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GTA 2 for Free

Herr Matzat

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after GTA 1 a while ago and some other game, rockstar now released GTA2 for free and download, you just need to register wich is free.


the server seems to get hammert at the moment, you better bring some patianc

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Cool, never had GTA2 which is odd due to it being a PS1 game and back then PS1 games were so cheap ;). I bought the orginal a year or two ago on PC with GTA London for about £3 from Sainsburys :P

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if annyone manages to get the actual download link, plz post it, i have been tring to get the formulat sent all day long and always got conection refusal with every browser i have

Is this is anything like GTA 1 on the classic games page, the thing gets emailed to you and i'm not sure if it'll only work for you.

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Guest UmpireAJS

I think thats the last of it. Rockstar wont probably be releasing GTAIII for free since it still kicks a**, plus its too big. VC is still the latest GTA for PC gamers like me... so there.

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