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  1. I’m onto my fourth D&D podcast (Dungeons & Daddies, Not Another D&D Podcast, The Dark Dice, The Lucky Die) yet I still have no idea how the actual game works.
  2. I tend to also randomly throw out a Jason call. Even if only one person at work gets it.
  3. Is there something we should be looking for in that image?
  4. The easiest way I found to do Bounty is while waiting for Trader to prep items for sale, I’d start a bounty. On the way to the bounty (mostly have no time limits) I’d have my collectors lantern out and collect stuff on the way. That way I had all roles gradually going up. In saying that, this was a few months ago and there may be better ways to gain bounty xp.
  5. I’m excited. Just been plodding away the past few weeks waiting for something to drop 😂
  6. I’m excited to see David Harbour portray Red Guardian. See the Soviet twist on Captain America.
  7. There are definite undertones and constant references to BDSM though. Just listened to last weeks episode today. I swear they got near nothing done. Such good humour
  8. I was hoping the rumoured God of War was gonna be done but for a December release this isn’t that bad. I’ll skip it.
  9. you might be able to find something googling gradients or something more specific.
  10. I’m so shit at this 😂😂 I’ve done nothing. Sorry. I keep getting distracted by nothings really. nit sure where I’m at, been a while since I’ve looked at it. I need to get into it because, though it’s not difficult, it’s just repetitive. I’ll let you know if I’m need help in areas . Thanks
  11. Is this “clock” going to be how Veidt escapes his prison?
  12. Add him as staff. Probably production. Talent around 80 until he gets more airtime and we can see how he goes in this role. Keep him unsigned.
  13. It’s just the executable that starts the game. Everything you have is saved in the folders. The only thing you need to do is make sure this one is in the same folder as the other executable file.
  14. There is an alternate colour mod that has less of that. Can’t remember how much colour has changed. It’s something you need to go into the actual game code to change. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ng11qch9q6gtgzn/EWRevengeColorMod.exe/file use this to start your game instead of the original ewr4.2 application.
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