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Elvis Presley

Captain Kirk

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Anyone remember the whole "Sky Diving Elvis" thing last year, where a guy's parachute didn't open and he got paralysed or some shit. Hands down my favourite Elvis related story. What was even better was that for some unknown reason one of the national tabloids (The Mirror I believe) reported it as being an Elvis impersonator from my area, who my brother was one time friendly with his son. Turns out that was a pile of bollocks, and the guys just shared the same first name. What the guy would be doing in America as a sky-diving Elvis platoon I have no idea. :shifty: Further proof that the Daily Mirror fucking sucks.

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I like Elvis quite a bit myself, his music is a lot of fun. He's not my favorite rock and roll icon of the 1950s, but I can always enjoy listening to his music. My favorite songs are Blue Suede Shoes, Don't Be Cruel, and Jailhouse Rock. Sort of his trendier songs, but they rock out like nothing else.

One of my favorite stories about him is actually in the form of an MP3 I have laying around. It's him singing "Are you lonesome tonight?" in the twighlight of his career. During the song he's obviously doped up on some sort of drug, and eventually begins laughing during the song. He gets to a point where can barely sing due to the fact that he is laughing so hard. It always give me a laugh.

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I like Elvis, but prefer Jerry Lee Lewis, admittedly. The thing with Elvis...I love the real early stuff, because his voice was just incredibly raw and powerful, and I love Vegas Elvis, towards the end of his career, but a lot of the in-between doesn't interest me, and a lot of his stuff is so close to self-parody, mostly just because of the influx of impersonators since his death.

That said...I think my favourite songs by him are Heartbreak Hotel, In The Ghetto, Can't Help Falling In Love, You Were Always On My Mind and his version of Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Oh, and I once read somewhere that shortly before he died, Elvis was working on getting in shape to work a charity match with Jerry Lawler...can anyone confirm, deny, or have any knowledge of this?

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Are You Lonesome Tonight

Suspicious Minds

Viva Las Vegas

In The Ghetto

Jailhouse Rock

You Were Always On My Mind

Little Egypt (forget which movie that's from, though)

Teddy Bear

Thing is, I've never really heard a bad Elvis song, and that's a rarity indeed, considering he sang not only rock and roll, but also gospel and country.

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I've never really been compelled to listen to much Elvis beyond what I've heard on radio, TV, film etc. But there is no denying the man had one hell of a voice and the songs were catchy.

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I enjoy Elvis quite a bit. I'm not as big of fan of his as I am of, say, Johnny Cash, but I still appreciate the man's work (chiefly "Suspicious Minds," "Burning Love," and "You Were Always On My Mind"). As for my favorite tidbit, it is a known fact that Elvis's favorite Elvis impersonator was Andy Kaufman.

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