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What to do with my steam coupon


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The thread title really.

I got a Steam Coupon which gives me 50% off on all games before 2 january.

I have no idea what game to buy with it though, I want to get a fun online capable game (not really a shooter). Which is still popular.

I have looked around steam and I don't really see anything that piques my fancy, so I am wondering if anyone here knows a good underappreciated game with multiplayer capabilities?

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Ryan has yet sent me any info about it, so he maybe hates me secretly! If so, maybe he'll give it to you!

I hope not though, I'd really like some money off to convince me to buy Serious Sam. It looks crazy fun.

Oh I don't even have steam, I just wanted to get all uppity and make much ado about nothing. So yeah, hey man, you good? :shifty:

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Yeah definately not misread. Worded horribly.

I got a Steam Coupon which gives me 50% off on all games before 2 january

I never got why the english use comma so rarly... in german we would do it like this.

I got a Steam Coupon, which gives me 50% off on all games, before 2 january.

Still easy to missunderstand, but in writing it would have been ok because you mark that you merged two sentences like.

I got a Steam Coupon before 2 january. I gives me 50% off on all games.

Now someone correct my spelling on this one. :shifty:

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Rarely has an e in it, you should put the word "the" before you put the word comma, Germany should be capitalized, your first sentence should probably end with a semicolon, as should your second.

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So yeah, aside from the coupon sharing and Grammar Nazi'ing, does anybody have some games I could get with this coupon that are worth getting.

Again, preferably with strong multiplayer.

Like I say, I've heard a lot of great stuff about Serious Sam. Supposed to be an old school shooter that's challenging but fun. Other than that, I don't know what to say. We don't know what kind of game you're looking for, what you've already played, what you like... it's way too wide a question.

If you're looking for something kind of cheap, maybe an indie title, http://www.youtube.com/user/TotalHalibut is fantastic for stuff like this.

Another one I'd suggest is Section 8: Prejudice, but that's only like... £10 without any deals, so it'd probably be a waste of a coupon at so low a price.

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There should be plenty, the but prittymuch everything will likely be more expensive than it was during the chrismass sale. (for example, you could get Portal 2 for 15€, i got it for 7,50)

So you might just be better of if you wait for the next big sale (or try to use it with steams daily deals, that might work) unless there is a game you want to buy anyway.

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I'm new to Steam, when do they usually do sales? Is it random outside of Christmas and Summer? Or are there none? I got my new graphics card and Steam just after spending all my money on Christmas gifts, so I barely got to enjoy the Christmas Deals! (Though I'm pretty happy with what I managed to get... except for missing out on The Witcher 2 being cheap.)

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