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Blue Peter lasses

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Bear with me in this.

I'm watching the gymnastics at the Olympics and Matt Baker is in the commentary team. Initially I thought "Matt Baker? That bloke who used to be on Blue Peter and now does Countryfile...What does he know about gymnastics?"

Wikipedia would me that he was a British Junior gymnast. So there you go.

Anyway, with the love of the fairer sex seemingly always lurking only a few seconds away, this led me to think of the female presenters and then thought "ahhh EWB, we love a good lady-related thread".

So, here are some pictures of lady Blue Peter presenters. Any personal favourites?

For non-Brits or those who don't know what I'm talking about, Blue Peter is a long-running kids TV show that shows you how to cook stuff, make stuff, shows you about other countries and runs charity appeals to collect milk bottle tops to get free guidedogs for blind kids and stuff....

I'm not gonna go further back than the early 80s. The earliest I remember is Sarah Greene so I'm starting there. Images are all from their time on Blue Peter.

Anyway, without further ado...

Sarah Greene


Janet Ellis


Caron Keating


Yvette Fielding


Diane-Louise Jordan


Anthea Turner


Katy Hill


Romana D'Annunzio


Konnie Huq


Liz Barker


Zoe Salmon


Helen Skelton


In other news, you realise you're old when a Blue Peter presenter looks so you....WAIT, Helen Skelton's 29?! :huh:

I have a soft spot for Katy Hill as she started when I was 14 and so her wonderfully huge breasts were splendid. Also she seemed secretly kinda dirty underneath an enforced cleanliness for kids TV. Konnie Huq of course but everyone with half a brain loves her. I also really liked Liz Barker on the few times I tuned in when lectures were finished at uni and after that when I was off work. Also Caron Keating was great back in the 80s. Looking back now, she wasn't half bad. I didn't realise she was dead until I did this list though. :(

I love Janet Ellis because she brought Sophie Ellis-Bextor into the world. :wub:

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I was thinking 'I don't think I've ever fancied a Blue Peter presenter' until I scrolled down and remembered my marginal Katy Hill obsession. And Konnie Huq, but I don't think I was watching Blue Peter at the time, I fancy 'Pissing with the Boys' Konnie Huq. :shifty:

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