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EWR Data Update: March 2024

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Great work as always it is appreciated

A couple small things off the bat to change for April

Jacob Fatu is done with MLW

Can delete relationship between Bron/Cora

And I would argue Rock should be unsackable with WWE since he is on TKO board

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Mike Santana is reportedly gone from AEW.

Mistico is the MLW Middleweight Champion and the World Titan Federation (DBSJ and Tom Lawlor) are MLW Tag Champions.

Why is Toni Storm only on an open contract with AEW? Conversely, why is RVD on a written?

AEW Tag Champions as of March 1 should be Darby Allin and Sting (the belts were vacated after Revolution with new champions probably being crowned before April).

Great-O-Khan is the current KOPW Champion.

IDK if this has already been addressed or not (apologies if it has) but Chris Hero should be added back into the game as a wrestler. He's wrestled 3 matches (technically 4) in the last four months and said he plans to continue wrestling sporadically at least for now. I know he's already in the game as a Road Agent for AEW but for the sake of gameplay I think it'd make more sense to have him as a worker again.


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Add to NWA/Create
Eric Smalls
Spencer Slade
Taylor Rising
Alex Misery
KC Cazana
Carson Drake
Jackson Drake
Alexander Lev
Sage Chantz
Joe Cazana - Manager
Tommy Rant
Danni Bee
Charity King
Mo Jabari
Soda Pop
Bruiser Bob
Devan Dixon
Leai Makoa add to NWA roster
Tiffany Nieves add to NWA roster
AJ Francis add to NWA roster
Angelina Love
Baby Doll
Chris Adonis
Eric Jackson
Hale Collins
Jamie Stanley

Matt Vine
Mike Bennett
Robert Anthony
Rylee Rockett
Tyrus is retired, maybe make him a non-wrestler and a free agent.
Vik Dalishus
Remove Mims from game since Big Strong Mims is in the game; same person. Rename Big Strong Mims as Mims

Remove The Question Mark II from game - it is Larry D

Carnage and Damage are labeled Black Glove Management, they should be Blunt Force Trauma.
Split Church Money Enterprises
Split Stricktly Business
The County Gentlemen - Replace Anthony Andrews with KC Cazana
Anthony Andrews and Zyon are a team managed by Austin Idol
Mims and Dak Draper = Magnum Muscle
Daisy Kill and Talos are a team
Mike Knoxx and Trevor Murdoch an a team, go by Knox and Murdoch
Spencer Slade and Rush Freeman are New Spectaculars 2.0
Spencer Slade and Rolando Freeman are New Spectaculars 2.0 II
Rush and Rolando Freeman ae New Spectaculars 2.0 III
Tim Storm and Jax Dane ae a team
Jackson Drake and Alexander Lev called The Kidz
Sage Chantz are Tommy Rant ae a team called The Slimeballz
Danni Bee and Charity King ae a team called King Bees. Also, the are the new woman tag champs.
Bruiser Bob and Devan Dixon are a team
Pretty Empowered should have Kenzie Paige replaced with Kylie Paige.

Pretty Empowered remove Rylee Rocket
The Miserably Faithful should have James Mitchell in the stable, also make his the leader.
The Southern 6 should have Ricky Morton to the stable. Ricky will need to be added to the roster, make him a manager of the group, but not the leader.
Add  New Spectaculars 2.0 - Spencer Slade, Rolando and Rush Freeman. Rolando as leader.

Add Kevin Keenan as referee

Not sure how to handle the territoy system NWA has been building. From how Billy Corgan and other have explained it, the territories are kind of like ROH to AEW, NXT to WWE, but also the terrorities function on their own. All of the talent in these territories could be used in the NWA, it doesn't mean they will be used, but they ae connected. NWA has three teritories NWA Chicago, NWA JCP Southeast, and NWA Exodus Pro. I was thinking maybe make the Territories a single Development Territoy in the game, or as Roster Splits.

Exodus Pro Roster
Pretty Boy Smooth
Miles Jacobs
Avery Breaux and Stacee Alexander (The Beautiful Disasters managed by Aron Stevens
Sam Beale
Hayden Backlund
Brandon Day
Cristiano Argento
Dante Casanova
Tino Valentino
Carson Drake
The Slimeballz - Sage Chantz and Tommy Rant
Brando Lee
Kai Herro
Reggie Collins
Rickey Shane Page and Vincent Nothing ( Faith In Nothing)
Rex Brody
Richard Holiday
Lord Crewe
Ashton Day
Channing Decker
Tiffany Nieves
Natalia Markova
Manbun Jesus
Luke Kurtis

JCP Southeast Roster
The Stew Crew (Dylan and Zach Stewart)
The Southern 6
Toby Farley
Zuka King
The County Gentlemen
The Guidling Light - Evan Golden and Michael Gabriel
Jeremiah Plunkett
Andy Optimal
The Heatseekers - Elliot Russell and Matt Sigmon
The Weaver and The Pain - Bruiser Bob and Wayne Moxxi
Freya The Slaya
Axton Ray
Petty Empowered
Missa Kate
Colby Corino
Trevor Murdoch
The New Age Villains - Nathan Cross and Ryan Riley
Rylee Rockett
Deam Girl Elite
Tyler Thorn
Paul Lee
Larry D
Alice Crowley
Dysfunction - Brandon Espinosa and Tom Coffey

NWA Chicago
Steve Boz
Thrillbilly Silas
Kenzie Paige
La Percadita
Bryan Idol
Anthony Catena
Charlie Kleiman
Dasiy Kill
Joe Alonzo
Victor Iniestra
Trevor Murdoch
Storm Greyson
Kerry Morton
Rafael Quintero
Mario Pardua
Ryan Matthews
Sidney Porter

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