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  1. And now the Yankees sign Corey Kluber to a 1-year, $10 million reclamation project deal.
  2. I know they won 11 games, but Cleveland beating Kansas City would feel like such a stunning upset. Even their biggest strength, their great running game which can help to drain clock and keep the KC offense off the field, is offset by the fact that KC's offense can score in three plays.
  3. The risk for waiting for Bieniemy is that another candidate you actually interviewed and liked could possibly dip out and say "I'm not waiting three more weeks, if my interview didn't sell you already I'm out" Now of course, it's the NFL and there are only 32 jobs, so if the guy really wants it, he'll wait it out. But you never know. Some guys' egos can't handle it if the team doesn't cancel everything else to make them an offer.
  4. Arthur Smith, offensive genius. Eric Bieniemy, clearly a product of Reid and Mahomes.
  5. There was really no chance he was ending up anywhere else.
  6. Feels like just yesterday I was watching the Islanders in a deep playoff run. Most fun I've had watching Islanders hockey. Here's hoping it continues in 2021.
  7. Evan Roberts on WFAN had a pretty legendary on-air freakout when the news dropped. He wanted nothing to do with Harden, and Jarrett Allen being in the deal pushed him over the edge.
  8. Mets still said to be "loosely" in on Springer, which I take as meaning they've made their final take it or leave it offer and will not negotiate any further. The Lindor trade made it a great offseason by default, so I can't be mad if they don't get Springer...but holy shit the lineup would be really tasty if they pulled it off. If somehow the DH gets approved for a 2021 return it'd be even better as Dom Smith would have a place to play again. I'll admit it's a bit frustrating hearing Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson talk about how the luxury tax isn't a dealbreaker but a "significant dem
  9. This first challenge...dude makes it look easy but it took me sooooo long. Everything has to be spot on perfect to string it together. Gotta remember to hold X on the way down after the first trick to not kill your speed as you revert and go into manual, gotta Ollie off the rail at the exact right time and do a flip trick so the .2 second manual you do in the other pipe doesn’t bring you to a dead stop. Sometimes I’d do all that but then space and forget the second revert and my convo would end. And then I finally hit all 4 tricks only to realize in horror I did the same grind twice.
  10. Not baseball related but throwing this in here because he was said to be in the running for Mets ownership. It would've been new levels of Metsiness if the Wilpons were finally replaced by somebody way more dislikable, and for that new owner to croak after two months.
  11. Jets are flying Robert Saleh in for a second interview today. Unless he’s adamant about interviewing with every interests team, it could be one of those situations where they try not to let him out of the building without a deal.
  12. EWB Royal Forumble for the draft rights to Patrick Surtain.
  13. I think the Eagles’ hopes of landing DeVonta Smith or JaMarr Chase at #6 are gonna hinge on the Jets. Lawrence is obviously going #1 and most expect the Falcons to go QB at #4. Sewell will go somewhere in the top 5. If the Jets decide to give Darnold one more chance and they take Sewell or a WR, the ripple effect is both WRs will be going top 5.
  14. The Eagles are interested in Adam Gase
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