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  1. EWB Fantasy Baseball 2016

    Aw.   Guess I've gotta beat you the old fashioned way
  2. EWB Fantasy Baseball 2016

    Clay Buchholz
  3. EWB Fantasy Baseball 2016

    You're god damn right this gets posted first. 
  4. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

  5. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

  6. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    Looking back at the draft, it's kinda crazy how well I hit on those first 4 rounds: Antonio Brown Julio Jones Jimmy Graham (ehh) Cam Newton Pretty rubbish the rest of the way, but that's what mid-season pickups are for!
  7. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    Yeah, another solid game for Crabtree is always welcome. Only really sweating on Watson in my lineup, but I kept thinking today was Sunday, so I should have that covered Cheers HC, hopefully I can add a defense of the FF crown to the defense of the FB crown!
  8. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    You'll be down to only one greater-than symbol!
  9. EWB Game of the Year 2015

    You're the worst for buying me something.
  10. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    201 points 
  11. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    Cam effin Newton. 
  12. 2015 NFL Season

    GO KELLEN! Don't score too many, I have the Jets D in FF
  13. EWBFF Tony Mandarich League

    So close. 
  14. 2015 NFL Season

    We won one!