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Vacation Comp. CD


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Okay, so in 2 weeks I'm going to Florida on a cruise ( :rolleyes: ). So the plan is we're driving to Florida. I don't know how long that'll take, but we have to be there within a day, so no stops or anything. So I'm making 2 Comp. CDs. One is Metal/Rock, the other is Rap/Hip Hop/R&B.

I need some suggestions for both genres. Please, for the rap genre, no 50 Cent or Lil Jon bullshit that talks about hoes and is really mindless tripe. Same for metal/rock, really. Maybe underground stuff. Oh, and if you're going to suggest numerous songs for one artist, limit it to 3 songs, please.

So far for the Metal/Rock CD I have:

Danzig - Twist Of Cain

Danzig - Mother (Live)

Danzig - Thirteen

Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia

Dead Kennedys - Stars & Stripes Of Corruption

Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles

Dresden Dolls - Girl Anachronism

Dresden Dolls - Missed Me

Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy (Live)

Gorgoroth - Incipit Satan

Gorgoroth - Open The Gates

And for the Rap/Hip Hop/R&B side:

2pac - Changes

2pac - Life Goes On

2pac ft. Nas - Thugz Mansion (Acoustic)

Beastie Boys - So Watcha Want?

Beastie Boys - 3 The Hard Way

Beastie Boys - Hey, Fuck You

Eminem - Bad Influence

Eminem - I Just Don't Give A Fuck

Eminem - Nail In The Coffin

Kayne West - All Falls Down

Kayne West ft. Ma$e - Jesus Walks (Remix)

Kayne West - Through The Wire

Ma$e - Welcome Back

Ma$e - Breath, Stretch, Shake

Twista ft. Kayne West, Jamie Foxx - Slow Jamz

Twista ft. Kayne West - Overnight Celebrity

Okay, so that's all I have so far. Keep in mind I'm going to be using the 'Data' option, so I can fit up to a 100 songs on one CD. So, any suggestions? :shifty:

Oh, and Kou and/or Squancho, no Tom Waits. :P

EDIT: How could I forget my beloved Gorgoroth?! -_-

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for the rap CD:

Immortal Technique - Point of No Return

Jadakiss - Welcome to D-Block

Jay-Z - The Bounce

Obie Trice - The Set Up

Ghostface Killa - Run

I dunno if you'll like all those, but thats what I would suggest. :ohwell:

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Some good "rock" bands and songs..

Feederz - Destruction Unit, Burn Warehouse Burn, Stayfree

X- Beyond and Back, Nausea, We're Desperate

Reagan Youth - Jesus was a communist, Heavy Metal Shuffle, Urban Savages

Battalion of Saints - My Minds Disease, Hell's around the next corner, Fighting Boys

Husker Du - Something I learned today, Girl who lives on heaven hill, Pink Turns to Blue

Nomeansno - Madness and Death, Rags and Bones, Obsessed

A few different bands, but all excellent. Feederz would be a good fit on your CD alongside Dead Kennedys.

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Guest Angry Baboon


The Clash- "Rudie can't fail"

Libertines- "Time for Heroes"

Velvet Underground- "Sunday Morning"

Blur- "Trouble in the Message centre"

Rap/Hip Hop

Kid Koala- "Vacation Island"

Deltron 3030- "Memory Loss"

Dizzee Rascal- "Stop dat"

Aesop Rock- "Labor"

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You don't need to separate Hip-Hop and Rap, they aren't separate genres.


The Game, Kanye West, Ludacris - Whole City Behind Us

Tupac and Biggie - Hail Mary, Our Father (DJ Green Lantern mix)

Joe Budden - Whatever It Takes (forget what you may have heard by Joe, it's not 'mindless tripe')

Ty feat. Roots Manuva - Oh U Want More?

The Roots - Boom (if you've never heard Kool G Rap and/or Big Daddy Kane, skip this), Guns Are Drawn, Don't Say Nuthin'

You need some Canibus. Just get a bunch of freestyles, especially the 8 minute DJ Clue freestyle with Journalist, who is also crazy good.

Shyne - Diamonds & Mac-10's

If you want any of them and can't find them, lemme know.

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