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Dennis Farina passes away, age 69.


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I hadn't seen the news item, but it's posted all along Google and here: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2013/07/22/actor-former-chicago-cop-dennis-farina-dies/

Fuck. And this isn't a fitting tribute, but he's the least embarrassing part of this trailer we saw during EWB TGIF this past Friday:



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By the way, there is a FANTASTIC career bio for him at the AV Club's site: http://www.avclub.com/articles/rip-dennis-farina,100551/

Highlights include how he became a major character actor and mentions of his past life as a detective where, among other things, he later acted alongside someone he arrested.

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True Story: Dennis Farina once gave me the finger.

When I was in high school HBO took over my hometown to shoot an adaptation of Empire Falls by Richard Russo and Dennis played the owner of the local gym. It was a pretty surreal couple of months where Paul Newman, a very cranky pregnant Helen Hunt, and Bill Fitchner were all wandering the halls of my highschool or the down town area. The school became Empire Falls High School, Somerset Sports and Fitness became Empire Fitness, etc... Hell, Ed Harris got an OUI leaving our hometown bar -- Bloomfields.

Anyways, one day I my friend Garrett and I were driving from soccer practice to the gym so we could do our follow up workout and there is an intersection where another road merges with where we were driving and a town car blew through the yield sign and almost hit us. I pointed to the yield sign, and said "THAT SAYS YIELD", and the grey haired gentleman driving the town car gave me the finger, pointed to it, and said, "THAT SAYS FUCK YOU," and then drove off the road to pass us.

Garrett and I started laughing at the whole thing and realized, holy shit Uncle Avi just gave us the finger.

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Sad to hear this,He was in a detective show set in las vegas(can't remember the name) that was one of my favorite growing up.RIP.

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