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  1. munky

    NFL 2018

    My God, Nathan Peterman is fucking awful.
  2. munky

    NFL 2018

    Jerry Hughes had Mariotta in his arms and gave up on the sack to avoid a penalty in the Bills game. It's pretty bad when you bail out mid play for fear of getting penalized.
  3. munky

    NFL 2018

    The Bills OL is criminally bad. Josh is running for his life on practically every play. This season can't end soon enough.
  4. munky

    NFL 2018

    They used to get offsides every once in a while, where a coverage guy would start early. That doesn't happen with the new rules though.
  5. Good week to start Kirk Cousins against the Bills over Aaron Rodgers. 25 point differential so far.
  6. munky

    NFL 2018

    With the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select...
  7. munky

    NFL 2018

    And another Peterman interception.
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