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  1. 2015 NFL Season

    Cam Newton tbh
  2. 2015 NFL Season

  3. 2015 NFL Season

    What an utterly underwhelming game for Peyton to break the record in.
  4. Beer & Ale

    Purity beers are really good, not sure how far from the Midlands they serve, but they're my go to picks.
  5. Football Manager 2016

  6. Football Manager 2016

    I just sold Gabby when he did that in my Villa save, he's no Footballer-of-the-Year-candidate Rudy Gestede 
  7. 2015 NFL Season

    I just came back from Spectre and this was a wonderful surprise!
  8. Football Manager 2016

    Decent start to my yearly Villa save, in 6th, picked up Valon Berisha (not done much tbf :/) and Gabriel Barbosa, who'll more than anything pay me back triple what I paid for him should I sell him down the line. Pretty fair start for him too, but eh. Gestede is a bit amazing though, 11 goals in 13 and pretty much the perfect Target Man Ended up buying Charlie Austin, but it was arranged in late October and since then I don't think I could consider dropping Gestede...
  9. Rocket League

    Hock-et League!
  10. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    That 62 yard run won it for me. I've gotta be the luckiest twat in the league this year
  11. 2015 NFL Season

    I think he's okay
  12. 2015 NFL Season

    Dan... You okay buddy?
  13. Rocket League

  14. 2015 NFL Season

    Man, Stafford is dying out there. If only they had held onto their practise squad QB...