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GTA V PC Thread


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It's available in Australia. I'm umming and ahhing about it. I've already got GTA V on two platforms, but I don't have it on a next-gen because I cbf getting an X-Box One or a PS4 at this stage.

I'll probably end up caving but we'll see.

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It's very pretty, even with my relatively old graphics card. I have no idea why but my dog and my boyfriend's dog have been sitting there watching us play (my dog normally pays no attention to television, I have my PC hooked up to a monitor and the tv).

Edit. Turned up my textures even though it said it would be above the bar thing, still running at 60 frames, lovely.

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Doing missions, races, stealing from shops, stealing cars & selling them. They all eventually add up. Also you get extra cash for doing online missions on hard.

It's a bit of a grind but the higher the level you get the better the missions will be to earn the big bucks. You could try joining other peoples heists too, I mean you won't be able to create your own but you should be able to join others.

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