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  1. The Rumble mod is especially fun because you can put as many edits as you want into it. I put 60 WCW edits into one and treated it like the World War 3 battle royal. There's also a roster organization one that will alphabetize every wrestler in your game instantly with a click of a button. For an organization freak like me, that was so great. However - Carlzilla posted a pretty important disclaimer that if you use mods with custom parts and moves, you might not be able to play the game once the DLC drops. He's pretty flippant in this but that's because he puts a ton of work into these mods, adds troubleshooting tips in all of his mod notes yet still gets 5 million questions that were already answered in the very first post.
  2. I'm going to carry on with PC mostly due to the insane amount of mods available, but I'll definitely be supporting further by getting the official New Japan DLC and the other packs.
  3. Poor kids. Could’ve seen deGrom, Syndergaard, or Wheeler but instead they’re stuck with Jason Vargas.
  4. ESPN and NFL analysts are trying to play damage control saying refs aren't used to the rule and are going to throw flags at anything close so they can review with the league office.....but god damn. This league is deader than dead if perfectly clean tackles are getting flagged.
  5. Same with Orton/Bryan at SummerSlam. It's functionally nine matches instead of 11. I'd certainly hope there are more matches than that. Also, this means AJ Lee is in the game which is kinda cool.
  6. The Mets somehow scored 40 runs in 24 hours.
  7. Confirmed that all 11 Bryan models are separate characters.
  8. Hey! I wish wouldn’t have to keep using the same analogy to describe these games, yet here we are.
  9. If Universe mode weren't more broken than Matt Hardy, I would probably buy these games every year because I've always enjoyed running sim feds and would love to see storylines just progress organically. But since Universe is barely functional, I invariably have to go back to what I did back during the PS2 days and just sim random exhibition matches while the "stories" really only exist on paper. And if I'm going to do that, Fire Pro is a billion times better for it.
  10. Turns out there was a Mass Deletion mod - you can use the mod to sort your roster by promotion/group and bulk delete people out that way. Pretty nifty. I was able to keep my late 90s WCW roster intact but clear out all of the modern WWE and NJPW edits that were nearly a year old when better versions are now available. Then needed to use the Unsubscribe All feature to ensure everything didn't automatically re-download. Yeah that means I unsubscribed from even the edits that I was keeping but I don't really care as my WCW edits were part of a completed collection unlikely to be modified any further.
  11. If he goes down, this team is deader than Elvis. But I wouldn't even be able to sit here and talk about the Giants having bad luck. If the Giants want to win they need Barkley and Beckham flying around making defenses look stupid, and they happen to play the two positions that lose multiple marquee players to injury every year. That strategy was always a risky roll of the dice.

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