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  1. 2018 MLB Thread

    Matt Harvey being an unprofessional prick once again proving that he can't handle the New York media now that he's no longer good? You don't say!
  2. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Yeah, Rosen's "poor attitude" is probably why the Giants will pass on him even though I 100% think they should just go with him (or Darnold if the Browns passed). I've mentally prepared myself for Barkley. I'm not gonna jump for joy and celebrate like the Penn State fanboys. But at least it's not Josh Allen.
  3. 2018 MLB Thread

    Ronald Acuna is getting called up. So his and Torres' call ups were pretty much in line with recent years, teams nearly always wait three or so weeks into the season to call up their stud prospects. I find it amusing when it happens because you'll always hear the GMs come up with every baseball-related excuse under the sun why the player could not be called up for Opening Day when we all actually know they're trying to dance around service time so the player doesn't accrue a full season this year. It's obvious that's why it happens, but they can't say it and give the union ammunition to work. I still fully expect the union to try to get the rules modified somehow during the next CBA, though I'm not sure how something like this could be worked around to appease both sides.
  4. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    I'm actually glad that I still have no idea who the hell the Giants are taking two days before the draft. Barkley would seem to be the easy money pick but I've heard varying degrees of interest on three or four quarterbacks, Chubb, and a few more. It's just one smokescreen after another, and I'm fine with it given their recent draft history. Two years ago, it was widely reported that the Giants' top targets were Jack Conklin and Leonard Floyd, and they were expected to both still be around at the #10 pick. So of course the Titans and Bears both traded directly in front of the Giants to get those players. The leaks cost them who they actually wanted, and instead they got stuck with Eli Apple.
  5. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    I think the Giants were hoping for the Broncos to have a substantial enough desire for one of the top two QBs so that they could move back and take Quenten Nelson at #5, but that doesn't sound like it will happen. The Bills are now their best hope for a trade partner but #12 to #2 would be a big jump. I can't see it.
  6. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    I will laugh so hard if they take Josh Allen. I'll also feel relieved because I'm terrified of the prospect of the Giants taking him. I don't really want Barkley just because I think getting your QB of the future is way more important - yet I still want Barkley a billion times more than I'd ever want Allen.
  7. 2018 MLB Thread

    What the fuck is the point of having an ace like Jacob deGrom on your team if you can never win when he starts? They were up 6-1 in the eighth inning on the Nats on Monday, and the bullpen blew it and completely wasted his start. Tonight, he hands over a 3-0 lead against the Braves in the eighth and the bullpen coughs it up again. Two horrendous division losses in consecutive deGrom starts where he pitched a gem. Look, I realize that the Mets will lose at least 60 games a year every year for the rest of my life, and that 14-6 is still a better start than I could've hoped for. I get that. But the Braves have so many really good young players and may be legit, the Phillies are showing promise, and we all know the Nats are going to wake up. Losses like these are most certainly going to come back to bite down the stretch.
  8. 2018 MLB Thread

    Time for my monthly Matt Harvey rant. Last night may have been the final start of Matt Harvey's Met career, or at least it should be. My guess is they'll give him one more start because Jason Vargas is due back the next turn after that, but it's impossible to justify putting him out there every fifth day. He has no life on his pitches whatsoever, every hit he gives up is a rocket. After Mickey Callaway told the press that he won't commit to another start (something Terry Collins never would have done), Harvey stood at his locker and defiantly said he was a starting pitcher, citing the fact that he threw six innings for the first time since last May and retired 11 of his last 12 batters. That's great Matt, too bad you had already given up six runs and were pitching in a complete non-pressure situation by that point. Harvey hasn't been a good pitcher since he walked off the mound in the 9th inning of Game 5 of the 2015 World Series. He needs to decide what he'd rather do - try being a reliever in the big leagues and getting a second lease on his career, or accept a minor league assignment in hopes of keeping his career as a starter in tact. That's it. If he moans and throws a hissyfit over these options, just cut him a check for the rest of his salary and send him on his way. He is in no position to make any demands of this team, and quite frankly he'll be lucky if he's not out of baseball in 2019.
  9. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    This didn't age well.
  10. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Giants and Cowboys fans be like: please no Giants at Cowboys in a week 1 night game for the millionth year in a row NFL be like: wish granted, but it will be Giants at Cowboys in a week 2 night game instead
  11. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Hester's gotta go to the HOF surely. I mean it took forever to finally get a punter in so I expect Hester might have to wait a while but he was ridiculous.
  12. 2018 MLB Thread

    The Reds have fired Bryan Price after a 3-15 start.
  13. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    The best way I can explain profiles is with my 30 team control example. I have a profile called "Mets" which is where all of the mode specific stuff except scouting is set to Manual, and a profile called "Other Teams" where everything is set to Auto. When I set up my franchise, I assigned the Mets to my Mets profile and all of the other teams to the Other Teams profile. The end result is that even though I technically control all 30 teams, the CPU runs all aspects of all the teams other than the Mets. So I run it just like any other franchise but I have the flexibility to switch to another team if an unrealistic trade or something happens. If I went into Franchise Settings to change the profile assignments and accidentally moved the Mets from "Mets" to "Other Teams", I'd suddenly start seeing the CPU making roster moves and screwing around.
  14. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    You may have only one team selected - but I'm talking about the actual user profile assigned to that team. You can create different profiles with different settings. I really can't imagine what else it could be - and I feel like OS would've been blowing up with complaints if something that game-breaking was happening to everybody.
  15. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    That's bizarre. Have you checked the profile select screen to make sure that your team is actually set to your profile? If you've set up multiple profiles it's possible you inadvertently set one of the teams to a default profile that has Auto control for everything. Otherwise I can't imagine why this would happen. I've been rolling along in franchise swimmingly without issue. I gotta say I enjoy the new quick sim manager. I mean it's still by no means perfect. You still can't make guys switch positions in game. Say Cespedes gets hurt during a game and the game auto-subs in Juan Lagares. In real life the Mets would then shift Conforto to LF and put Lagares in CF. In this mode you can't do that, Lagares would be forced to stay in LF. You also still can't do double switches which is a pretty glaring problem for NL teams. But my biggest complaint of the Sportscast Manager from previous games was that it took sooooooo long to do a game because it had to show you each and every pitch, usually 10+ minutes a game and I'd invariably just have to fully sim games a leave it to the mercy of the CPU. Now every AB is one click and you can finish a game in under 5 minutes. I might actually be able to have some level of control over all 162 games now.