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Rollercoaster Tycoon


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Just got the second one off gog.com, already completed the first senario (The one where you have to get £1,000 a month in ride ticket sales, easy enough, take out loan, build two whacking great rollercoasters and take out advertising for the park, job done).

:wub: this game. Anyone else?

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I love RCT, the first two are the best by a mile although I recently loaded up the third for a whirl and quite enjoyed it, way more than I remembered when it came out.

Who didn't enjoy making a rollercoaster that killed everyone on it, too? :shifty:

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PSN also has the original Theme Park on there, for reasons outside my memory I've still not got Theme Hospital....

Whist I love Theme Hospital, I was never a big fan of Theme Park, always prefered Rollercoaster Tycoon. I think the negociations always pissed me off, damn labour unions <_<

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