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  1. I have to say, I'm very happy you moved up to 16. Yours is my personal favorite Real World mod for TEW. A couple of minor changes that I would suggest: Tag Teams Rename Angerson and Gallows to Anderson and Gallows Set Bella Twins to Inactive Set Prime Time Players to Inactive Stables Edit Bullett Club: Add Adam Cole Adam Page Tanga Roa (Camacho) Remove Team B.A.D. The Cosmic Wasteland Team Bella
  2. It looks like WWE is off of Dish Network, but TNA is on. http://www.mydish.com/pay-per-view/sports-and-events/wrestling I would personally add the WWE Network into the game, and have WWE PPVs and NXT TakeOver on, and add it as a TV Station for NXT.
  3. KC Cassidy and Jasmine Areebi have signed Development deals with the WWE. (http://www.gerweck.net/2015/03/16/wwe-signs-another-independent-diva/) Jimmy Jacobs has signed with WWE as a member of the Creative Team, so I would personally put him in like Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury, as an Occasional Wrestler but defaulted as a Road Agent. (http://www.gerweck.net/2015/03/16/ring-of-honor-veteran-wrestler-leaving-soon-for-wwe-creative-job/) Homicide returned to TNA, Drew Galloway is signed to TNA,
  4. With Bill Demott stepping down, and Albert taking over as head trainer, I have always had the problem of Albert asking to be called up because he isn't a trainer. I've been going through, and I can't fingure out the way to change this, but maybe up his booking stats, and making him the booker of NXT? That would be my suggestion at least.
  5. Great work, very enjoyable. One minor thing. You have La Parka Jr. in twice. Once as La Parka Jr. and the other as Parka Jr. Keep up the good work.
  6. Credit goes to TheWho87EWR/Photobucket I can't find anything on Blind Mike unless you mean Michael Spriggs (the blind amateur wrestler). Thank you Rocky. All three of these guys work in some promotion in Colorado, but their website is terrible, and has very few pictures. Thanks again.
  7. Does anyone have Rowdy Knight, Blind Mike, and Max Magius on Kyky? Thanks in advance.
  8. There was an editor I used a long long while back that allowed you to change a PPV date mid month, I dont remember what it was called, and I searched this forum looking for it, but no hits. Does anyone know what its called? Thanks in advance.
  9. I live just 5 miles from the club where Darrent was in the argument. I didnt hear that he died until earlier today, around noon. I give my heart out to his family.
  10. In my personal oppinion this deserves its own thread. Its a sad day in all of sports. As a Coloradan, and a HUGE Broncos Fan, I wish to send my heart out to Darrents family. May he rest in peace.
  11. I've got 4 words for ya...Bob Dylan Is God
  12. Haven't listened to Thou Shalt Suffer so I wouldn't know. Zyklon is very talented death metal and I'm actually surprised how well Ishahn suits the genre. Definitively a band worthy of praise and attention.
  13. matbar

    Movie Hunting

    Dunno if they ship to Oz or not, but try www.bestbuy.com and www.animenation.com
  14. ME: -Metallica -Bob Dylan -Lynyrd Skynyrd -System of a Down (they are from Los Angeles musically) -Tool My room mate (who wishes he could claim Norway or Sweeden....damned American Music) -Morbid Angel -Ugly Kid Joe -Joe Satriani -Grateful Dead -Death
  15. In all honesty, I am the black-metal enthusiast room mate of the user who I am masquerading as. I will potentially create my own account here in the next day or so though, and will post in this thread when I do. One question though: what is your take on Zyklon/Thou Shalt Suffer as far as BM goes? (or have you even heard them yet? not to question your ability with Metal, just I only recently heard of both bands)
  16. Wait, pardon? Is this some lame American censorship I'm not aware of?
  17. Not even going to read the whole thread. My list: Robotech G.I. Joe Thundercats Hong Kong Phooey Voltron The Centurions Smurfs Snorks Jabberjaw TMNT G-Force S.W.A.T Cats Heathcliff Top Cat Wally Gator McGilla Gorilla The Hurculeans Space Ghost The A Team cartoon....what the fuck was it called? ----Attatck of the Killer Tomatoes (my room mate told me to add this...i never saw it) Pinky and the Brain Animaniacs -----apparently my room mate watched Pokemon....bleh X-Men...when it was still good and they had Gambit the old Spiderman show...none of this CGI bullshit M.A.S.K. Batman Looney Toons....back when Speedy Gonzales was still legal Tom and Jerry Pound Puppies...fuck off - i was 4 Garfield and friends LA Blue Girl - j/k.....or am i? Two Stupid Dogs How the hell did I forget The Tick and Gargoyles?!?!?!
  18. I haven't actually looked, but you can try Powells Books. I know they used to sell Graphic Novels and TPBs. Or Mile High Comics will definitely have whatever you need.
  19. Except that, you know, Dimmu Borgir haven't made a proper black metal album either since God knows how long. Their orchestrated, forcefully "epic" albums have strayed almost as far away from original BM as Cradle Of Filth's filthy goth cock rock. Not to say that they don't have their albums: but they're a few and far between.
  20. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "My Friends" Bob Dylan - "Forever Young" "Man of Constant Sorrow" Pink Floyd - "Hey You" Led Zeppelin - "Stairway To Heaven" Metallica/Bob Seager - "Turn the Page" Metallica - "Fade To Black" "Unforgiven pt. 1" "Nothing Else Matters" Simon and Garfunkel - "Scarborough Fair" "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Third Eye Blind - "Jumper" "God of Wine" Anyone doing "House of the Rising Sun"...The Eagles and Bob Dylan did it the best IMO Kiss - "Beth" CCR - "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" "Who'll Stop the Rain" Counting Crows - "Round Here" Eric Clapton - "Layla" "My Fathers Eyes" "Blue Eyes Blue" "Tears in Heaven" The Who - "Behind Blue Eyes" Whiskey In the Jar by and Irishman Eagles - "Hotel California" Marlyin Manson - "Tourniquet" "Sweet Dreams" "Coma White" "Suicide Is Painless" and the Eurythmics with "Sweet Dreams" AC/DC - "Ride On" Gerard Mcmann - "Cry Little Sister" Allice Cooper - "Only Wemon Bleed" Pearl jam - "Jermey" The Doors - "Riders on the Storm" Staind - "Epiphany" "Home" "Outside (Acoustic)" Steve Vai - "For The Love Of God" Berlin - "Take My Breath Away" Joe Satriani - "The Top Gun Theme" "Always With Me, Always With You" Nirvana - "Come as You Are" System of a Down - "Question!" "Spiders" The Beatles - "Eleanor Rigby" John Lennon - "Imagine" Also A Perfict Circle The Cure - "Painted On My Heart" Third Strike - "My Letter" Tom Petty - "Last Dance With Mary Jane" "Free Falling" "Dont Come Around Here No More" Tool - "Eulogy" "46&2" Waterproof Blonds - "Just Close Your Eyes" Four Non Blonds - "Whats Goin On" Marvin Gaye - "Whats Goin On" (Different Song) Theres a few more, but thats all I could think of off the top of my head... Forgot about Dickinson - "Arc of Space"
  21. Firefly A great show, supported by one of the most underated casts in television history. This show had it all, a great plot, superb characters, and the best camera work I have ever seen. This show could have gone very far if it wasn't for Fox. Futurama yet another Fox cancelation which carries a cult following, and soon to be relesed movies. Futurama was the only good cartoon Fox had until Family Guy came along, and I am including The Simpsons in that list. The Simpsons is a good show, but it has seemed so dragged on since 1997. Millennium Again by Fox...see a pattern here? Chris Carter hit gold when he came up with the character Frank Black. This show out did X-Files in every way, and I'm one of the biggest Files fans that I know. Star Trek Voyager Very underated for a Star Trek series. this one, pulled by UPN after 7 seasons, could have gone on for another 3-4 years before the storyline became stale. The rushed series fanally was GREAT, but it could have ended in so many other ways. Pinky and The Brain God in a cartoon...until mindy I am accually suprised a lot of people have been saying Firefly, and I bet that at least half of them hadn't heard of the show until Serenity came out, or until they saw the DVD. I still remember it going head to head with shows like ER, and then bannished to Saturday Nights...Fox never gave it a chance. God I wish a former friend didnt steal that DVD set...hard to find, and a little hard to get to...
  22. After reading this whole thread, I have several things to say. First off...if you want to know anything about black metal in Norway, go get a copy of Lords of Chaos. It has all the police reports, the stories, the testimonies...all that shit. Even has a picture of Dead after he shot himself...has Varg's testimony of his murder of Euronymous...has the testimony of the guy from Absurd from his murder of his best friend...all of it. Second...Someone asked about a good screaming metal chick...try Karen Crisis (from the band Crisis) or the chick from Opera IX. NOTE: "That Arch Enemy chick" has a name. It's Angela Gossow. Arch Enemy fired their original, male vocalist in favor of her because she growls better naturally than he did with a synth. You don't believe me, check out some of Arch Enemy's earlier shit. Third...Dani Filth is not a black metal vocalist, and Cradle hasn't been fucking black metal since Cruelty and the Beast back in the mid-90's. Cradle are a theatrical goth metal band that borders on laughable. They have put out 2 worthwhile albums since From the Cradle to Enslave, which are Damnation and a Day and Bitter Suites to Succubi (and that one is questionable). I know Nikolas Barker, and even he thinks Dani is all show and no substance. If you want to talk to a prominent figure in Norse Black Metal, stay out of England. Go straight to the source and talk to either Galder, Erkkekjetter Silenoz, or Ihsahn. THEY are the forefront of black metal, and for a reason. You can't mention Norway without Old Man's Child, Dimmu Borgir, or Emperor coming into the conversation. I know Galder of Old Man's Child and Shagrath, Silenoz, and Vortex of Dimmu - they are easy to talk to and would easily talk about the "scene" to anyone who asks. BLACK METAL 101 - go buy these albums: -"Black Metal" by Venom. This should be obvious -"Into the Unknown" by Mercyful Fate -"Born of the Flickering" by Old Man's Child. If you have a problem finding it, get "The Pagan Prosperity" instead. -"Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropy" by Dimmu Borgir -"Wolf's Lair Abyss" by Mayhem. If you are lucky. Chances are you won't find it, so get "Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" -"The Black Opera: Symhoniae Mysteriorum in Laudem Tenebrarum" by Opera IX -"Murder Music" by Macabre -"Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas" by Origin That's all for now
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