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Beyond: Two Souls


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So did anyone else pick this up? I was really excited for the latest game from the guys who made Heavy Rain, and for it to feature Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe was wonderful. I finished it this weekend and it was good...

... but it never really came together until the end, and even then I didn't feel like any actions but my final ones had any influence, unlike Heavy Rain where I almost felt like everything I was doing had an impact. Also, I chose to go with the homeless people for my final choice, but it annoyed me that I couldn't go with both the homeless and the love interest... I mean really, what was stopping her from having both?

Fun game, but a lot more flawed than Heavy Rain in terms of gameplay and story. Not really bothered if it gets the sequel it hinted at or not, but I'd probably play it if they did.

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I watched an LP of the game. And from what I have seen I must agree with your opinions.

It feels a lot less interactive then Heavy Rain, because in that game you could seriously mess shit up by having your kid die or one of the main characters die...
This game looks and seems to feel a lot more on-rails about it all, and none of the choices you make seem to have any effect on the story at hand. It's mostly just doing stuff to further the story, nothing more.

It's mostly just David Cage's vision you are playing. And whilst it's a beautiful game with some amazing graphics and a strong story to boot... it falls flat as a ''game'' and I for one wouldn't pay 60 bucks for it.

It looks phenomenal for the experience alone, but unlike Heavy Rain where there are like 40 something endings, this one is very light on all of that.

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I loved Heavy Rain because of how different the game could have become based on your decisions. This seems like a fun experience but one everyone will have in much the same way, with little variety. I'll probably be getting this as an Xmas present for my gf, so I'll play through it once she's done.

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I don´t know how much i have played by now, i guess about 1/4 to 1/2 of the game. I like it, sadly it again shows classic david cage weaknesses in terms of not being able to come up with own Storys (Steven Kings Carrie anyone?) but all in all it still feels interesting enought to see what happens next.

Willam Deffoes Face usualy is very rich when it comes to acting, you can feel a lot that this is "last gen" when you look at him, while Ellen Page looks fairly amazing which i guess comes with the fact that a young girl is just easier to create. All in all the look is pretty rat for PS3 even if i had a few framrate hickups.

As for the gameplay, i can see how people complain that this is more obvious linear, i had a few moments were i thought i could have had vastly different results at the end of this sceene but i don´t know if there would have been much impact to the whole game (i assume there will be different endings just like in Heavy Rain though)... but some of the stuff feels fun enough even as "just" a quicktime event (like, mild spoilers, the Training and how you use it in real life). I am eager to see what direction this ends up going in Branch wise, Heavy Rain - as a detective story, obviously offers a lot more opportunities to be something like a modern point and click game inbetween. I also wonder were the gerneral Story might end up, even with Heavy Rain being a big improvement over the cliff Fahrenheit fell of it still would not have stand as a good movie if it just had been a movie - but who knows, maybe the improvement in these terms has been as wast as it has been between their last two games.

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