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  1. Last year only five of the cruiserweights were left off: Ali, Gulak, Nese, Daivari, and Lince Dorado. At minimum Ali will definitely be in, Mania's always been something of an informal cutoff and Ali was on the card. But the rest being in too, Gulak especially, seems reasonable given they've all been on the main roster for a year and a half by now. I will guarantee that Ricochet is DLC rather than on disc simply because getting him also means you get ridiculous amounts of new moves and animations.
  2. The Mets scored a dozen runs in a deGrom start? That's allowed???
  3. The roster is great but it's been the same broken game for years.
  4. I fully expect the Mets to finish behind the Marlins at this point. They're making roster moves consistent with a team that is trying to tank. Like they claimed Chris Beck off of waivers from the White Sox. Beck had a 6.04 FIP and was being waived by the third worst team in baseball, yet the Mets scooped him right up and put him on the active roster. In order to make roster room for Beck, they optioned down Tim Peterson who was one of the only relievers on the team who was pitching well. I can't imagine why any team would do this unless they are actively trying to lose games. They have 21 home runs in their last 19 games, but 17 have been solo home runs. As stated, that is the only way they ever score because everybody swings for the fences every at-bat. I'm about to start my third week of not watching.
  5. Jon Paul Heyman says there is no chance the Yanks would send either Gleyber or Andujar there, but I'd expect the Mets to at least push for one of them. It's all moot though because blockbuster trades never happen between those teams. Probably the biggest trade between them was David Justice for Robin Ventura. But really, this franchise is cursed no matter who is here. I get the sense that if the Mets threw Amed Rosario into the deGrom package to help be more of a direct swap for Gleyber, Rosario would immediately transform into a stud while Gleyber would hit about .220 the rest of the year.
  6. Tell me about it I'd be fine trading him to the Yanks so I can keep watching him and hopefully see him win a ring. I would think those three and Andujar would all be discussed. Quite honestly the Mets could probably ask for all four and not be overstepping given that deGrom has two more years under contract. Said this a few weeks back but my inclination is the Mets would ask for fewer players back but demand Gleyber. That's the extent to which they value deGrom/are hesitant to ever trade with the Yanks. There's zero chance that happens. In such a hypothetical the Mets would probably just throw in Asdrubal Cabrera since he's in his walk year and he'd be a guy the Yanks could plug in at 2B for the remainder of the season and not have a black hole at that spot. But giving up on a lineup anchor like that would be crazy. Still, that's probably what it would take. Even then the Wilpons might veto it because they are terrible.
  7. Aaaaaaaand he needs Tommy John Surgery. Most likely out until 2020. What a bad loss for the sport.
  8. The Mets are working on arranging a Jose Reyes retirement press conference. Now they are just waiting for Jose Reyes to agree to it.
  9. I'm not surprised. They had no chance of winning a game this series. None. I just laughed when I saw the final score. I'm more than a week removed from watching them, which for me is a really long layoff. I have no intention on ending that layoff anytime soon. I wonder how Cespedes feels about coming back. ...oh. Nice to hear positivity from the guy making $30 million a year. He then left tonight's game with quad tightness. Because of course he did. David Wright hasn't played in over two years and has a major spinal condition yet he's still busting his ass every day to try to get cleared. Cespedes however constantly pulls himself out of games citing hamstring and quad soreness and doesn't ever show the slightest bit of urgency in coming back. He's got so many leg injuries I wouldn't be surprised if he's really 45 instead of 32. Dude is literally never not going to have soreness, so at this point he either needs to suck it up and play through it, or fuck off.
  10. If LeBron goes to Golden State, the league may as well fold.
  11. Several HOF voters have requested that their votes for Terrell Owens be rescinded as they don't think he should go in if he's not willing to go to the ceremony. What a bunch of fragile babies.
  12. Chris Davis is on pace to have the worst season of all time. Literally. FanGraphs and Baseball Reference have him at -1.7 WAR and -1.8 WAR respectively. Seeing as it's only early June and not at the halfway point yet, that puts him on pace to surpass the -4.0 WAR seasons by Jim Levey of the 1933 Browns and Jerry Royster of the 1977 Braves. Davis is still owed $68 million over the next four seasons and $42 million in deferments from 2023-2037. Toss in that the financial commitment may be a big reason why they don't re-sign Manny Machado and that's looking like the worst contract of all time, too.

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