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Posting sign-ups now and when the EWBFL Superbowl is over I'll start it up and we'll get things going.



All-Pro, 8 minute quarters

CPU Trading NOT-Allowed

One Week Game Deadline

Transaction Rules

Free Agents: Since free agents will immediately sign with anyone who picks them up from player management, we're going to try and introduce an element of fairness. If you want a free agent, PM me Subject: FA Request), and if I field no other requests by the time the current game week rolls over, you'll be granted permission to pick them up. One request per week (barring injury crisis).

Trades: You are free to work out trades with other human-controlled teams, but I would appreciate a heads-up before you go through with the trade. All CPU trades must be posted in this thread and will be approved by the league and myself. Basically, don't try and think you're going to pull one over on us.


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants - sarcasmDEAD (DYSI)

Philadelphia Eagles - Dxfan55 (Dxfan555)

Washington Redskins

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals - Danhufc (Dan)

San Francisco 49ers - intothemyst (mystikz)

Seattle Seahawks - Lord Rataxes (Drags)

St. Louis Rams


Online Franchise Site


Only putting up two divisions but these two divisions play each other this season so it'll create more USER games. Pick a team and once we get a full league (or enough sign-ups) I'll create the league and begin the random fantasy draft.

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Didn't get a chance to check anyones roster except mine and jesus is my offense lackluster... Jason Campbell, Brandon Jacobs, Laurent Robinson, and Kellen Davis are my "weapons". Although Tuck, Dumervill, and Von Miller aren't bad pass rushers.

If anyone wants to feel bad for me and give me a half decent offensive player I'd be thankful. <_<

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