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  1. Trying the 1985 mod, seems fine so far, but for some reason almost everyone has the "gloomy" attribute and I find it odd, but good work anyway
  2. Yes, I absolutely love a bloated game, sometimes I just need to book Spirit Squad against Mean Street Posse and it sucks when one of them is not in the game. Workers make the game a little bit slower, but if you want a fast game, just delete the alter egos and the relationships (because they are broken) and the game will run completely fine
  3. Another UK ttile and the new tag team titles from RAW
  4. WWE United Kingdom Championship
  5. AJ Styles l Al Snow l Alexa Bliss l Alexander Wolfe l Aliyah l Austin Aries l Batista Becky Lynch l Bo Dallas l Bray Wyatt l Brian Kendrick l Curtis Axel l Enzo Amore l Goldberg James Laurinaitis l Kenny Dykstra l Roderick Strong l Sasha Banks l Taynara Melo l Tim Wiese James Ellsworth
  6. WWE newest chinese development guys
  7. This exact picture has been cut and posted on this very page.
  8. DO NOT drop Jericho's behavior. He was just in character and wasn't aware about the laws of Brazil.
  9. Can I have the original pic of Bryan?
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