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Survivor All-Stars Winner


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For all who missed it...

Well yet again, Rupert failed to win for me again. But atleast Mariano didn't win-- wait, a Mariano did win... Amber Mariano. Yes, Rob proposed to cash in on the sweet million because he knew he didn't have a shot at all to win.

All and all the reunion was meh, and the surprise was that all the viewers get a vote o who they would like to win a million bucks (out of the All-Stars) and this Thursday they'll announce the winner live.


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I am pretty sure Rupert will win the millon he is such a fan favorite. It is also funny how everyone looks alot different then they did on the show other then Rupert who looks to be wearing the exact same clothes. I though Rob took all the bullets and that is the reason Amber won even though Rob may have played a better game. Also a question does secound place still get $200000 if so that is going to be a pretty rich couple.

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Rob and Ambuh both fucking rock, end of story.

Ethan is lucky as fuck to be with... that other Jenna.

Sue is still fucking hideous.

Rupert is almost guarunteed to have himself a new car.

Lex is a fucking hypocrite.

Jerri sucks.

Tom sucked for like, the first time ever.

Shii Ann did not suck one bit, for the first time ever. I was impressed.

That's about it.

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I thought it was a pretty good finale....but what crawled up Jerri's ass? If she has a problem with the show, don't do it A SECOND TIME. I mean she knew what she was getting herself into. And how about Richard finding love....awwww how....sweet....and....disgusting.

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Rupert is cool and all but he just didn't play the game as well as he should've.  My vote is going to Lex.

Lex was stupid to think that Mariano treated the whole thing as more than a game and deserved what he got. Rob deserved to win, hands down, as he was running the island. However, since he didn't get much, my vote goes to Rupert. It was a decent finale, and I think I might just watch some of the next season.

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And Lex did... :P

Yes, he had a whole plan but Rob screwed him good. He was the ring leader of Mogo Mogo. He was probably the only one that had a well thought out plan before the game had even started. Sure he should've voted Amber off but even if he had, he'd still be out due to how the immunity challenges went.

Rupert will win that million only cause people like him.

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Speaking of next season does anyone know where it is going to be?  Altough I like the All star edtion I like the regular edition more since it is all strangers who dont know each other which makes it more suspense full.


The rumour is that it will definitely take place in either Australia or Vanuatu, which is west (?) of Australia and near Fiji.


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I thought that was pretty funny what went down last night.  Everyone told me Jenna L. looked hot, but of course I didn't watch the reunion.  I just watched Amber and Rob get engaged.

Anyway, I'm voting Rupert... but Rob played the game the best.

The reunion was even better than the episode itself. I can't remember hostilities from within the game spill over into the after show before.

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