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GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Reviews pour in

Big Tuna

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Reviews have been coming in for the sequel to the great GoldenEye game, and it isn't looking very good. Gamespot gave it 6.3 out of 10 and IGN gave it 6.5 out of 10.

IGN's Review:


Slick menus are coupled with a snore-fest of a story and empty, shallow characters.


Holding up at 30 FPS on all three systems, Rogue Agent sports dull textures, level designs, and generic enemies.


Paul Oakenfold doesn't make his strongest case here, while some of the voice-acting is good.


The run and gun gameplay is decent, but the single-player experience is a slog of repetitive, boring levels with no climatic sections. The Goldeneye stuff feels like a second thought

Lasting Appeal-8.0/10

This 10-12 hour single-player game is better in the four-player multiplayer modes. Decent as a split-screen game or online for PS2 and Xbox.


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The truth is, this game only shares the name with Goldeneye. It doesn't play/look/sound/feel like the original Goldeneye and it's just EA trying to cash in.

It was a bold move coming out a month after Killzone(PS2 Shooter GOTY) 2 weeks after Halo 2(XBOX shooter GOTY) and a week after Half-Life 2(PC Shooter GOTY) and it looks like it's hurting Goldeneye

GameSpot's review:

An uninteresting story and lackluster gameplay, both online and off, leaves Rogue Agent feeling rather flat.

GameSpot Score: 6.3 fair

Gameplay - 6

Graphics - 6

Sound - 7

Value - 7

Tilt - 6

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