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Pokémon NetBattles Thread

The Kraig

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Welcome. Are you ready to enter the colosseum against the greatest EWB has to offer?

I thought you might.

Some of you may, or may not know of NetBattle, a pokemon battle simlulation program, which can allow people from all over the world to battle together.

Go here for more and the download: http://www.tvsian.com/netbattle/

With this, you can create a team, choosing from any pokemon ever, to be in your team. Items can also be allocated for in battle usage. Once you know your way around the program and understand how it works...EXTREME BATTLEGROUND TOURNAMENT TIME~!

I have thought of different tournaments and titles we could have and their stipulations:

Level Stipulations:

EWB Runt Cup - L10 Pokemon only.

EWB Honour Cup - L30 Pokemon Only.

EWB Glory Cup - L50 Pokemon Only.

EWB Supreme Cup - L70 Pokemon Only.

EWB Master Cup - Anything Goes.

Item Stipulations:

EWB Straight Edge Cup - Anything Goes, No Items Allowed.

2-on-2 Stipulations:

EWB Tornado Cup - Anything Goes, 2 vs 2.

Pokemon Type Stipulations:

EWB Demolition Cup - Rock Type Only.

EWB Shockwave Cup - Electric Type Only.

EWB Shadow Cup - Ghost Type Only.

EWB Flower Cup - Grass Types Only.

EWB Beastie Cup - Bug Type Only.

EWB Control Cup - Psychic Type Only.

EWB Fireball Cup - Fire Type Only.

EWB Marine Cup - Water Type Only.

EWB Metal Cup - Steel Type Only.

EWB Blizzard Cup - Ice Type Only.

EWB Legendary Cup - Dragon Type Only.

EWB Black Cup - Dark Type Only.

EWB Crystal Cup - Normal Type Only.

EWB Mixed Martial Arts Cup - Fighting Type Only.

EWB Corrosive Cup - Poison Type Only.

EWB Earth Cup - Ground Type Only.

EWB Airborne Cup - Flying Type Only.

EWB Title Belts:

EWB World Heavyweight Championship - Anything Goes.

EWB Tag Team Championship - 2 vs 2 battles only.

EWB Austramericanadico Championship - North American & Australasian Trainers Only, L50 Pokemon Only.

EWB Eurasian Championship - European & Asian Trainers Only, L50 Pokemon Only.

EWB International Heavyweight Championship - L50 Pokemon Only.

EWB Hardcore Championship - L20 Pokemon Only.

What d'ya think? I'm sure I'll think of more with a little help...once there's enough people willing to play, we can get the first brackets up.

And yes...perhaps Austramericanadico is a bit too much. Suggest a better name.

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I'm actually waiting for some blinds to arrive, so I used my time to think up stuff to entertain you, and myself with. <_<

How will they find you? Shouldn't you be going out to get them? They might walk off a cliff or something. :o

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So unfunny. I mean blinds. :P

Did I mention no legendaries? (¬_¬)

Meh, I'll probably add a cup or a belt for non-legendaries only. And my legendaries I mean:































I'll probably allow one starter evolution though, but only if you actually had/have one. Makes it fairer. And there are WAY too many legendaries. :ohwell: I should make a legendaries ONLY tournament too~! (¬_¬)

I'm thinking of adding R/B/Y only, G/S/C only and R/S only pokemon tournaments. Good? Bad? Too many different tournaments?

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It is done!

Well, finally someone's actually said they're in for a tournament, I'll start the brackets. Placement in the brackets will be randomly selected so the person who signs up next, will not necesarrily be facing Keith, or myself. A random sequence generator will be used.

The EWB Kanto Tournament:


Any pokemon featured in the Kanto game series (Red, Blue or Yellow) may be entered as part of a 6-pokemon team excluding Mewtwo, Mew, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno which are considered 'legendary'.

Pokemon will be L100 to keep it somewhat even.

One starter evolution is allowed: Venusaur, Charizard or Blastoise. Not two or three of them, etc.

Battles will be the traditional 1 vs 1 style.

No double pokemon; all six pokemon must be different.

Win by fainting all of the opponent's pokemon.

Items are allowed.



2. thuganomic


3. ADGray

4. The Kraig


5. Kaneanite

6. Iwc





More places will be added if there's more than 8 wanting to battle, however the brackets will be redone if that is the case.

Strategy is the key, sign up now. :thumbsup:

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*signs up*

Should we post our team here or can we keep them hidden till the fight?

Secret. I don't want people thinking up pre-meditated strategies, that would be unfair.

And besides, that ruins the fun of it all if you know you're going to get thrashed before ti happens. :P

But after round one you must post which pokemon were used. So you can't go switching anything around for the next round. :P

Edited by The Kraig
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It seems the final brackets stand at:


1. Michael Matzat

2. thuganomic


3. ADGray

4. The Kraig


5. Kaneanite

6. Iwc


7. Xand

8. Komodo 3000


It is up to you to schedule the battle with your opponent via PM (or MSN, etc). If a battle is not done within a week, substitutes will take place so people can still sign up as subs and if not used will be guaranteed a place in the next tournament.

Let the games begin~!

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Thug, don't forget the rest of your team I took out. You used two pokemon to destroy my team, but I got rid off a few of yours.

*tries to not seem incompetent*

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