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Exile in Oblivion - Strung Out

Album of the year for me. I'd waited so long for this. And from the moment the first songs starts to the last songs finishes it's awesome. Not a bad track on. There's Darker songs like Analog, LuciferMotorcade, Her Name in Blood, Katatonia, Scarlet and SkeletonDanse. Catchy more "poppy" tunes like Anna Lee and Swan Dive. Aweful lyrics (See, see what I did there :shifty:) in Analog, Blueprint to the Fall, Angeldust, Vampires (Sort of polar opposite kind of songs) and No Voice of Mine (It sounds so much better than the RAB version, faster too). And the simply stunning, Never Speak Again and The Misanthropic Principle. In fact the entire album is phenomenal, the lyrics are greatly improved from previous efforts, and I love the new sound.

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Green Day's came out two and a half months ago. That's said, it's the best of the bunch out there.

However, I'll comment on my second place (in terms of true mainstream albums). It's Gwen Stefani's album, mostly because Em and U2's latest were steps back rather than forward.

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The last album that truely blew me away was released in May of this year, that being Skinny Puppy's The Greater Wrong of the Right.

But as for in the past 2 months? Probably Gwen Stefani's latest. Or the mash-up between Jay-Z & Linkin Park.

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Talib Kweli's "The Beautiful Struggle" is probably the only one in the last 2 or 3 months.

Anyways, The Beautiful Struggle is just an all out awesome album. Though I enjoyed some songs more than others, there isn't really one bad track, in my opinion. The opening track, "Going Hard", Kweli sets the tone, that being a fully listenable, enjoyable, insightful, conscience hip hop album. Lyrically, there are few better than Talib Kweli, and it shows on this record. Even "Around My Way", a song that has an R&B base, is fantastic and easy to listen to. In fact, the first verse of this song is probably one of the best pieces of lyrical work I have heard in a long time. My personal favorite tune is the title track, "Beautiful Struggle", clear cut best song on the album, in my opinion at least. It may be my favorite Kweli song ever, next to "Eternalist" and "Guerrilla Monsoon Rap". It has an incredible mix of lyrical content and flow that complements the instrumentals extremely well. There is just something about the song that I love, not quite sure what it is, but it is something. All in all, The Beatiful Struggle was a refreshing album, something different. One of my favorite CD's of the year, maybe even my number one favorite. Certainly not your run of the mill rap/hip hop records, though, so not everyone can get into them like a commercially successful album that Eminem or 50 Cent release. I do believe, however, everyone can appreciate the nature of it. So if you are looking for something different and haven't already discovered Talib Kweli, I suggest going out and purchasing Reflection Eternal, Quality, and The Beautiful Struggle.

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Well, probably Collision Course, but the lack of tracks and bad songs on it make it a disappointing album on the part of both artistes. I would say the new Marilyn Manson album, the Best Of one, but that has come out for more than two months, hasn't it?

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