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  1. munky

    NFL 2018

    And the door is open for Josh Allen. He moved the offense pretty well last night. Still made a few rookie mistakes, but you can see why McBeane were so high on him. I don't think McCarron was going to be the starter anyway, but it still sucks for him.
  2. munky

    NFL 2018

    And if he's the shits, I'll gladly admit it.
  3. munky

    NFL 2018

    I don't believe anything about him yet. He hasn't done anything yet, one way or the other. I'm not trying to sound hostile, but I've been reading these same "takes" from people with only surface level understanding (ie: r/nfl) of the situation for months. It's beginning to get stale.
  4. munky

    NFL 2018

    I watched a couple Wyoming games after the draft, just to see what we were getting. Josh was by far the most talented guy on that team. His receivers couldn't catch a cold, and his line was laughable. He'd be chased out of the pocket on damn near every play, throw to a wide open receiver and have the guy let it hit him in the face. Kinda hard to have a high completion percentage in that environment. How about we let the preseason play out before he we label him a bust?
  5. Optimistic Homer Pick (tm) WR Kelvin Benjamin, Buffalo @Maxx
  6. munky

    NFL 2018

    Now you're going to confuse him with an illegal forward pass. 😒
  7. munky

    NFL 2018

    Just the one forward pass, but you can lateral (backwards pass) multiple times. That rarely works out though.

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