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Horror Movie Stars


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So i'm doing a Media Studies project and since i'm spending so much time working on the Action genre (we explain the characteristics, movies and stars of three genres) and my partner already did Comedy, so I said i'd do the third, for which i've chosen Horror. If someone could help me by putting down a few names of big stars in the Horror genre, along with some movies they starred in, thanks would be muchly given. Try to put them in these categorys:

Stars of Yesturday:


Stars of Today:

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Since Robert Englund was already mentioned, how about Jamie Lee Curtis? She did Halloween and various sequels...

As for today's stars... I dunno... Does Scream classify as horror? (I classify it as comedy :S). If so, how about Neve Campbell? Dunno...

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Robert Englund<Nightmare on Elm. Street series, among many others>, Jamie Lee Curtis<Halloween, Terror Train,The Fog,Prom Night, etc..>, Kane Hodder<the most known of the many men to play Jason in Friday the 13th>, Bruce Campbell<Evil Dead series>

For some stars of old, ya got Bella Lugosi<Dracula>, Vincent Price<The Fly, Pit and the Pendulum, House on Haunted Hill>, Boris Karloff<The Mummy>

I'll post more when I think of em, still trying to wake up right now, heh

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Anthony Perkins<Psycho>, Tobe Hooper<original Leatherface>, Tony Todd<Candyman>, Linnea Quigley<not really a "star" but wel known among horror fans, one of the "Scream Queens">

Tobe Hooper wasn't the original Leatherface. He was the writer and director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Gunnar Hansen was the original Leatherface.

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Guest raze0811

You can't leave out Heather O'Rourke, who played Carol Anne in the Poltergeist movies. She's the one who said the famous line "They're here."

Also, you can't have a horror list without Brad Douriff, who has been the voice of Chucky in all the Child's Play movies, not to mention roles in "Urban Legend," "Exorcist III," "Graveyard Shift," "Critters 4," and "Alien:Resurrection."

I'll add more if I can think of some more really good ones.

Nope, Hodder didn't come in till Part VII, CJ Graham played Jason in part VI.
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Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Chritopher Lee and Peter Cushing all spring to mind.

Was Max Schreck the guy in the old movie "Nosferatu"? Just checking because thats on The Horror Channel todnight at 6.

Another note is that Sarah Michelle Gellar wasn't actually Buffy (In the movie) and so wouldn't qualify for that and her film roles have all been Bimbo killed early on. Hardly qualifications for this ;)

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So I passed it in, and since at the time of writing, I didn't have good replies in this thread, I seperated it into Actors and Directors, it looked like this:


Bruce Campbell

Lon Cheney

Vincent Price

Bella Lugosi

Anthony Hopkins

and a few more


Wes Craven

Clive Barker

Peter Jackson

Alford Hitchcock

Tobe Hooper

and a few others

I've always wanted to know more about Clive Barker, as he is one sick fuck from what I've seen.

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