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New Wrestling Sim

Jester of Death

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I still don't understand how a game suddenly improves the second it becomes free. Yeah, this is what a lot of people on that board seem to think.

I noticed a guy on there called "The Kraig" who is bitching about TEW too...

Surely, not ours? IIRC, Kraigles paid the $35 for TEW, why would he be bitching about it? It wouldn't make sense.

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It's called Commercial Friendly Wrestling, and the boards were started as a giant "Fuck You!" to Adam Ryland.  I think Jonny D has the ad for it in his sig, with "this is the sig that got me banned from .400", or something equally sad in it.

The boards were not started as a giant "Fuck you" yo Adam Ryland, they were made long before people started disliking .400. People just started going to those boards as a way to get away from .400, after that board began to piss a number of long standing members off. And the "sad" comment in the sig is the truth, they said they didn't want advertising for a rival product on their site.

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When I posted this I said to myself "this looks interesting, I'll give it a try when it is released". But then i started browsing the boards and they were very angry for buying TEW, and praising this as if wrestling sims were gods

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