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  1. Was Littlefinger always THIS Irish?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ClaRK! Kent

      ClaRK! Kent

      Okay fair play, Jason, I get that, but you'd think there'd be at least a HINT of it in his King's Landing voice. He sounds like a fucking Machiavellian leprechaun.

    3. EWB's Best Poster.

      EWB's Best Poster.

      Top o' the Aerie to ya!

    4. Jasonmufc


      Would've been a much better one-liner at the end of last episode...

  2. Happy birthday, my fair-feathered friend.

  3. Why is it that all TV ads for those online greetings card websites have to feature an animal and a cringeworthy jingle? Hallmark never have to do this shit.

  4. Agreed, the woman is a total marvel. She's got to be at least partially genetically-enhanced.
  5. Of course. You might even say that if you don't have a reason for being a dick, being a dick is inappropriate to the situation. Wrong crowd?
  6. Well I gave up viewing stand-up as my main thing, I still write quite extensively for other mediums, so I haven't 'given up' entirely. Also, Bluey, if at some point you wanted to stop being a dick for no reason that'd be fine.
  7. I loved Rev, and I've only seen a bit of Him And Her but it looked perfectly passable. Phone Shop is woefully average, and agreed on School of Comedy being the drizzling shits. Might just go and watch Fawlty Towers to make myself feel better.
  8. I think it's more that people went after Mary-Louise Parker for the age thing alone, despite the fact that she's still smoking hot. That's not artificially-inflating standards for the purposes of discussion, which I get (on a side note, Alyssa Milano isn't actually all that hot ) that's just being "eew, the over 35s." Parker is still hotter than most, even at 40+. On the subject of The Saturdays, I really do prefer Frankie, it has to be said, but Una is quite tasty nevertheless.
  9. Kaufman was a complete genius, but less of a stand-up for me so he missed my 10. Same deal as Woody Allen, who I love but hated doing stand-up so I feel odd voting for him as one. Natasha Leggero I love to pieces, makes most other female comedians I've seen look really bad in comparison (not a big fan of Sarah Millican despite the love she got in the voting). She's also the voice of Callie on Ugly Americans, for the uninitiated. Some other good ones there too, but Dice Clay makes me sad. I know only one person voted for him but still. Purely offensive, not at all funny and really a complete dick to boot. Looking forward to the next few.
  10. I think once the technology moves on to the point that you no longer need the glasses to watch the film in 3D, the 'option' part will go pretty quick and it'll be the filmmakers' choice, much the way that surround sound or something is. And it's only distracting because it's very self-conscious right now ("look, this ball/bullet/whatever is coming right at you!") and because it's so new, once we get used to it and it stops being a novelty for filmmakers it'll be less of a big deal. CGI was the same, at the time it was very notable but now I hardly notice it unless it's badly-done or something.
  11. Kids movies, horror movies and action movies. Those 3 incredibly niche genres that make almost no money for studios. And your argument is complete tosh - people said CGI was a fad, they said HD was a fad, they probably said full colour was a fad too. 3D is the next evolution in cinema, it's here to stay and it's already permeating into the home with 3D-TVs and the like. I have no problem with that, some 3D movies are really good, although I think it'll be better when they stop feeling like they have to show off that they've cracked the technology by having things come flying out of the screen at my face. Avatar's 3D was nice like that, it wasn't so self-conscious, although the movie itself sucked quite badly as drama.
  12. I got out of it because I was pretty tired of people telling me that if I stayed away from doing 'political' or 'social' comedy and did more observational stuff, more popular stuff, I could make a lot of money out of it. Not just friends, but a couple of agents and the husband of a friend's sister who works in new comedy for the BBC. I suppose that really, I was very angry at that time about the way the world was and doing the stand-up was cathartic, I never really wanted to be the guy writing 'jokes' per se or doing Live At The Apollo. So yeah, I got out of it because I was tired of being told I'd never become famous and/or rich doing it the way I was doing it, and I didn't want to change the way I was doing it. I still dabble from time-to-time, some friends are doing a sketch show in November and I'm gonna do a set afterwards, etc, but it's not really serious anymore because I just don't have the energy. And, to each their own, but for me Hicks is the master. The great thing about comedy as an art form is that it can, when done properly, shine a light on the world and make you totally re-examine something you took completely for granted, it can literally make you sit bolt upright and turn your head around. Hicks did that better than anybody, for me. That's my main problem with the Peter Kay, Michael McIntyre school, they have this awesome platform and they use it to do jokes about the drawer in your house that's full of old batteries and plugs, or gameshows from the 80s.
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