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  1. Those two bits made me lol. They're both fucking jokes as far as emcees go, in ten years people will go "Lil who? Young what?" and be laughing at how they placed in a top 10 for anything.
  2. How do you set up the Emory and Henry formation on the PS2 version? Is it possible? I read that it's under the Ace Big formation, but I don't know how to send the tackles out.
  3. I'm actually starting to enjoy it more, but I still can't stand the camera views. The punt angle makes it hard to judge the defender's distances as someone already mentioned and also, how does the pass precision work?
  4. Where's this spring game it offers on the back of the PS2 cover? I've yet to find it; do you have to go through an entire season first?
  5. Major disappointment. It's virtually the same game as 06, with the momentum feature as an annoying and useless add-on. I want my money back.
  6. Why does 360 leave out features on both 07 and Madden 06.
  7. Got past the village and now I'm on to the dynamite-throwing zombies. Maybe I'll start a diary before I have to take it back, eh?
  8. Alright, now I need your help. I went and got RE:4.. which is the first RE I've played since probably the first one on N64. Never really got into it, but anyway.. I'm stuck on the part where I come into the village and there's about 4,000 zombies to kill with just a pistol and a knife that I can't get close enough to them with to stab before they kill me with pitchforks. Help?
  9. Wow, alot happened this week. Duke loses, Gonzaga's out and so is West Virginia. I'm going with Villanova, Texas, or Florida to win the whole thing.
  10. Looking forward to the new EA Sports coming next year, Madden '07 and NCAA '07. Already released, but I loved the NCAA College Baseball game they put out. I heard nothing about it as far as promotion-wise, and couldn't believe it when I saw it at Movie Gallery.
  11. Leave it to me to miss the Games forum. Thanks for your suggestions, guys.
  12. What are some good video games for PS2? I like sports, shooters, and pretty much anything. Help me!
  13. Same here, PM me when it's working please.
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