Then he points-


The crowd does it along with him, prompting two more before RVD takes a quick bow.

"If you smellll- what the Rock is cooking!"

The Rock comes down to entrance ramp with little posing, just a small pyro. He's fed up, pissed, all business and enters the ring and goes to the turnbuckles, raising his arms and giving the Eyebrow to the crowd, who of course shit themselves. Jericho and RVD talk, presumably about strategy.

Then, the arena goes silent. And after ten seconds- THE GLASS BREAKS!

Down comes Steve Austin, doing his one finger salutes on the turnbuckle.

Then, a small highlight package of Mankind's career plays to the sound of Johnny Cash's "Hurt." The crowd gives him a standing O and a "Foley!" chant as we hear those familiar chords- The Car Crash.

Mankind is here! Socko is here! The crowd is here, and going wild! Mankind takes a bow at the entrance ramp and then enters the ring, talking with his teammates, even Steve Austin, THE loner, is strategerying with him

Then The New Dawn's theme(for this month, as they change it frequently), haunting orchestral version of Bret Dennen's "I asked when", plays to major heel heat.

""Well I dreamed I went out walking, heard promises become fables forgotten. I saw bridges stretching out across the water and towers pushing taller. I knew my reality was clearly defined by the fences put up around my mind. I watched them thickening the walls over time. Taller than any boarder line, I saw civilizations deemed insignificant, I saw people's histories tattooed on their skin. I saw families taken from their land. Dynasties shattered and stolen and I asked when… is the Revolution? I asked when is the Revolution?"

I saw all the burdens of centuries of cruelty, that get passed along to every generation's youth. All the allegories told in lewd truth. I watched them grow wild, and spread like the flu. I saw the rise of an untamed industry I watched machines print a paper economy, I saw my own self stand right in front of me and I didn't do a thing, I saw poisons pushed in the streams, prescription pills mingling in the mezzanine with the whole wealth of doctors and pharmaceutical companies and still poor people dying from disease. I asked when… I I asked when is the revolution? I asked when is the revolution I asked when when is the revolution? And I broke down, at the break of dawn and saw looming in the clouds above the pentagon, as real as the holocaust as strong as the parking lot, visions of Sudan, Iraq and Vietnam. I stood silent on a flooded levee and stared at the ruins of a merchant's city. And the president who came to dine with the noble elite, he didn't do a thing. I saw three ships come sailing in, through the passage of the Caribbean:, I saw children coming home in coffins, millions marching on Washington, and I asked when is the revolution, I asked when is the revolution? I asked when, when is the revolution. I asked when is the revolution?"

Three whole minutes passed as the song played with everyone transfixed on the titatron, the New Dawn's amazing video theme consisting of contrasting images-

The death and horror of life.

Those who do nothing and smile.

The New Dawn.


Random, disturbing images such as still born babies.

Revolution came out first, cutting his arms with his taipei fists and screaming to fire up the New Dawn.

AJ Styles came out next, with his traditional "intensity" pose and flurry of kicks. So serious, he's almost Low-Ki like. Then he smiled. A big smile.

Next, joining them on the ramp, came Mattitude 2.0, Matt Hardy. He raised the 2.0 sign to huge boos.

Then came Masato Tanaka, who adjusted his elbow pad and did a warrior shout as he struck air with his magic elbows.

Finally, and to maybe the biggest heat came Brock Lesnar, holding a large, black cache of weapons. He set it down on the ramp and the New Dawn took their weapons.

Revolution by-passed a weapon, showing his fists were all he needed.

AJ Styles took his own present- knunchukas and displayed his mastery of them with a whirling combo of strikes.

Masato Tanaka took a bunch of chairs.

Brock Lesnar was last and lifted the sledgehammer to his side.

Oh god. No. Brock gave a huge smile as he struck a blow on the entrance ramp, creating a sledgehammer sized crater. Oh shit.

Everyone except Mankind and Revolution came to the opposite sides of the ring, one side Team WWF, one side Team New Dawn.


The lumberjacks surround the ring, The New Dawn equipped with all sorts of deadly weapons while The WWF just have their fists. Mankind and Revolution slowly circle and go into a collar and elbow where Revolution just lazily pushes Mankind down and yawns. Mankind goes back up into another collar and elbow and then gives him a big GONADS SHOT! YEESH! Revolution is clutching his family jewels in pain as Mankind yawns and then smiles. His smiling doesn't last long as Revolution comes back with a few Barbedwire Tapei Fists to his head and body, driving him into the turnbuckle. Revolution gets the 10 punches on him, cutting Mick up already. However, Mick kicks a chair from the ground to his hand and bashes in the skull of Revolution! He pounds him with the chair on the mat. Revo gets up with a rake to the eyes and takes Mick down with a splendid drop toe hold onto his own chair into an ankle wringer, pushing the chair into Mick's ankle to add pressure. Mick kicks him in the faces in a not-so technical counter and then comes back with fists. Mick knocks him onto the apron and begins taking off the padding on the barbedwire, only to get pulled by his hair into a face full of barbedwire! Revo runs to the turnbuckle and comes back with a flying missile dropkick, a surprising highflying move from Revo, who's pulling out all the stops in this match. Revo works technical, stomping the ankle and sitting on it, applying pressure. Mick shows Revo isn't the only one who can ground wrestle and reverses that into an STF! STF BY MICK FOLEY! Revo grabs a table shard from the last match and grinds it into Mick's eye, sending him stumbling back. A non-verbal "fuck this ground wrestling shit, let's beat the hell out of each other" Revo then gets to his feet and goes for another table shard to the eye but Mick puts two fingers to his eyes and blocks it. He then goes to eye poke Revolution, who two fingers him, smiling only to discover it was a feint as Mick kicks him in the balls! Mick works over his back, grinding those fists in and using the table shard only to get a quick eye poke from the cheating Revolution. Revo attacks Mankind before he can get up and stomps away, dropping a spiral legdrop on Mankind's ankle. He's targeting the ankle, yet it's not like Foley is a supreme highflyer that needs his legs taken out, Revolution should be working on the arms, for Mankind's power moves. Weird. Revo cracks a lightube over the ankle and works on it with a figure four which Mankind reverses! Revo gets out of it and stands only to get caught with a haymaker to the gut and- barbedwire Mandible Claw! Revo blocks it and sends Mick back with some fists and then to the ropes, where he gets a Spinning Bossman Slam for his troubles. Mankind goes to clutch his hurting ankle but that's a no-no when your hands comprise of tape and pointy things. Despite being a great death match wrestler, Mankind is having some trouble adapting to his situation while Revolution seems to be fitting right in. Revo goes for a whip only for it to be reversed into a short-arm clothesline and Mankind whips him right into the barbedwire! Mankind with the Cactus Jack Clothesline, taking them both to the outside. Too bad for Mankind that it's the New Dawn side, as AJ Styles cracks a lightube over his head and then beats the crap out of him knunchucks. Hardy sets up an open chair and Lesnar hits a chair assisted crackback(a spear variation targeting the back that Brock Lesnar uses as a running attack and a secondary finisher when it comes from the top rope, called the Brock Out, from Lesnar's days as a heavy metal fan, that gimmick sucked), sending Mankind's back into the open chair! Hardy then uses the chair, leaping onto the chair and then the shoulders of Brock Lesnar for Version 2.0 Poetry In Motion! All the New Dawn members work over Mankind's leg with weapons, until Steve Austin and The Rock come on over, telling the other WWFers to stay back. It's a brawl that's semi-even for a second and then Tanaka and Hardy hit a Burning Elbow/Discus Lariat combo to Austin who is then hit with a BRUTAL flurry of knunchukas by AJ Styles. The Rock is still fighting and gets hit with a leaping Sledgehammer by Brocky! The New Dawn continues the beat down on Mankind with Revolution joining in until Revo rolls Mankind back in and follows, using the Sledgehammer on Mankind's ankle! Mankind is pulled out of the ring by RVD and Jericho, who help him up. Revolution then goes- forward baseball slide SLEDGEHAMMER! RVD leaps in front of Mankind, taking the Sledgehammer right to his skull and busting him up real bad, blood flowing everywhere. Jericho then goes into Hero Mode as he facebusters Revo onto his own Sledgehammer and then throws him into a barbedwire board with an Y2J Stinger and a reverse rana! Jericho then does a barricade runner, leaping from barricade to barricade to take out The New Dawn lumberjacks with a huge missile dropkick! Like bowling pins, they knock into each other and fall, but only for a moment. Jericho grabs the knunchukas and a chair, dragging along with him The Rock and Austin, who were suffering a beatdown at the hands of The New Dawn! BADASS! Mankind is up and can hardly stand after that assault on his ankle but stands enough for a shot to Revolution's back with the sledgehammer and goes to the apron. Jericho lays the chair and hammer over Revolution and goes up to the apron with him-

HIPBUSTER/LIONSAULT! Jericho is taken out by the pain but slides the chair near RVD before writhing in pain. The Rock remembers what Revolution has done to him and grabs the chair and the barbedwire board, with a very special conchair-boardto to Revolution, knocking him into the barricade! Austin grabs the sledhammer and crushes Revo's-no he's out of the way! They wrestle for the sledgehammer but The Rock comes with a leaping chair, which Revo puts Austin in front of! THE HUMANITY! Revo puts the Rock down with a quick Revolver Shot(Twisting Elevated STO, Revolution's primary finish) makes sure RVD stays down with a barbedwire board to his head. Rob. Van. Damm my head hurts! Revo grabs the chair and fights with Mick up the aisle, bashing him across the head with chair shots all the way! They are on top of the entryway and Revo goes for a chair but- Taipei uppercut! Mankind then punches the chair right into Revolution's face! On both sides of the entryway are special suprises-

On one side, a big vat of glue. A lightube cabin.

On one side, big thing of tape. A thumbtacked stack of tables.

Mankind kicks Revo in the gut and sends him off the entryway with a big haymaker, right into the big tape container! Revo can't move and Mankind grabs a sickle from the ground and decides to cut him free- painfully. Mankind has him out of it and goes for a sickle shot but it's blocked and Revo cuts into Foley's head with the sickle! BY GAWD WHAT CRIMSON MASKS! RVD, fuck the barbedwire board to the head. is up. He has a chair in one hand and a sledgehammer in the other. Unhappy with Jericho stealing his spotlight, he goes into Hero Mode. He goes running the barricades and so does AJ Styles, on the opposite barricade. AJ is armed with a ladder and barbedwire table. They go and leap at eachother, coming into a cluster fuck of pain as RVD's chair is thrown into AJ's path and dropkicked while RVD crushes his cranium with the sledgehammer yet gets hit by the ladder and goes through the barbedwire table! Quickly, everyone converges on the entryway ramp, resulting in a huge brawl that the New Dawn eventually wins. Meanwhile, Foley is cut up from the sickle and Revo uses it over his ankle. Revo grabs the chair and another and impromptu tapes them together, and smashes them over the head of Mankind! RVD with an amazing split-legged moonsault off AJ's ladder, sending himself onto the standing Revolution! RVD is down as AJ Styles rises, grabbing his ladder and RVD's chair. Mankind and Revolution are up as the New Dawn converge onto the entryway. Mankind grabs the sickle and keeps Revo at bay with it, dragging RVD up and holding onto him. Mankind places himself in front of RVD, paying him back for his sacrifice. AJ Styles is angry and wants to get at RVD while Revo just wants to end this, and hits Foley with the ladder and drags him up the scaffold with the ladder, which he needs to climb up and get the barbedwire sledgehammer. The Rock manages to fight his way through the New Dawn and takes out Lesnar with a Rock Bottom before getting beaten down. Austin tries to charge them and takes out Tanaka and Hardy with a Stunner but gets a double lightube smash to the face! Jericho is up from the Lionsault and has taken his own little toy- the knuchuckas! He goes and runs the barricade into a big knucnchuca flurry, but AJ runs up the ladder and floats over him with a big MOONSAULT DDT ONTO THE DOUBLE-CHAIR! AJ tapes the sickle and knucnchukas together(creating the amazing SICKLECHUCKAS!!!!) and then gets the lightubes scattered around and glues them together. Holding one in each hand he goes after the defenseless RVD. Yet Jericho is somehow still alive and has the doublechair, and the sledgehammer. AJ is right up in the face of the defenseless RVD and spits on him(as one can tell, the rivalry goes way back with these two) as Mankind and Revo brawl up top the scaffold. AJ turns his 450 into a 450 right onto the lightubes! He drags RVD up and puts him in the Styles Clash, with a cobra clutch choke around Van Dam's throat with the Sicklechukas. AJ then walks onto the lightube cabin! He's ready for the Styles- Cla-WHAM SLEDGEHAMMER! AJ lets go of RVD only to get hit with another Sledgehammer shot! RVD is onto a knee and lowblows AJ the sicklekhucks! THE PAIN! Chris Jericho throws the sledgehammer to the scaffold where it lands away from Mankind and Revolution. Jericho then puts the chair in the hands of the dazed Styles and VANDJERICHONATOR with the Y2J stinger! Jericho then helps RVD up and they both leap to the ladder up to the scaffold, where Revo and Mankind are using all the weapons there to battle to the death. Mankind has tears in his eyes and everyone is bloodied all over. Jericho and RVD take the side of Mankind as Revo has an "oh crap moment." Jericho grabs the sledgehammer and leaps off a wall of the scaffold into a HUGE SLEDGHAMMER TO THE BRAIN! This doesn't even get Revolution down on his back, everyone is so fired up, running on addreniline and nothing more. Mankind and RVD smile and start playing hot potato with the chair, Revo scared shitless for his punishment. He tries to determine who's going to strike with the double chair yet forgets something- Y2J is right behind him with a little treat he brought up with him, hanging from his tights- the Sicklechuckas! Y2J just beats the ever loving shit out of him with the Sicklechuckas, making Revo's whole body flow Crimson! When Mankind gives him the high sign and a thumbs up Jericho wraps the chain of the sickle and the rope of knucnchukas to imitate AJ Styles and choke out Revolution, holding him in place! What punishment do they have in mind for Revolution? Meanwhile, everyone down below, besides AJ Styles, who's out COLD on the lightube cabin, brawl with everything they can get their hands on. The New Dawn win the battle, barely as only Lesnar and Tanaka are left standing and ascend the ladder up to the scaffold. RVD gives the "hurry up" sign and they hit a triple team move- RVD throws the Doublechair into Revo's face and hits him with a SLEDGEHAMMINATOR and then a VANDAMMINATOR! Jericho with the Breakdown onto the double chair! Mankind dispenses of weapons and grabs the Double Arm DDT! He lifts Revo up- no, his ankle gives out! Revolution was planning for the end game all along! What psychology in a death match! Yet he thought, foolishly, that it would be a one on one fight! RVD and Jericho help lifting him into the air ELEVATED STUFFED DOUBLE-ARM DDT ONTO EVERYTHING! The sledhammer, the double chair, the sickle-chuckas, Revolution goes into it head first! Lesnar and Tanaka are up and as Mankind is taken out with his own Double-Arm DDT it's Tanaka and Lesnar vs. the much smaller underdogs RVD and Jericho. Lesnar gets the sledgehammer, RVD the double chair, Tanaka the sickle-chuckas. Jericho-nothing. Yet he's the one who-SLEDEHAMMER! Jericho is down! RVD counters the sickle chuckas with a double chair protecting himself only for Tanaka to hit ROLLING ELBOWNATOR! Tanaka has broken his arm but it's worth it as he smiles. He has nothing on Lesnar, who just gives a HUGE SMILE! By now we know what that means- People Are Going To Get Fucked Up Bad! Everyone is down and all he has to do is get Revolution up the ladder and Brocky Boy puts Revolution on his shoulders, going up the ladder. NO! It can't end this way! Not after all that! Not aft-RVD and Jericho are up! Miraculously, they are still breathing. Jericho runs up and then rebounds off the wall with a DEADLY SLEDGEHAMMER TO BROCK, knocking him off the ladder! RVD runs up the ladder and fights Revo at the top, blow for blow! Mankind is up enough to barely toss him the Double Chair and RVD catches it but Revo ducks it! Revo gets the chair and cracks it over the head of RVD, and then drops the Double Chair down onto the ground and grabs RVD in the STO, preparing him for the Revolver Shot! RVD BLOCKS IT! RVD with a STYLES CLASH ONTO THE CHAIR! MY GAWD! Tanaka rises and RVD meets him with a VanDamminator, knocking him off the scaffold and into the glue vat! RVD kisses the double chair, his savior. Jericho, Mankind and RVD are up and get Revo by his hair. Mankind goes to his pockets, cutting his pants up but instead of Socko we get a LIGHTER AND FLASK! NO! Mankind tosses the lighter to Jericho and the flask to RVD, who drinks up. Not his choice of recreational drug use, but still. Mankind grabs the doublechair and the slegehammer. SLEDGEHAMMER TO REVO! Revo is dazed and confused, near the edge of the scaffold it's time for a leader to fall. Jericho flicks on the lighter and the crowd oos for the flame, as RVD takes a big chug from the flask and the blows it out, through the flame! FIREBALL! This goes onto the DoubleChair that Mankind is holding and we get a special treat- FIREBALL DOUBLE CHAIR TO REVOLUTION! IT KNOCKS HIM OFF THE SCAFFOLD! RVD and Jericho do their roles, Jericho moonsaults off the scaffold while RVD does the FiveStarFrogSplash. LIONSAULT/FIVE STAR THROUGH THE LIGHTUBE CABIN, SENDING REVOLUTION AND AJ STYLES THROUGH IT! MY GOD! Mankind slowly scales the ladder and gets to the top-NO! BROCK LESNAR KIPS-UP! NO! It can't end like this! Lesnar grabs the sledhammer and smashes it over Mankind's back but Mankind keeps his grip on the ladder! Brock Lesnar then grabs the FIREBALL DOUBLE CHAIR! Oh, no! FIREBALL DOUBLE CHAIR TO MANKIND'S BACK! Lesnar places the FireBall Double Chair down and runs up the ladder, grabbing Mick Foley in the Argentine Back Rack! He drags him up with himself to the top of the ladder- ALTF4(Brock's primary finish, a spinning, elevated spicy drop that is tweaked so it's halfway between the Burning hammer and the Spicy Drop) OFF THE LADDER ONTO THE FIREBALL DOUBLE CH-REVERSED-DOUBLE ARM DDT! HOLY SHIT! Mankind slowly goes back up the ladder, scaling step by step. NO! NOT AGAIN! BROCKY KIP-UP! Mankind is on top of the ladder, reaching for the Barbedwire Sledgehammer! Can he grab it before Lesnar kills him? Lesnar runs up the ladder with frightening speed! Foley reaches for the prize as Lesnar leaps at him with a BROCKOUT~! LESNAR AND FOLEY OFF THE SCAFFOLD, THROUGH LIGHTING EQUIPMENT!………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Lots of false finishes in that one but any sane crowd would be shitting themselves.

How can one top that? A match that will become known as the greatest of many of these wrestler's careers with MORE GORE, MORE BLOODY, MORE PAIN, MORE AWESOME!

RVD uses his new toy, the double chair, which is not on fire any more but gets thumbtacked and barbedwire. AJ gets back the nuknucks-sickle. The ladder is taken down from the scaffold. The sledehammer ends up in possibly the most dangerous hands it could be in- Brock Lesnar. Not just Brocky but Fighting Spirit, Pissed Off THE BROCK! Matt Hardy and Tanaka get to highlight the action for a while. All the weapons from the last match, the one before it and more are used in the amazing conclusion to this battle for Mick Foley's career and more so, the fate of the WWF.

I hope you liked it.

Comments, questions? Or not.

:) Everybody!

EDIT: Oh, yeah. Gotta promote what is coming up.

The first excerpt from "the Advisor's" book.

Accounts of the previously shown Mankind's Death match from multiple sides.

A little example of what I like to write- highflying and technical matches.

More backstory and mythology.

Oh, and the rest of the match. It is best of 9, after all. Hopefully within a week falls 1,2, and 4 will be up. 4 is important as the cage comes down on four. Needless to say, RVD does a lot of fun stuff with the cage.

EDIT NOTE: I'm not putting this in my signature for now, though that's the customary thing to do. I feel that not being heavily promoted is a bonus as I work out the kinks in this. Also, I don't have a bad*** sig to promote this. I hope you enjoyed that.

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

Look at that second post. One of the things listed as coming soon is "More backstory and mythology." So here's some of that. It also includes one of the other things listed- "A little example of what I like to write- highflying and technical matches. " This is two weeks OVW TV way back when in the beginning of 2000. The Beginning Of The New Dawn. They definitely weren't fully realized at this point but here it goes-

Ohio Valley Wrestling-

OVW TV- Around the beginning of 2000.

OVW Main Event-

For The OVW Heavyweight Title-

AJ Styles vs Jody Fleisch-

Having feuded since they arrived, these two great talents had found the attention of wrestling smarks. Here they faced off in a match tailored to their strengths- a ladder match. The details are unimportant, until the end of the match. AJ and Jody are faces, battling for honor. This is a ladder match that can also be won by pin and tapout.

The ladders are on each side of the ring, all 4 of them.

We start the match intros as AJ Styles comes in to the awesome funky groove of Caryn Lyn's "voices of our ancestors" That some good stuff, kids. (Note: Some of the music is anachronistic. I'm not that knowledgeable about music but I try to pick good theme songs. Also, the amatuer wrestling sequences are realistic and despite the convoluted descriptions are moves I've used myself) He's getting mad pops, the majority of the crowd cheering him on as he high fives, slaps hands and kisses babies down to the ring where he plays to the crowd with a springboard Phoenix Splash that ends with him standing and soaking in the cheers. He hands his OVW Heavyweight title to the timekeeper.

"I turn my camera on" by Spoon hits to more cheers than AJ Styles gets, which visibly disturbs him. Jody Fleisch enters as LOTS of people turn their cameras on for his sensational entrance which has him shot out from under the stage ala. Rey Mysterio to ascend and descend the OVW set pieces in what he calls Parkour but may be better known as Free Running or Tricking, the style that influences many of his moves. He runs the barricade, slapping hands and then leaps onto the apron, flipping into the ring in STYLE. He is getting more pops than AJ with a loud "Jody" chant, which visually disturbs AJ Styles even more, to the point where he slips a little middle finger while rubbing his nose at the crowd. No one really picks up on it. AJ and Jody leap around the ring, getting loose for the match and get back to solid mat as the bell rings.

For two highflying wrestlers, these two guys sure can wrestle. AJ feigns a single leg but Jody doesn't fall for and goes for a double leg takedown, AJ sprawls out to counter it and rolls over the back of Fleisch who turns too late and is caught up in a sunset flip for 1/2of a count, but that's not the intention of AJ who bridges back and hooks his legs around those of Jody to flip him onto his tummy in a Styles Crab! This gets a Japanese style clapping from the technically savvy OVW crowd. Jody gets out of it quickly, rolling into a ball and slipping his legs to sweep out the legs of Styles and goes for a step over toehold but AJ rolls out of the attempt and kips- up back into a sprawl where he grabs for a Stretch Muffler but Jody swipes away the hands of AJ and powers forward into a good double leg but loses his grip on the legs and Styles rolls into a amateur wrestling position on his knees. Jody knows what to do and snaps right into the mindset of a mat wrestler. AJ's got something in mind as he drops into a short sit-out. He grasps Jody's wrist with his right hand and drops to his shoulders and head with a quick elbow tuck he starts his right leg stepping around low and hard to get spinning motion. AJ then pivots up with his hips, keeping his head and shoulder down with a tight grip on Fleisch's right wrist. Jody follows Aj's hips as AJ thrusts his left elbow and arm up through Jody's legs. AJ's left thumb is rotated down and up as he extends his arm, overhooking Jody's thigh from the inside and tucks his right hip and leg under. AJ begins a driving motion toward Jody's head, pulling Jody's right shoulder down by rotating his hips through in an action as he elevates Jody's hips with his left arm through the leg. AJ completes his move and gets Jody on his back.

That, fellows, is called the Granby Tuck Roll. It's a great mat escape any amateur wrestler should learn and AJ has done it picture perfectly, hooking Jody's leg for a 1 as Jody bridges his neck to keep his shoulders off the mat, using his free left arm to assist. Jody uses AJ's position against him, spreading his legs out to create a better base, using his right leg, tucking it in between the thighs of AJ, and stretching Aj's groin with his foot. AJ yells in pain yet keeps the better position as Jody fights for it, eventually using his free arm to hook AJ's left arm behind his back and force him to release the grip on his right leg, which is now free to push down on Aj's throat as Jody uses his free arm to lock in a variant of a Dragon Sleeper with his leg's assist to pull AJ's neck back.

That, fellows, is called something that I don't know. It's a great mat escape no body knows because in amateur wrestling you can't lock in sleepers. Jody uses the rules to his advantage and lays more pressure on the sleeper, forcing AJ to release Jody's right wrist. Jody quickly swings his legs out and gets into a Buffalo Sleeper, using the control of AJ's left arm to punish him even further with a Dragon/Buffalo Sleeper variant, locking his legs around the waist of Styles to ground him. Styles fights the move, eventually lifting his legs behind his head into a reverse triangle choke variant that tweaks the neck of Fleisch. They both try to get a better position before releasing their holds on a double 3 count to roll away and back to their feet Fans give a standing O for the tremendous mat wrestling sequence. Except unlike most matches, it's not just a sequence as they lock into a collar and elbow. Jody tries for a neckwrench on AJ to work the neck as he did on the mat but AJ breaks the hold over his neck with his hands and gets back into the collar and elbow.

Jody pulls off a nice head hook, penetrating through the collar and elbow, shrugging AJ's grip off of him and popping his head around to behind AJ, getting a waist lock on AJ's back, a precursor to a German Suplex. AJ breaks the waist lock finger-by-finger and back switches into a behind waist lock of his own. Jody has his own version to counter the waist lock, dropping to his knees and then pushing back to try and take AJ off balance, getting back to his feet as that does not work. Jody goes finger by finger but can't get out of it as AJ tries to pull him into a german but Jody splits to the ground with a quick counter. He then pulls his feet so they are together and bridges back, rolling so he's above AJ, who is on his back. AJ still has the waist lock on yet Jody has higher ground and uses his legs to wrap them around the head of AJ and sit back, wrenching AJ's neck. It's clear- Jody is working the neck to counter the Styles Clash and any flipping moves that give you whiplash, not to mention any move involving lifting. AJ tries to use his legs again, lifting them behind his neck but Jody pins them to the ground with a hand uses an arm to push AJ's shoulders down for a 1 count. He repeats a few times just to tire AJ out, who's plotting an escape. He tightens the waist lock yet Jody is determined to keep his legs locked around the neck and AJ pinned down. AJ decides to abandon his only real leverage and position- his waist lock. AJ quickly slides his hands off Jody's chest and extends his arms as far as he can to barely get a grasps around the achillies tendons of and uses every ounce of his power in his arms to pull the legs off his neck, freeing himself from the leg lock. His shoulders and legs are still pushed down and AJ gets to work on those, pushing off with his legs to free them from Jody's arm and then bridging his shoulders and using his legs to pry Jody's arm off from across his shoulders. Jody scrambles for position but AJ rolls back over him, into a waist lock of his own, lifting Jody from his knees to the air and throws him back with a german suplex!

Crowd claps for that very well done and realistic submission sequence as AJ rises, clutching his neck. He takes Jody for the Styles Suplex special but his neck is hurting and Jody snapmares him into a chinlock. They pick up the pace as AJ rolls to his knees and pries off the chinlock, spinning his legs around those of Jody into a stepover toe hold. He can't get the face lock to add the F to that ST as Jody rolls out it into a reverse knee twister that sends Styles onto his chest and Jody behind him. Jody steps over AJ's back into a crossface(not a crippler, just a regular without the arm thing) which he utilizes his position into a Gokuraku-gatame(aka. Jinsei Shinzakis Straightjacket choke chinlock thing.) AJ powers out, getting to his knees and then slowly working his way to the ropes. Cheers for AJ's balls as AJ yells his catchphrase- "I DO IT ALL FOR YOU!" to the fans.

Jody tries to approach but has given AJ enough of an opening and AJ introduces our first strike of the match, hitting a uraken to take out the legs of Jody. AJ then hits a cool bellclap with his legs to Jody's legs. AJ locks in a figure four which is reversed by Jody Fleisch, who shoves him off and into the ropes. Jody tries to rush AJ, who pulls down the ropes and sends him to the outside. There, thanks to this being a ladder match, we have no count-out. AJ with the first highflying move of the encounter as he backs up and- cartwheel, backflip- moonsault suicida over the ropes onto Jody! Jody moves out of the way and AJ crashes ribs first onto the concrete, taking all the air out of his lungs! Jody capitalizes by working the sleeper again with a Buffalo Sleeper. AJ tries to power out twice but can't do it.. Thrice is the charm, getting to his feet and uses his free arm to push at the face of Jody, just a distraction as AJ whips his free arm round to try and break the underhook of his other arm. He gets this but gets taken down with a chinlock ddt from Jody, who works a stepover facelock. AJ uses his near leg to pry off the hold on Jody's far arm and then uses his free arm to take Jody's near arm off of him. Jody scrambles for position but AJ slips out of it and gets a Naga-Jody gets a drop toe hold and STF. AJ struggles and gets the F off only to get put into a Step Over Toe Hold Full Nelson. AJ has hardly any option except to try and power out and he barely does that but shows the effects as he slumps back down to his stomach and Jody locks the STFN(nelson) in and rolls to his back, where AJ is elevated in the air with even more pressure on his neck. AJ has pretty much no options here and just takes the pain, formulating a plan. He tries powering out of the nelson but his neck and arms hurt too much. He tries to slip out but that doesn't work. AJ then slowly works his legs out of the Step Over Toe Hold and applies as much as he can of a Nagata lock with only his legs! Eventually both are forced to release their holds or risk injuries. Jody is up first and works a standing neck crank, elbowing out the protests of AJ and pushing his legs down by standing on them. Jody then drops to his knees with a snapmare and gets to the third step on the ladder before jumping off and flips forward with a neck snap.

Jody with a double underhook and hooks the legs of Styles with a leg trap, laying back to really stretch the neck. Ouch. Styles has no free limbs and just takes the pain, see-sawing back and forth to try and build up enough momentum. He eventually gets that and falls back, pulling his legs out of the trap and getting to his knees. Jody tries a tigerbomb but AJ drops to his knees and flips him backward with a double hook suplex, keeping him elevated in the air. AJ breathes for a moment, a moment of control and then runs backwards, taking Jody Fleisch with him into the ladder and the barricade! AJ lands on top of Fleisch for the 1-2-kickout!

They both arise. The ladder has now been introduced into the match and it's fair game. Fleisch and AJ circle around it and go for it at the same time, wrestling for it as Fleisch gets the advantage due to AJ's tired arms and neck, pushing the ladder to his throat and Baba Neckbreakers him onto it! Fleisch slams the ladder over AJ's neck and waits for him to arise. Jody goes for a running ladder strike but AJ rolls through his legs and behind him, dodging it. AJ hurts his neck though and crumples to the ground. Jody raises the ladder up and slams it down on the ne-no-AJ faking as he hits a kip-up fameasser! AJ grabs Jody by the leg and drags him to the step where he smashes Jody's legs into the steps multiple times, dropping knees from the top step. AJ raises Jody up again and whips him into the stairs which Jody takes Undertaker style knees first. AJ pulls and yanks the leg around, working it and applying pressure with his feet. AJ pulls Jody up and hits him with a shinbreaker over the edge of the table, damaging Jody's whole leg which smashes into the table. AJ works the leg by just slamming it into the table over and over, getting very determined. AJ goes for the Nagata again but gets kicked off as Jody rises and rushes him, but Styles ducks and Jody goes face first into the turnbuckle! He stumbles back, all cut up as AJ uses what is left of his strength to run up the apron and Springboard Moonsault Reverse DDT! The Stylish DDT! AJ rolls around, clutching his neck and gets an arm over Fleisch too late so he only gets a 2 count. Jody keeps his arms around the the arm used to pin him, as they both make their way to their feet Fleisch with a hiptoss, sending AJ neck first into the turnbuckle and then onto the steps! Jody jumps to the table- to the apron- kicks off the turnbuckle and corkscrew moonsault leg drop on AJ! AJ's able to get a knee up into the legs of Jody but still takes a lot of the blow as Jody rolls around, yelling in pain to his legs. Jody rolls over to near the ladder as AJ rises and gets to the apron. AJ up on the top turnbuckle, he gets ready, crouches and leaps off- Shooting Styles Press To The Outs-Jody CLOSES THE LADDER AROUND HIS NECK! BY GAWD! Jody then scales back up the apron and to the top turnbuckle with the ladder still closed around AJ's neck, the rest of AJ's body struggling to free his head as Jody uses all the strength in his arms to lift the ladder and AJ above his head and jumps off the top turnbuckle, SLAMMING AJ AND THE LADDER THROUGH THE OUTSIDE TABLE! OH MY! WHAT PAIN! AJ is all cut up from table shards, matching Jody's crimson face.

Jody can't get the pin with his injured legs, the best he can do is be up first and with the ladder. He rushes AJ with the ladder and gets him with a leaping ladder right to the head, prompting an 8.5 muta from Styles! Jody then works his way up onto the apron with the ladder and leaps towards AJ- AJ rolls out of the way! Jody tries to get him as he gets up but AJ uses his last burst of energy to literally RUN UP the ladder and come off the top of it with a 450 DDT ONTO THE LADDER! AJ HAS TURNED THE TIDE OF THIS MATCH! This gets a 7.2 muta from Jody, who just can't match the Mutaness of Styles. AJ rolls into the ring with the ladder and sets it up after much pain and suffering just to get to his feet. Fleisch follows him in and smiles- End Game. For The Title. Fleisch goes for a lightning leg lariat which AJ ducks and bounds off the rope with a Springboard Flying Forearm! Fleisch catches it! He tries to get the Buffalo Sleeper on but AJ pops out of it and Pele Ki-caught! Fleisch has AJ in the wheelbarrow and has nasty plans to hurt him. AJ floats out of it and grabs a Uranaage which Fleisch counters into a solo Spanish Fly but only backflips as AJ drops to his knees. Still, Fleisch has got the Uranage on AJ and is in contr-AJ with a backswitch, Star Maker is flipped out of. Fleisch tries a reverse Rana but it's blocked and AJ spins him around into an Air Raid Cra-Fleisch punches his way out of it. AJ with a kick, gets caught. Enzuigiri by AJ is ducked and Fleisch lifts him into the Electric Chair but his legs give out and AJ Calfbrands him down! AJ slowly struggles to the top of the ladder-

AJ with the Styles Tap off the ladder- misses! Jody raises him up and grabs the 720 DDT but AJ slips out of it into a Styles Clash- Jody wriggles out and dropkicks his leg- Fleisch Flash Shining Wizard! Jody lets him get up and kicks off the turnbuckle, then the latter for the Fleisch Kick- an SSP Dropkick! AJ is down and out- Fleisch goes up top- 450 off the ladder! Phoenix 720 DDT puts AJ down and Jody Fleisch, after 45 minutes of breakneck action seems to pull out the win as he scales the latter.

AJ is screaming, clutching his neck and Fleisch can hardly climb with his hurt legs- AJ's smart psychology targeting the endgame while Fleisch targeted the short submission game. Yet- wait- what is this?

Wagner's "Ride Of The Valkyries" plays over the speakers in deafening volume. Down comes a man to the ring. He enters the ring and then runs up the ladder, floating over Jody Fleisch with a huge sunset flip reverse Tombstone sit-out! HOLY SHIT! The crowd goes nuts for the move while simultaneously booing the intruder! The intruder grabs AJ Styles by the hair and lifts into a military press then runs up the ladder and puts the title belt in AJ Styles hand before leaping off the ladder and exiting to huge boos! AJ Styles has stolen the OVW title thanks to this mysterious blond man! The blond man grabs a microphone and says a short, chilling statement-

"The New Dawn has begun." Before taking AJ Styles to the back with him.

Week 2-

AJ Styles explains his actions-

"You know, you people used to love me. Really love me. Then, that little bastard Jody Fleisch came from England, kicking off walls and doing his silly Parkour bullshit! And you abandoned me! Do you think I was deaf? That I didn't hear your growing scorn for me and your admiration from that unworthy little shit- unworthy to lick the Queen Mary's Dog's bollocks! Should have stayed in his flat back in London! YOU LITTLE TRAITORS! I bleed, I let Low Ki lock me in that move of his- The Pure Torture. And it was that! Pure Torture! For you! I knew you couldn't stand to see your homegrown hero be defeated by Low Ki! So I didn't tap and I broke my fucking neck! I came back, kicked his ass, put him through a table with a Styles Clash and took back what is rightfully mine- the OVW title! And what was I greeted with- cheers. Great, I thought. I'm back. They still love me. But that same night I took back my title from Low Ki, you went apeshit for some little anorexic fool flipping off walls and doing cartwheels- bullshit that any untalented gymnast can do! I ended that night with something I had not felt for a long time- doubt. And regret. Two powerful emotions. My doubts were proven true as you- YOU BOOED ME! You cheered "Jody, Jody!" YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHEERING "AJ,AJ!" I was in rehab for 5 horrible months for YOU! When Low Ki locked me in that move- I was doing it for you. When I had to be carried by a creepy old bald hospital male nurse just to take a shit, I WAS DOING IT FOR YOU! When I was at home, watching OVW and studying every single movement of Low Ki until my eyes bled, I thought you would GIVE A SINGLE MOMENT OF- OF- HOW DARE YOU? I DID IT ALL FOR YOU AND YOU HAVE FORSAKEN ME! When I pissed myself and had to go in a FUCKING BOTTLE, I WAS DOING IT FOR YOU! When I went through that demeaning, dehumanizing process of rehabilitation I WAS DOING IT FOR YOU! I... I did it all for you and you betrayed me. All I have done is re-payed you with what you have given me. Call me a traitor, I am the kettle and you are the pot. Call me black. I will laugh at you and crush your hero with my bare hands! I will destroy everything you hold dear for your... TREASON!

I wasn't just doing it for you though. It's every wrestler in OVW's dream to go to the big time- the WWF. I thought, I gave it my all. Triple Crown OVW champion, spent 5 months in rehab for a broken neck- all for the fans. All for you. While guys like... like Russ and Charlie Haas- tag team wrestlers, great ones at that but NO TRIPLE CROWN, NO REHAB. They didn't do it for you- they did it for themselves. And you hated them as they hated you. They are in the WWF right now, competing for the highest title they can- the WWF tag team title. Everyone's talking about who's going to be the big star when they part ways- Russ is predicted to be world champion by 2003! I DID ALL THIS AND I AM STUCK IN THE SHIT HOLE CALLED OHIO VALLEY WRESTLING! NO MORE! I know a lot of guys who feel this way, a lot of friends. They think these things- I am the only one willing to say them! You don't want me here, I don't want to be here, Vince McMahon doesn't want me in the WWF. Well, what to do?

FUCK IT! FUCK IT ALL! I WILL BE IN THE WWF, I WILL win the World Championship. And I will destroy all this- all Vince McMahon has done. And I have an army behind me to serve my purposes. They will let themselves be known when appropriate. But I have a rematch clause with Jody Fleisch and I will do it- FOR YOU! I will wrestle him and I will defeat him, and then The New Dawn will have shown its strength and take on the WWF. That is all I have to say."

The crowd HATE this guy by now and his blond friend grabs the mic-

"The New Dawn formally extends an invitation to anyone under the age of 28 who desires to ally with us. Membership interviews will begin tonight, in a place that those who need to be there will know, and those who aren't needed will not know. The New Dawn has begun."

Later, via. OVW's website-

Harvey Wippleman, OVW commish, emphatically says that he does NOT support the actions of current Ohio Valley Wrestling Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and his "Revolutionary buddy", while hyping the next weeks AJ Styles vs Low Ki non-title rematch from that match 5 months ago in which Low Ki broke AJ's neck with his Pure Torture submission finisher during a 60 minute Iron Match. AJ was up 6-5 and couldn't have the fans let their hearts get broken by a draw in a match that had been building up since the two met each other, as he explained from his rehab center 3 months ago. AJ repeated his catchphrase 3 months ago a couple times in the interview- "I do it all for you- the fans."

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There are so many things wrong with this.

To start with, your prose is so incredibly purple I'd think it was probably gay in any other setting. And it's not redeemable either because there's so, so much of it. You created a character called Revolution - you could have at least said "yeah this is me" rather than trying to bullshit us further - and then put him into this thing called the New Dawn. Your matches are way too fucking long and the formatting is shit. What you are effectively doing is the Hewey Method - piling a lot of shit onto more shit until people start thinking it's good. With Hewey, however, the shit is built up over a long period of time, whereas you have just heaped it on in the space of a few posts until nobody cares any longer.

Also, don't think I haven't noticed the hirings. AJ Styles and Low-Ki...you should be ashamed.

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

Sorry. As I said, this is from a game from a long time ago. The matches are long because that's how I write. Oh,giving constructive criticism, which I thank you heartily for. Yeah, I created a character. Many diaries do that. The point of creating a character is so I can go and give him a very good and complex backstory and so people won't be burdened with going-

"Oh, that's just ____ with a different name and gimmick."

And Revolution, who again has a big backstory is pretty much the opposite of my real life personality. Revolution drinks, does drugs, etc. I'm a straight edged vegan. He's much more angry and oh yeah- I'm not completely insane like Revolution is.

Yeah, it's pretty shitty at this point. This is really my first diary. I'm a noob for Seinfeild's sake. I am ashamed, because Be, you're one of the people I really respect on this board and I'd like to please you.

Frankly, the reason there is so much of it and it is so long is because I'm getting about 2 years worth of game play and backstory out so I can get to Shatterpoint and actually start to book the damn thing with the skills that I've gained since I started this game save years ago. I'm a first time diary writer and I noted that I know the format is shit. That is because I wanted to give people something to go on, a couple matches and backstory quickly. A mistake, in retrospect. The format comes from many of this being hand written and then laboriously typed into my computer. Yeah, the format is awful. That's what I'm trying to change. I mean, you have to scroll horizontally just to read the damn ends of the sentence.

I know the flaws of my diary and I thank you for pointing them out, because I really am working on improving this. As I noted, this is just an experiment at this point. To try and find a writing style that fits my style and what people like. This, obviously is not the right style.

So yes, I am ashamed. But it's pretty much my first diary and I'm trying to do something good. The "thing" called New Dawn is a stable which is pretty much at the basis of the story and has a long backstory related to it which is being revealed throughout. I've noted that before.

I frankly can't thank you enough for commenting and confirming my fears that this is shit. My prose is shit, but just saying that it's purple and gay isn't very helpful. TELL me what to do. The whole reason I specifically asked for criticism instead of "great job, dude"- which I'm obviously not going to get, is that this is a work in progress that I hope to become much better. Look at many of the diaries on EWB, they improve over time when people take time out of their days(as you have so kindly did) and help out by telling me what's wrong.

On my prose-

Yes, it's purple. I know that. I write in depth because I have the time, frankly. I'm stuck at home against my wishes because I'm sick. So I have a lot of time and write everything in depth. Sorry.

So, I've addressed your comments and would be very thankful for a conversation via. PM about what to improve if you could grace me with that. Please people- Be's post is the perfect example of what I want. Tear into this, call it shit. Tell me I should be ashamed. Tell me what is bad about this.

I'll try and fix it.

The changes that I'm thinking of instituting would give a match format of-

Match- Wrestler A vs Wrestler B(bolded, though I'm not that good with formatting on EWB, I'll try)

Stipulations- For B's title.

History- A and B have been feuding for X months.

Intro Descriptions- A enters to song G and poses, B enters to song E and dances.

Match Description- Some where between what I have now(way, way too long) and something barebones. I'll bold the important parts, capitalize big moves and moments as I've started to do and cut down on the !!!s and ~!s.

Post Match Description- Aftermath of match, then Result of match(bolded)

Angles woud be formatted thus-

Angle Nickname(For a stupid example, Randy Savage beating down Hulk Hogan would be A Savage Strike On The Hulkster)

Angle descrip- Again, important parts bolded.

Post Angle Description- Summary of it(Randy Savage beat down Hulk Hogan with a chair, leading to Hogan being taken out on a stretcher from the arena)

Same thing with Interviews.

I'll use more color(maybe some purple, even.) Italics, Underline stuff. Not too much, of course.

So, as a final note-

I'm trying here people, the only way I'm going to improve as a writer is if people are nice like Be and help me out. Thanks Be. :)

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You should firstly learn that De is the epitome of everything NOT to do. Ever. On any subject. Anywhere. Ever.

Secondly, stop being so apologetic. It's just a diary on an interweb forum, you don't need to apologise for it. Trust me when I say you're already writing better than De ever could.

Everybody who writes diaries on here has their own individual style, so if writing a lot of shit works for you, stick to it. It'd be nice to see it truncated a little, purely for brevity's sake, but it's hardly what I'd call necessary. The problem you have to deal with is striking the perfect balance between enough to get the point across and to say what you want to say, but not being so long that people are just staring at a wall of text. It's your first diary so yeah, it's likely to suck, but so did mine and I went on to bigger and...well, bigger things.

I'd say don't go with the format you suggested unless it's really how you'd prefer to do it because it sounds like it could break up the flow of the show, and since you love to write and write and write, I'd imagine you'd rather it didn't look like a dozen seperated pieces rather than one whole. EWR comes in segments, your show doesn't have to. Experiment all you want, but don't do something just because De thinks you should. Seriously, De sucks.

Your matches are really fucking long though. And signing AJ and the like, the internet darlings isn't exactly the most realistic thing in the world, but the diary is called Radical Change, I suppose. Guys on EWB like people to be realistic and logical when it comes to signing people, and angles and such, so as long as you have a reason behind it should be fine. I've always thought you should be able to do whatever the fuck you like as long as it's readable, which unfortunately, this isn't. Hopefully if you stick around you'll be able to improve your writing style, read a few of the more established diaries to get a feel for things and see how you can use their advice and criticism to your own advantage.

So in short, hah, try cutting your writing down a little, ignore people like De who think they're awesome, and have fun. Thats the entire point.

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Though I still respect Be. Wow, to get people like Be, Nefarious and Kanenite responding to my first diary- thanks. I'm always too apologetic. It's just a personal style. As far as my format, that's all being tinkered with. I've tried to explain the reasons why I've done X in the diary, and sometimes it's a good explanation and sometimes it's something shitty like "I thought it would be cool, man."

I have to say, I am having fun though. I'm trying out the new format. Big caveat though- This is a match written months(or is it years?) again, and I've not edited the match besides tweaking with the format a little. Bolding, italics on some thing, a little bit of underlining. Frankly, right now I'm just trying out my style and experimenting.

Thus the "An experiment, nothing more" sub-title. And the title is Radical Change. Plus, about AJ and Low-Ki, I signed them because I didn't even fucking know who they were when I was doing this game. I was a hardcore WWF viewer with only basic tv(all 7 channels) and I thought it would be fun to mess around with some of these indy guys I'd barely read about. For example, in this match I have Doug Williams being a lot more agile than he is, CM Punk sort of wrestling his style with almost none of his moves except the one I knew- The Pepsi Plunge. So this match is an experiment, a little closer towards a format I'm looking to come to.

The ever-holy Goldylocks format will escape me, but I'll try.

Doug Williams vs CM Punk-

Regular Match, 30 minute time limit.

CM Punk comes out to little fan fare in his debut, to some generic sounding rock music. He establishes himself as a heel already by smacking about a fan.

Doug Williams walks down to the ring, slapping fan's hands.

They start off circling and Williams lands a single leg tackle then scrambles to his side for an arm bar. CM Punk rolls him off with a little arm drag and rolls away from Williams grasp. CM sweeps out Williams legs and tries a single crab, but gets monkey flipped. They face off and Williams tries a double leg, but CM leaps over him and hits him with what could be described as a reverse snap mare. Punk goes over the back of the face-first lying Doug, crosses Williams' arms across each other and over his neck and pulls back in a move made famous by Jinse Shinzaki- the Gokuraku-gatme. Williams fights it, but can't figure out a way out and goes back down from his alert position. He comes up with something and starts pushing forward, rolling over so CM is under him, with his back to the mat. 1-CM holds the hold in a nice bit of psychology-2-2 3/4-kickout. It never was in doubt, but Punk prolonged it to keep the pressure on. As Punk rolls to the side, trying to keep the hold, Doug gets into the loose part of the hold and breaks out. Doug wraps his legs around the arm he worked on, then rolls back into a Fujiwara arm bar. CM tries to fight out of it and gets the way out, bridging and rolling to the side, forcing the arm into Doug's grill, and forcing his shoulders onto the mat. Doug copies CM by holding the hold for 1-2-2 3/4-kickout. CM pries Doug's arms off his arm, while pushing his arm up to the top of his feet to break out of the hold. CM tries to punch Doug in the face, but Doug rolls away, then chops him down for 1.

Punk kicks out then rolls over Doug's back, ending up with Punk over Williams, who's on his knees. Punk drops down for an STF but Punk gets his legs out of the hold and works up to his feet, with CM now only having a neck wringer on. Punk tries to kickout Doug's legs but he's too quick and William's seizes off the imbalance of Punk's position, moving his legs out of the way and too the opposite side as Punk kicked, slamming his fists up into CM's locked hands, with all of his momentum, then spinning around to Punk's back. William's tries a german suplex but CM breaks his hands off and switches around to Doug's back. Another German is tried by Punk, but Doug holds his ground, so CM initiates an unorthodox takedown- driving his head into the back of William's neck, to the mat. Doug works his only angle- the fact that CM's hands are trapped under his intended victim's chest, against the mat after the aborted German Suplex, trying to keep CM's hands their so he doesn't turn it into a dragon sleeper or another STF. Doug tries to fight it off, working to his knees, but CM drops a knee into the back of Doug's, then gets the leg part of the STF, crossing the legs against themselves.Doug tries to break out of it, to no avail but getting to his knees.

Williams then switches tactics- letting go of CM's hands. CM pulls them away, trying to complete the STF, but Doug hits the part he's not paying attention to- the legs, tucking his head under his chest lightning quick, reaching as far as he can towards his legs, then sending his arms into CM's intertwined feet, while pulling his legs toward his head. Doug breaks the leg lock, then with the legs still semi-wrapped around his, uses that for his advantage as he swings his legs towards his head while pulling CM back with his hands around the legs also, dropping CM backwards onto his tush. Doug is in a vulnerable position as CM has a slippery almost locked in version of the head part of the STF, and is sitting on his butt while Doug is facing away from him.Williams has to act quick- and does, rolling backwards on his left shoulder while prying CM's lock off his neck. This leaves him on his fours next to CM- who's on his back. Paying back time. Williams locks in a painful- yet unique armbar, wrenching CM's arm behind his neck- pulling it behind his neck. Williams has locked his target on Punk's arm. Doug then goes on his knees to behind Punk's head, locking his legs around the arm and wrenching it back towards CM's feet, while pulling his head against the mat to prevent him from wriggling away. CM writhes in pain, throwing his free arm toward the ropes, but they are too far away. CM then goes for the desperation tactics, rolling his legs back toward Doug(as Doug pushes his arm back toward his feet even farther, trying to make him tap out) battling to get their moves in. Finally, Punk rolls far enough back and throws a steel-toed boot into Doug's eye.CM Punk lets out a shreik of pain as Wiliam's gives the arm a final wrench at an obscene angle, then gets kicked off with another leg shot- this one of the clean variety- to the throat. The ref signals for the bell from the eye rake- but stops as the fans boo.

CM crawls for the safety of the 5-count ropes, but Williams catches up and knocks him off his knees- to his belly. Doug applies a tweak of a reverse Wakigatame(sort of like the beginning armbar on the La Magistral), as CM reaches for the ropes. He's about to get it when Williams rolls back over his shoulder, pulling Punk back towards the middle of the ring(a foot or so away now) as the reverse Wakigatame variation becomes a regular Wakigatame variation. CM tries the roll over, push Doug's fist into his face thing but gets slammed down. Punk then just squeals like a pig, but doesn't tap out. He stomps his feet on the mat and bites his lip, but he's still in the armbar. He distracts Doug by wildly throwing his free arm and legs at him, slowly turning himself so the back of his head is facing the ropes. CM then throws a headbutt feint which Doug bites, backing up to dodge it, allowing the second for CM to use his other arm and his neck as a fulcrum to bridge into a backwards roll. Punk just barely catches the tip of his toe on the bottom rope for a rope break.

Williams lets go and tries to separate from him, getting to his feet but drops back to his knees as his worn down neck bothers him. Doug rushes forward as he recovers quickly, jumping up for a double knee drop, but CM Punk just rolls out of the ring. He throws an elbow into the neck of the on-his-knees William's, sending him to his back, then CM drags him onto the bottom rope and pulls his neck down on them. The ref counts 1-2-3-4-4/12-CM breaks it, then turns Doug so he's on his side, facing away from the near turnbuckle. Punk then drags him backwards, dropping to his back for extra momentum- sending Doug Williams neck first into the turnbuckle! CM gets up from the floor outside as the ref countinues the 20 count from the 4 1/2. He then flips Doug over with a hip-toss, neck-first onto the stairs! Williams writhes, laid out on the steps. CM doesn't give him a second to rest as he then drags Doug back up slightly by his hair and sends him again neck first into the outside turnbuckle, then again onto the stairs, now 1 by 1 to the concrete where he gives him a little reverse-DDT thing from the bottom step.

CM taunts the crowd and lifts Doug up for a back drop neck-first onto the barricade! He climbs the steps, taunts Williams a little, then CM runs from the far end of the aproan, leaping off with an elbow to the prone Williams. Punk then stomps some and climbs up the steps, then sees Doug rising so he sends him down with a running dropkick to the head. Confident he's sent Doug down for a while, Punk walks up the stairs and to the turnbuckle for a moonsault. Not of course, 'till he showboats/taunts some. Just the delay Doug needs to get to his knees, then to his feet, finally up to the top of the barricade. CM goes for the moonsault and is met as he drops to the point where he's falling almost vertically, not soaring horizontally, by a leaping Williams who hits him with an off-the-barricade double knee drop to his back!Doug Williams has turned the tide in this match.

Doug knows what he's got to do, and drags CM up, sending him arm-first into the top turnbuckle, to be laid out next to the steps. Doug Williams then drags him up and goes 1 by 1, slamming CM Punk's arm into each step! Turnabout is fair play in this case. He ends his flurry with an arm- behind- the- back atomic toss off the top stair, onto the concrete. Williams rolls into the ring, satisfied, but pained as he rolls on the mat, pained from hurting his neck rolling in. CM recovers and meets Doug at the ropes, leaping to the aproan and hitting Williams with a hook to the face. Williams blocks the next one with both elbows and shoves CM back, taking him off balance. Williams then throws a running, leaping elbow to his head, sending Punk into the barricade. He recovers quickly but Doug baseball slides him back out. The next time Punk runs and leaps to the aproan to surprise Doug, flipping over the ropes into a hurricanrana pin! 1-2-Doug gets his hand on the rope!

CM backs off and starts throwing kicks to the neck of Doug, who catches one and pulls his leg out from under him, then drops a knee on Punk's arm, but Punk recovers and kicks out his leg. He tries an elbow drop but Doug wraps his arms around the falling arm and goes to a hammerlock. CM works up to his knees and lunges forward towards the ropes, knocking the referee down in the process. As the ref scrambles to get his bearings, knocked on his back, CM throws his foot back- into Doug's crotch in a painful low-blow kick. What a cheat.This stuns Doug enough for CM to break the hold. He tries a Stunner but Doug shoves him into the turnbuckle. Doug Williams rushes, but CM drops to the mat, pulling the turnbuckle cover off with him! Doug adjusts the approach of his jumping clothesline to miss it, and ends up catching himself on the ropes, almost getting tossed outside. He pauses to regain his balance and CM rolls him up. The ref recovers as Punk puts his feet on the ropes for a 1-2-kickout!

How did he do that? All that punishment, and a dirty pin? Yet he still breaks out. Doug Williams has got some heart, all right. He rushes Punk with an elbow but Punk ducks it and slips around back for a Flashback. CM Punk goes to the top rope for something, but Doug is close enough to the ropes to get one leg up to the top rope from his prone position pulling it down and sending CM Punk gonads-first into the turnbuckle. Payback. Williams recovers and goes up to the top rope for a Superplex but Punk blocks it and hammers his neck, sending him to his knees in front of the turnbuckle. CM goes for an Over-Castle but Doug side-steps it and flips back over to the ground onto his arm with an armbreaker(sort of a one-armed version of a reverse STO!) Doug rolls him over for a 1-2-kickout.

Doug drags him up into a single-underhook suplex but CM flips through it and locks his arm around William's neck into a Baba Neckbreaker CM Punk gets cocky and does his own version of Rock's "get up" routine. Williams rises and is dragged back down to the mat by his hair. Punk tells the crowd to shut up and gets shut up as Williams rises and gets under CM Punk, lifting him into an Electric Chair! CM punches him a few times, trying to get out of it, but Williams weathers the blows. So he decides to fight dirty, yanking Williams hair back and taking him down to the mat, while getting his legs out from Doug's arms and back onto terra-ringa, in a brutal hair-drag takedown. The ref warns CM about the hair by mock pulling his- a wonderful service for all the deaf wrestling fans out there. WWF- Our fans are our priority.

CM drags Doug up for another Flashback but Doug breaks out of the hold around his neck and throws CM over his shoulder, to the mat. Doug now does the "get up" routine and CM does, about halfway, before rolling under the ropes to the outside. He gets even more dick points by slapping Dougs leg before tip-toeing away. Doug is pissed, but doesn't go outside of the ring. He waits for CM to come for him, and CM does, climbing up the aproan. Doug retaliates quickly, trying a flying cross chop, but CM ducks and he flies onto the aproan, next to CM, who slaps his head a few times and drags him too his knees. That's about as far as CM drags him, as Doug pulls out his legs from under him and catapaults him face-first into the turnbuckle! CM ricochets back to him, where Doug promptly does a nice little spot, hooking a back drop on Punk with one arm while pulling the top rope down with the other, then backdropping Punk back into the ring over the lowered ropes. Williams then scales the turnbuckle, waiting for Punk to rise. He does, and promptly rolls between the legs of the ref and uses him as cover, stopping Williams while he thinks of something to do. The ref gets what he's doing and runs out of the way, but it's too late as Punk has gotten an idea, and leaps to the ropes next to Williams, hanging onto the top one and bringing it down, and Williams too- right on the jewels. CM then pulls himself on top of the top rope that he's hanging onto, then runs across it(almost losing his balance at one point) before leaping and taking Doug to the mat with a jumping top-rope Fameasser! Punk drags him away from the ropes and covers. 1-2-2 3/4 kickout!

CM argues with the ref, screaming "What was that? Do you have referitis numeritis or something? Or are you just stupid, and can't get to 3?" Williams is less talkative, layed out on the mat. He stumbles up and rests on the exposed turnbuckle, maybe playing possum. If he was it was rather clever. CM turns around and goes for a Stinger Splash, but Doug ducks and he goes chest first into the exposed turnbuckle! Doug spins around to Punk's back and locks in the Excruciating Effect(a hammerlock, then he lifts him up and keeps him there then back drops him) and hits the backdrop. Doug rolls back into a pin and it's 1-2-CM Punk swings the leg that's not being cradled under Doug's groin and KICKS OUT driving it in there! Doug recoils, holding the affected area while CM Punk recovers and hits him with a kip-up Stunner! He then keeps the neckhold and kicks out William's leg and wrenches it. Doug fights it to his feet, then strips the hands around his neck away and down into an armdrag-bar.

CM bears it for a bit then headbutts Doug in the chest, before rolling back and catching Doug in a headscissor, then rolls over and tightens the hold around Doug's neck. Williams breaks out of it almost immediately, rolling over his shoulder and pinning down Punk's shoulders to the mat in a cradle. 1-2-CM holds it- 2 3/4 kickout. CM puts his shoulder up and leans back, Doug goes with the momentum and flips him over into a siting position, then locks his leg around the arm and leans back into an armbar. CM rolls back through it and breaks the hold with his other arm, into a sleeper, Doug rolls to his side and up to his feet then breaks it and arm-wrings Punk, who flips forward into a sort of standing bridge, CM backflips into a headlock which Doug shoves him out of, to the ropes. CM leapfrogs over Dougs backbody drop and comes back with a double axe handle, which Doug counters by dropping to the mat. He hurts his neck doing this, and Cm pounces, kicking and stomping on it. CM drags Doug up, but Doug catches him with a knee to the stomach. Doug is in close, and CM's vulnerable.

Prime time. He throws 2 more knees and a few elbows before knocking CM to his knees with a spinning back fist. Doug tries to throw a kick to CM's head but it's caught and he's spun around 360 into an STO for 1-2-2 3/4 Kickout! CM argues with the ref, distracting him while he grinds his boot in Doug's eye. Cheap. Doug pulls his leg out from under him and drags him up into a German Suplex! He rolls back and hits him with another. And for the 3rd he hooks both arms behind CM's head and hits him with a Dragon Suplex, but the pin is stopped as CM's foot is on the ropes. Doug lifts him up and gets spurned as Punk throws a backfist into his gut, then irish whips him to the ropes and catches him with a Bossman Slam! Or would catch him with it if Doug didn't pound him in the head and make him let go. Doug then grabs him for a Russian Leg Sweep but CM reaches around his neck and drives his fingers into a pressure point, wresting his head away and hitting him with a backdrop into a spinning powerbomb for a 1-2-2 3/4 Kickout!

How does Doug Williams do this? CM lifts him up for the Pepsi Plunge but Doug gets out of it and kicks him in the gut, trying for a double underhook DDT. CM grabs both his arms and backbody drops him, then flips back to his feet. Punk lifts him up in a Powerbomb but Doug pounds him in the head and CM drops to his back, Doug riding him down the way. Williams goes to the top rope and misses a huge elbow drop! CM goes up too, but Doug rises and catches him with an elbow to the gut, then scales up the turnbuckle for a Fishermans Suplex. CM blocks it though and catches Williams with a European Uppercut. He then turns around and gets ready for a Slice Bread #2, but Williams blocks and pounds on his neck, then wrings CM Punk's arm, then slams the arm down onto the top ring-step! Doug Williams signals for his finisher- the Triple Armbreaker Into An Armbar as the crowd cheers!

#2 armbreaker works, as CM futily trys a kick to the thigh to stem the tide against him. Doug Williams goes with #3, wringing CM Punk's arm but Punk then pushes all of his momentum towards Williams in a vicious roundhouse to his gut! CM holds onto the steps to regain his balance and on top of the 3rd step, jumps towards the aching Williams with a forward dropkick, sending Williams off the top turnbuckle and crushing the ref with his weight! CM Punk goes with his momentum, moonsault back onto the concrete, but he catches his arm on the 2nd step on the way down! Both Punk and Williams are down, along with the ref and they struggle to raise themselves up. Finally CM gets to his feet as Doug gets to his knees and runs up the steps, leaps to the top turnbuckle, then jumps off with a Flying Spear! Doug side-steps it and jumps up, driving both knees into CM's hurt arm and riding it to the mat in a painful move!

Doug Williams locks in an armbar but gets the fact that the ref can't see the tap, and tap is what CM Punk does. Doug Williams drags Punk up and brings both of them to the top turnbuckle, signaling for his finisher again! #1! #2! #3 works but spells one of the combatants doom as CM pulls does hair as he goes down to the steps, wrenching Doug's neck down with him. As Doug clutches his neck CM recovers, and Dropsaults Doug in the groin! CM Punk then runs back up the steps with a jumping eye rake to Doug Williams. He follows it up, as the ref rises, by kicking Doug in the groin again and grabbing one of the hunched over Doug Williams arms in an underhook and then jumping off the top rope, spinning in the air to bring them away from the turnbuckle, while spinning Doug Williams over into a BRUTAL reverse DDT spiked with the single underhook, right onto his neck! CM then drags William's KOed self up to the top turnbuckle and brings him back down to the mat with a thunderous Pepsi Plunge! CM Punk rolls Doug Williams over and covers him, using the ropes for even more overkill to pin him for the 1-2-3.

Match Result- CM Punk defeats Doug Williams via. pinfall after Pespi Plunge and rope assist to the pin in his debut match.

Hopefully that looks and reads much better or maybe I'm just awful at formats. It's more skimable now, though it's not really a diary meant to be skimmed, at all. In fact, I would hate my diary. I like to skim my diaries. :) That's pretty funny. But this is how I like to write and I think using the bolds, italics and underlines makes it better. If this gets a positive response(or probably even if it doesn't) I'll continue tweaking the format, using some more color. Yet, everything is probably going to be REALLY long. That's just how I write. I can sit down for half an hour and just type out one match and get something as big as what I just posted. Some people can't. Some people can and don't like writing this way. Whatever. This is how I write and I'm trying to improve my diary to make it something better.

Thanks for the kindness in your replies, everyone.

:) everyone.

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

Nefarious, WHA? Hopefully you're as sarcastic as the guy in your avatar is. Wait- I'm hoping people don't like my diary? Weird. I've always been said to be self-defeating and have self-destroying tendencies.

Coming up next- an interview or an angle maybe, to work out format on those. Maybe a card. Whatever I feel like.

:) everybody.

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

Well, if I'm teasing you, it's not really intentional. It's just meant to sort of set up the vibe and style of my writing style and where the WWF is in this diary. Yeesh, lots of donators posting here. I've got a card- CM Punk's debut, by the way from a few months back game time. That might service. I actually booked and wrote out a whole card with good format a few years ago. I lost it, of course. AH! Actually, looking in EWR I have Wrestlemania X8, even though I don't remember what happened apart from what EWR is telling me happened with that card. Though it seems solid enough. It has a nice combo of angle, matches and interview and would help further hone my format and style. So, the answer is- there is a chance of a full show, now that I know someone wants that. I'll be working on X8 while responding to any replies here.

Oh, and lots of unrealistic signings are involved in the show. AJ Styles for one. Practically the second most important character in the whole dang thing. X8 is only about two weeks pre Shatterpoint, though those two weeks changed a lot of the WWF's landscape because the real life time period between booking X8 and Shatterpoint was more like a year. So X8 it is.

Thanks for the kind replies.

:) everyone.

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This won't be a "kind reply" because I don't work that way. I'm blunt and you can't dazzle me with your 178,127 word essays full of BS like you have the others.

Now I shall preface this by saying that any diary that opens with

yes, I know my backstory is rather poor(with rather bad spelling and formating also)

pisses me off right from the start. You know your writing is shitty, yet you expect me to ignore it and read anyways? Why? Because you couldn't take the time to use a fucking spellchecker (it's formatting btw) and learn how to write proper paragraphs and puncuate properly I need to wade through this shit and just understand? Again, why? Why should I put anymore time into this than you have? Always put your best foot forward. Always. If you don't, well, you wind up looking like a moron. If that was your intention, if you entire EWB gimmicked persona is that of a complete fucking idiot, then congrats, because you have succeeded in getting it over both in this diary and in every other thread you post in.

With that out of the way, I'm almost tempted to give you actual constructive criticism. Almost. What's going to stop me is that

1. Kaney already did it,

2. I don't think you'll really listen,


3. I still can't be bothered to put anymore time into this than you did.

Now don't me wrong, I don't want you to quit. Please, by all means continue to post your diary and to learn as you go. We've all done it. We've all had our first diary that was akin to shit and some poor sap actually read it and liked it, so you will garner a following and some fans. (Just ask the guy who thinks "hogan's getting dull". Hell, he's still going.) I wish you good luck, and I hope you do get better, I just won't be here to find out, I've already had my intelligence insulted enough by trying to read this shit.

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

Wow. TGC. Ok, let's go with this-

Thanks for just telling me right away. I appreciate the bluntness. Plus, I write in length. Plus, I wonder how I am full of BS? I know I'm telling the truth and that's enough for me.

Well, that's blunt. And yeah, I hate my diary too. I wouldn't read my diary in a million fucking years. Yet I am writing it. Because it's fun. That's just it. Why else do it? Approval? To make TGC happy? Please, come on. I'm not playing games here. Oh, besides EWR. I'm writing this and will keep writing this until I don't enjoy it, because it is fun.

I don't have a "gimmicked persona." This isn't a joke account or something. If people think of me as stupid, as you obviously seem to do, or you seem to think my "gimmicked persona" is then so be it. I come to EWB for fun. I find this place fun. Not to build up a "rep" or some bullshit like that.

I tried to put my best foot forward. Failed. Acknowledged that. Moved on. Took me about ten seconds. Why? Because I'm having fun writing this diary. Rather easy to take stuff like massive failure and writing utter shit when you're having fun. I proclaim proudly- MY DIARY IS SHIT! Maybe I'll put that in my siggy...

And to think that you would put as much time into this as I have- that's a rather humorous statement to me. It takes me a long time and a bunch of effort to write this stuff. It's fucking long, as you've noticed. To even see you post in this diary is rather nice- it shows me you at least looked around for a bit before giving me a blunt reply. Who else gets their first diary read by TGC? I'm honored. Take that however you want.

Thanks for the encouragement to keep going on with this. It helps, though it's not like it is making or breaking my heart to hear what TGC says. Or Kaney, or Be, Ellis or Bob4582whatever.

I don't really want a following, or fans. Anyone who does is a dick and not writing an EWR diary on the interwebs for the only worthwhile reason- to have fun with an old freeware game. If people read it and like it- I'll be moderately happy but it's not a requirement to my continuation.

And, I'm replying to you and everyone else with my "178,127 word essays full of BS" as you so perfectly put it because I actually like people around EWB. For example, I like you. Like and respect you. Take that as BS or whatever you want. The people around here seem nice, even though I've only been here a short period.

So far, I haven't really have anyone say they actually liked what I wrote. Yet, I'm typing up WrestleMania X8 right now, my first full card. Why? Because it's fun.

Oh, and to the "poor sap" out there, the hypothetical, most likely non-existent person who actually enjoys a diary meant to be fun for the writer, an experiment, nothing more- TGC told you that this diary is shit. If that persuades you not to like it, then so be it.

Thanks, TGC. You actually were rather nice in that last paragraph about keeping on with this diary.

Then again, TGC explicitly stated that isn't reading this. So I spent the few minutes I spent typing up a reply to his post while listening to The Clash for naught. But it was fun. Why else do it?

:) everyone. Just :)

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Well at least you didn't write 498 paragraphs apologizing and telling us all why you suck. Of course, you also didn't take the time to deal with anything I said. More lengthy BS that seems like you know what you're talking about because the rest of us got too fucking bored to read it all.

Yeah, you're not gimmick posting at all, sir.

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How old are you? Have you been to college? If so, you must not have passed any ENC course because if that is how you write your professors would be bored to tears and wouldn't be afraid to tell you over and over again.. as the others in this thread have been doing.

In conclusion, instead of failing at college you fail at EWB.

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

God, what the fuck am I supposed to say? You said I had a gimmicked persona. I said no. Obviously didn't convince you. How would I convince you?

You said you couldn't be bothered to post constructive criticism for 3 reasons and outlined them. I agreed that you had 3 legitimate reasons to not post constructive criticism.

Oh, and as far as not listening to you- wha? I've responded in depth to everything you've said. Obviously in the wrong way but at least I've tried to appease you.

You said to continue this, even though you wouldn't be reading. I said yes, and thanked you for taking time out of your day to post.

You diss me for writing lots of paragraphs apologizing and telling you why I suck. Well, I did that. Why? Because people said that I sucked, I agreed. I apologized, and continue to, for writing something that sucks and taking the time of said people.

Obviously, I'm missing something.

You refuse to give me constructive criticism and say you aren't going to read yet when I respond to all your points in a kind manner, you say I'm gimmick posting and that I also didn't take any time to deal with any of the things you said.

I just don't know what to do here. If you mean that I address your points about how awful my diary is by editing my old posts- I'm not going to do that. I'm trying to progress forward on this. If you mean that I address your points about how awful my diary is by making it better- I'm trying to. As I noted, I'm writing a card that I'm about 1/3 of the way through with better format and such. Taking the constructive criticism given to me and addressing it. If you mean addressing your points through stating my intentions to change said diary into something better- I've done that. I even listed a format to be used, which I'm working towards at this point.

Though I'm appreciative of your continued readership.

Oh, and again, I write lengthy responses and posts. So? Is there something wrong with that? To try and take my time to address the concerns of people who post in my diary's thread? Well, if that's wrong, I don't know what to do. That is just how I write.

Please, this is an interweb diary. I have fun making my interweb diary. I'm not having fun responding to your comments though I'm doing it out of respect to you.

It's right in my posts that you say you won't read because they are too long and shitty-

Just tell me, straight up, what I'm doing wrong. I have no need for any BS. I just want to write my EWR interweb diary.

Here- in short words-

State your points and I will address them. If you just say my diary sucks and that you can't be bothered to give constructive advice I say good for you, I wouldn't if I was replying to my diary. Yet I'm not, I'm writing my diary.

What am I supposed to say? I just want to write my EWR diary. Not to draw the ire of a nice person like TGC, who seems to be rather sincere in trying to discourage any gimmick posting or BS that you obviously think I'm perpetrating upon this topic and by extension this board.

I fail to see what I've done wrong that I haven't already acknowledged and apologized for, while trying to correct those wrongs.

Again, no matter what ire of yours it draws, no matter whether you think it's a gimmick post or BS or whatever words you want to use-

I mean no harm. I am not joking. Just trying to write an EWR diary. I'd prefer if it was good and are thus listening to and responding to people who know about such things such as you, TGC, Kaney, Ellis, etc. I'm taking said responses to my writings seriously, listening to them and incorporating them into the next part of my diary.

Sorry to anyone I have hurt, offended, wasted the time of, or anything else.

God, just someone tell me how to make this situation better. I sure don't know how. Maybe I am that stupid.

:) everyone, in spite of me and whatever harm I've done to your brain cells.

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