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  1. Welp, it appears that the Baker Mayfield Era has begun in Cleveland.
  2. Yeah, I'm going to need to hear a lot of good things before buying this. I thought last year's looked like it would tide me over in terms of wrestling games and I was bored within a month. Fire Pro is doing me just fine right now, and with a Promotion/Booker mode DLC set to come out eventually I think I'll be hooked for a long time.
  3. That would've been an improvement.
  4. The Ciampa/Kendrick/Cross omissions are really just ridiculous. It's just baffling that they'd go out of their way to get everyone from Oney Lorcan to Bianca Belair to Ariya Daivari to the Street Profits to Tony Nese into the game yet with Lio Rush who barely was on NXT and Mike Kanellis who is never used as DLC yet they'd leave out three people who are still on the roster when they had base models for them already. The whole "they weren't on screen around cutoff" doesn't fly when The Colons and countless others were rarely ever seen. It can't even be a space issue, either - not one single person gives a fuck that Brutus Beefcake or Greg Valentine are in the game.
  5. As far as I know their attendance is always optional. Like I know Michael Strahan hasn't gone back to the ceremony since he went in as he's got about 10 million other jobs. But it's always been a tradition for a large contingent of Hall of Famers to be there to welcome the new inductees to Canton.
  6. Eric Dickerson, Deion Sanders, Jim Brown, Joe Namath, Marshall Faulk, and Marcus Allen among others have signed a letter demanding that the NFL provide them an annual salary and health insurance - stating that they will no longer attend the Hall of Fame ceremony or other NFL functions until their demands are met.
  7. People on IGN are clinging to the hope that there are hidden characters unlockable in Towers mode, and that Ciampa, Kendrick, and Cross would be among that group. I'm really doubting that. They like to promote the roster. And even if they did have hidden characters, I feel like I'd be more inclined to use new characters for that. Like I'd sooner make you complete a Tower to unlock Pete Dunne, Mustafa Ali, and Kairi Sane than I would people who were already in the game last year.
  8. I'm wrong! In a separate tweet they confirmed her as playable. Cool for her. I'm still not getting the game but I totally would've used their entrance theme on the game menus.
  9. I’m under the assumption that Maria’s a manager only given how they announced it and because she didn’t wrestle during her very brief return before maternity, but who knows. Trent Seven I can only assume is not in because he hadn’t signed a full-on WWE deal by cutoff. Dunne and Bate were considered NXT talent for well over a year since they signed way back around the initial UK tourney whereas Seven was used more sporadically. Kinda shit that Bate has the Moustache Mountain attire though, makes Seven’s absence all the more glaring. I don’t think Lio Rush was picked because they wanted to add someone from 205 Live as he was called up way past cutoff. I think they just wanted another NXT guy and, like Ricochet, Rush has an appeal because of the moves that could be added to the game.
  10. DLC Announced: Bobby Lashley Candice LeRae Dakota Kai EC3 Hanson Lacey Evans Lio Rush Mike Kanellis Ricochet Rowe
  11. I end up turning the music off in pretty much every sports game I play. It gets tiresome to hear the same songs nonstop as I'm browsing the menus, so I prefer to just turn off the menu music and stream music from my phone or computer instead.
  12. I got this on PS4 over the weekend. Thought I'd stick with the PC version with my controller plugged into the desktop, but playing on PS4 on my big TV is just way more fun and convenient for me. Plus I don't mind supporting the cause and throwing some money their way. Taking it slow with the edits and downloaded the stragglers from the New Japan roster first. Then last night I downloaded the current SmackDown roster. Most of the edits I got aside from AJ and Nakamura ended up being from the same creator. On the PC I'd download 50-100 edits at a time and simply use a roster organization mod to alphabetize them and get everything set the way I wanted. With that not available I've decided to slowly but surely fill out my roster in sections so I can still fulfill my OCD impulses.
  13. I don’t know, if the league insists on allowing him to stay in the league, Winston getting sacked 20 times a game behind that terrible Giants O-line is probably deserved.
  14. On the heels of everyone raving about Ryan Fitzpatrick's performance for the Bucs to start the season, the Dolphins' Minkah Fitzpatrick has filed a trademark application for "FitzMagic".

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