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Why was Steve Burna (from Blues Clues) fired?

Guest George

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I recently got curious, and decided to research the internet.

All I could find was that he really isn't dead, but I can't find the reason he was fired from that program tho (I'm beginning to think he was addicted to heroin). Anyone can help me?

For anyone who doesn't remember him...


EDIT: Bah, I meant to type Steve BURNS... dang it.

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Because I got curious, and because the other time I was browsing through the channels.... ok that was a lie... I was watching Nickelodeon and when Blue's Clues came on, there was no Steve, but his "brother" who just doesn't cut it.

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Ahhh yes Blue's Clues Steve. Indy Rock God




Now here's a clue. If you are going into music after a pre-schoolers show, channeling Justin Timberlake may not be the way to go

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