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  1. Lewis Hamilton did not brakecheck Vettel nor did he decelerate or lift off the gas. Telemetry data that the stewards checked showed that he did nothing wrong and that he had done the exact same during the previous restart. Vettel was too keen to get on the gas to stop Perez getting the run on him like he did after the previous safety car. I think Vettel got off lightly for doing something so blatantly dangerous whilst the safety car was out on track.
  2. He was in the first two trailers. In the first one he was shown, albeit in a long shot facing down a lancer outside Meeren in what I guess, well am sure, is him taking Strong Belwas' place in how those events unfold. The same scene is then in the second and shows a brief (probably a second or less) close up of him throwing something.
  3. Week 24 Fixtures Birmingham 0-1 Swansea Bolton 0-2 Cardiff Wigan 1-1 Crystal Palace Stevenage 0-2 Everton Sheffield United 0-0 Fulham Chelsea 3-1 Stoke
  4. 3 out of 10 penalties scored. That has to be the worst shootout ever.
  5. Week 23 Fixtures Crystal Palace 1-0 Stoke Norwich 1-2 Hull West Ham 0-2 Newcastle Swansea 2-1 Tottenham Chelsea 2-1 Man United West Brom 0-1 Everton
  6. Week 22 Fixtures Cardiff 3-1 West Ham Fulham 1-1 Sunderland Man United 1-1 Swansea Newcastle 1-2 Man City Stoke 2-2 Liverpool Aston Villa 0-2 Arsenal
  7. Hull 2-1 Fulham Cardiff 1-1 Sunderland Everton 2-0 Southampton Newcastle 1-3 Arsenal Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool Tottenham 3-1 Stoke
  8. Week 16 Fixtures Norwich 1-0 Crystal Palace Newcastle 1-1 West Brom Tottenham 2-0 Man United Hull 0-3 Liverpool Chelsea 2-1 Southampton Man City 2-0 Swansea
  9. Week 14 Fixtures Portugal 1-1 Sweden Ukraine 1-2 France Greece 2-0 Romania Iceland 0-2 Croatia England 1-1 Chile Scotland 0-1 USA
  10. Week 12 Fixtures Hull 0-1 Sunderland West Brom 2-0 Crystal Palace West Ham 1-1 Aston Villa Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool Everton 2-2 Tottenham Cardiff 0-2 Swansea
  11. Week 10 Fixtures Man United 2-1 Southampton Stoke 1-2 West Brom Swansea 1-0 Sunderland West Ham 0-1 Man City Aston Villa 1-1 Tottenham Crystal Palace 0-2 Fulham
  12. Week 9 Fixtures Wales 1-1 Macedonia England 1-0 Montenegro Ecuador 0-2 Uruguay Venezuela 1-3 Paraguay Burkina Faso 1-2 Algeria Ivory Coast 1-1 Senegal
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