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The American Idiot Tour


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So the night finally arrived and I was off to Worcester to see the most influential band in my life, Green Day.

Along the way, I also saw Sugarcult and New Found Glory.

Suguarcult= A-OK and they played Stuck in America so (Y) for Sugarcult

New Found Glory= Disappointing. I saw them at Warped Tour over the summer and they were one of the best bands of the show, but tonight they just seemed to be missing something. It was alright but they quickly just became the band that needs to get offstage so I can see Green Day.

So then the moment finally came. The lights dimmed and 6 flags bearing the heart in hand grenade raised up while the theme from 2001 A Space Odessey played and Green Day took the stage.

The INCREDIBLE set went something like this:

American Idiot

Jesus of Suburbia


Are We The Waiting



Hitchin' A Ride



King For A Day

Shout (cover)





The bid us farewell after that, but it wasn't good enough. The lighted Green Day sign came back down from the rafters and we cheered their name as they ran back onstage for the Encore which went like this:

Boulevard of Broken Dreams


Wake Me Up When September Ends

Then Billie stopped and said he knew what this needed, and came back with a Red Sox's hat as the band played a spectacular rendition of Queen's We Are The Champions, the whole song too, with Billie ad-libbing "I'M JOHNNY DAMON BITCH!" in the middle.

Mike, Tre and Jason bowed off stage and Billie walked to the center of the stage and played Good Riddance solo to end the best concert I've ever seen.

Sure I'm biased but this was more amazing than I can put into words. The drummer from my friend's band New Blood got pulled onstage to play drums during Knowledge, only to be choked by Tre for showing off and then forced to stage dive by Billie.

If you have the opportunity to see Green Day live at any time, go. Go as fast as you can.

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Let me ask everyone bashing Green Day something.

What did you expect to get in this thread? You expect me to trash the band or something?

If you don't like Green Day, do you honestly think I care? Does the thread say "Please tell me what you think about Green Day?"

This thread is obviously pro-Green Day and a review of the show, so where do you get the idea anyone wants to hear your thoughts on them in here?

Thanks for the second part of your statement though Ghost

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As well as possibly Bad Religion and Rise Against (Rumours are saying RA and BR tour might come to the UK next year).

Pot calling the kettle black. Bad Religion, of all bands, are highly overrated and offer nothing spectacular to the table [besides giving us Epitaph records]. Add to the fact they are one of the most inconsistent bands out there [The Process of Belief was absolute shit, but The Empire Strikes Back was alright...] and Rise Against... well, same thing. Pretty generic, pretty bland, pretty nothing, I mean, I don't see the appeal whatsoever. And I am an avid listener to punk-rock.

Green Day, at the least, has two solid releases behind them that managed to garner both pop and critical success, which was basically the point of their albums. Green Day always puts on a fantastic live show and they always manage to suck their fans in for a few more bucks, which is always good.

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WTF. I was "bashing" Green Day. Where the hell? I didn't come out and say "Boo, Green Day sucks" did I? I offered logical explainations to why I didn't like them which IMO doesn't constitute bashing them. In fact I said "That doesn't mean they aren't good". Which means, I sort of like them (To a certain extent).though lots of their songs have a similar sound. What I said is not bashing them. Oh and somebody saying "I'm glad you had fun" now means they weren't bashing them. You know what, it's stuff like this that pisses me off. You can't have an oppinion about anything anymore, without being accused of bashing somebody or something. It's so fucking ridiculous.

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Besides : Smaller gigs > Larger gigs.

So true. I saw Sum 41 in a small venue, I hate them, but it was a good fucking time for the simple fact that it was just them and a few fans... they really just seemed to play it for the love of playing.

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