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Tutorial Trip Through TEW


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OOC: This will probably be the least detailed "diary" you'll ever see from me. I'd even go so far as to say it's primarily a TEW tutorial and a chance to look at something that isn't really covered here due to the fact that most people can't and likely wouldn't follow it even if they could. My idea to even starting up the game was to see if I could take a small fictional Women's promotion to the top in Japan and someday rival the WWE. I know that I'll likely have to sacrifice the promotion's style in the future in order to make it the biggest company in the world, but that's my longterm goal. Either that or I can buy someone out, and run both a women's fed and the WWE's compeition separately.

Just to be clear, I deleted a large majority of the American indies and a handful of the other Joshi feds just so my computer could handle the loading times in less than 3-4 minutes per day. I'm starting this a couple of months into the game so everything from January & February isn't 100% accurate.


WWE - The worldwide leader in Sports Entertainment is far and away the # 1 company in the world, has the most money, the best equipment and no real threat to their dominance in site as yet. With Ohio Valley Wrestling as their developmental facility they have an option that every other company does not in regards to building stars for the future.

AJPW (All Japan Pro Wrestling) - Run by Keiji Mutoh, AJPW has adopted a more traditional approach to wrestling and is the most globally accepted Japanese based promotion, however they are the # 4 promotion of choice in their native land. They have a half hour TV show, Puroresu Love running Monday nights from 1:30-2 AM on TV Tokyo.

NWATNA - The # 2 promotion in the States is not in a position to threaten the WWE as of yet, but they are proving to be more than capable of holding onto their position in the U.S. as they have two television shows to their credit with Impact on Fox Sports & Xplosion on Urban America.

Pro Wrestling NOAH - The most popular company in Japan has a lot in common with AJPW as both companies call Tokyo their homebase and label themselves as "traditional", but NOAH has an advantage with TV shows on back to back nights with NOAH G+ on Friday nights from 8-9 PM on G+, leading into their flagship show NOAH's Ark which takes place on Saturdays from 7-9 PM on the popular Samurai TV network.

IFI (Inoki Fighting Inc.) - Japan's number one MMA promotion benefitted most from the collapses of both PRIDE and UFC (personal preference to remove them both) as they basically can choose whoever they want from the large pool of talented mixed martial artists in the world. Inoki is said to be looking to secure a TV deal in order to better compete with AJPW & NOAH.

DGPW (Dragon's Gate Pro Wrestling) - DGPW is the hottest rising promotion in the world today and rapidly approaching NOAH's top spot in Japan. Emphasizing a lucha style and employing some of the best high flyers on the planet has allowed Dragon's Gate to run weekly shows at the Differ Ariake, AND have two weekly TV shows, Dragon's Gate Infinity (9-11 PM, Fridays on Gaora) and Dragon Gate: Door of the Dragon (6:30-7 PM, Saturdays on TNC SPorts), all while not burning out their increasingly rabid and expanding fanbase.


Z-1 (Pro Wrestling Zero-One) - Z-1 is the only hybrid promotion to make a splash in Japan, but do not look for them to make any inroads on the larger promotions any time soon as they do not have IFI's finances, a TV show or a "superstar" to build around for the future.

ROH (Ring of Honor) - America's indy darling runs more monthly shows than just about everyone, but their popularity ranges from WWE-like in the Northeast to almost non existent in certain areas of the country making it hard to make up the ground they need to on TNA. They have the advantage of developing young talent into stars, but that blessing can also be a curse in that they don't have the money to pay these youngsters to keep them from leaving when TNA and the WWE come calling.

NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling) - Surprisingly NJPW's owner Antonio Inoki seems to be putting more of an effort into getting his pet project, IFI, recognized while his nearly 35 year old company suffers in a lack of popularity both in and outside of Japan. They have two TV shows, but seems to be going backwards in their quest to reclaim their spot as one of Japan's top promotions.


Stampede Wrestling - The only company left in Canada today as BCW & IWS went belly up.

Osaka Pro Wrestling - A niche promotion which wants to be DGPW but isn't.

OVW - The WWE's developmental camp.

Pro Wrestling Guerrila - The only fed that calls So-Cal home.


GAEA Japan - The number 1 joshi promotion today features some of the biggest stars in the sport and a breakneck pace that none of their opponents have been able to match. Their G-Panic program which runs from 8:30-10 PM on Thursday nights is the longest TV show featuring only women around and that gives them an advantage over the rest of their competition.

AJW (All Japan Women's Wrestling) - AJW has been around since 1968, but their lack of a TV show is hurting them as they have fallen behind GAEA and are barely holding off some of their opposition based solely on their history and relative strength in regards to star power.

Jd' Star - This company has adopted a Vince McMahon-like approach to promoting itself by introducing the concept of athresses (athletes/actresses). Essentially Jd' emphasizes looks over talent, which has allowed it to stay afloat although one could argue that it is not necessarily successful. They do however have a TV show, JD Star Red Zone which runs from 9-10 PM on Wednesdays.

A to Z - The remnants of ARSION, only missing a lot of its former talent. A to Z also has a TV show, but it's a single half hour on Tuesday nights so A to Z primarily has to rely on their monthly shows for their finances.

LLPW (Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling) - The best way to describe them is as WCW right before they died, relying heavily on stars of yesteryear while not having any young talent to work with. If I had to guess on which company if any would go bankrupt before us, it would be LLPW.

Next up: The formation of the promotion, its initial roster and the results/impact of its first month of shows. And just to be a tease, ROH got SCREWED hardcore within the first couple of weeks, LOL.

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naiwf said LOL.

What the fuck is all this about, huh?


Good idea, naiwf.

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OOC: I think this will be the final post that doesn't actually mention what's going on in the context of the actual shows this diary will focus on.

Well, I've got so many different files and logos associated with TEW scattered around my computer that I basically decided to work backwards from finding a logo that I liked and naming the company after it. I settled on WMF since the logo is simple enough and you can't really read what's on the bottom in text <_< I figured I'd have some fun with the naming of the company, titles, tag teams and whatnot since some of the Japanese names are rather quirky to say the least, and I shamelessly stole ideas I liked and just translated it into Spanish, thus Women's Mundial (Worldwide) Frontier was born! As you can see if I'd named it in English, I'd be facing a lawsuit I wouldn't be able to win. I then decided that I would make Fukuoka my homebase as it was far away from Tokyo where most of the other Japanese feds would be based in, and thus the most frequented stop in the country. Once the company had a name and a location, I needed to create a primary title. . . Queen of ARSION always sounded cool to me, and since I had two women under contract who held such an honor, I decided to Spanglicize it, and came up with La Reina de WMF.

****Here's where the 1st of what I think may be many TEW tips comes in. I ran a practice month or so with no TV show and the default contracts just to see what would happen, and essentially I lost a ton of money and spent most of my time watching the game process data. That could easily get boring as I'd have at least a year or more before I could get a TV show as I was constantly reminded by even the smallest networks in the game. With that in mind, I decided to start over and try with a TV show on a created local network not so creatively labelled Fukuoka Local. This time I made a little bit of progress regarding money, although I lost a bundle again . The main problem this time was that I was only gaining bits of overness in the Kyushu region which consists of four locales, Fukouka, Kumamoto, Nagasaki & Kagoshima. Since my viewership was so low, I was not going to be able to extend my TV contract which the game inconveniently generated to come to an end at the end of the month. Realizing that I'd be right back where I started in short order, I opted for WMF V3.0 *grumbles*

Armed with the knowledge that I NEEDED a TV show on a decent network, I figured I may as well join the Samurai TV family as it already had 4 other wrestling programs airing. So, I added WMFukuoka to the schedule on late Wednesdays/early Thursdays from 1:30-2 AM. A half hour show would let me get a few segments on, work in some talent in dark matches and angles, and hopefully bring in some cash all while attempting to lift my overness before my first contract would run out. I caught a break here as it wasn't due to expire until April 3rd, 2005, allowing me a full three months to earn my keep so to speak. So now I had a TV show, a name, a location, a title belt and some semblance of what I wanted to do.

At this point I made a few deus ex machina decisions that won't really help me too much, but also would prevent me from getting bored in the pivotal first 3 months or so. I realized that I wanted a training camp since 99% of the women in the game, even using Miko's stats from .400 would suck balls in and out of the ring. Since I likely was not going to be able to buy anyone out for a couple of years, I created the WMF School. I also needed a way to not bleed money for the first few months, so I tinkered with contracts, giving some people written contracts with PPA fees when I knew I wasn't going to use them right away but felt like it would be good to get used to having to pay everyone something. All of those workers started off in WMFS where they wouldn't go to waste, but would also cost me money. I figured that was a fair trade off. Assuming I ever get to buy some company out, I will make that my development unit and close down the school since it seems I can get just as much value with fairly liberal usage of dark matches as I can by training with even the most talented of women workers.

With all of that out of the way, the last thing I need to do is introduce the women who will try to make WMF the queens of the wrestling world! Please not that this will likely be split in two since I don't think one post can handle all of the pictures.


Adara James

user posted image

Adara found the Steel Domain Training Centre in Chicago and began extensive training in wrestling. Although she is known for her highflying aerial moves, don't underestimate her technical and brawling abilities. Adara will play a face with a Tomboy gimmick.

Ai Fujita

user posted image

Ai Fujita debuted with ARSION in 1999. A former comedian, Fujita was not only a funny girl with alot of personality, but she developed into a great high flier who could hit a twisting 450 Splash as well as working shoot style. Nicknamed 'Sweet Brown Angel', Fujita will play a face with a Rich Girl gimmick.

Alexis Laree

user posted image

Alexis is an exciting young star who turned pro straight out of high school. After several turns as a manger and valet on the independent circuit, Alexis was contracted to OVW before being released and signing with WMF. She has a bright future ahead of her and will play a face with an Equality Fighter gimmick.

Angel Williams

user posted image

The Canadian born Williams is a former Sunshine Girl model, and has worked all over the independent wrestling scene in Ontario. Angel is best known for being the backstage interviewer at the now defunct Border City Wrestling. Angel will play a face with a Straightedge gimmick, but will be starting her career in WMFS.

Apple Miyuki

user posted image

A young wrestler who debuted with Kaientai Dojo, Apple Miyuki shows great potential. Apple will also begin her contract in WMFS where she will play a face with a standard Joshi wrestler gimmick.

Ayako Hamada

user posted image

The daughter of pro wrestler Gran Hamada, Ayako debuted for ARSION as a very promising rookie. Because of her background and look, she was pushed faster than a rookie typically would be, rising high in ARSION before leaving to become a free agent. Hamada has held the World title equivalents in ARSION, GAEA Japan and AJW! It seems as though it's only a matter of time before she adds the WMF equivalent to her resume. Hamada will play a face with a Young Lion gimmick.


user posted image

Chamera is the first female graduate of the NWA Ireland training facility and has already caused a stir in Hammerlock. This sultry character has promise, but needs further training which she will receive at WMFS. Chamera will play a heel with a Bitch gimmick.

Cheerleader Melissa

user posted image

Cheerleader Melissa was a valet and personality in APW, and was trained by Christopher Daniels among others. Often considered the best North American worker not in the WWE, she will play a heel with a Canadian centric, bitch gimmick.


user posted image

Chi! Ha! Ru! Or so the chants go. Chiharu might be an average wrestler at best but she has some charisma, a schoolgirl outfit and a cheerleader gimmick, complete with baton. That's been enough to keep this freelance wrestler busy. In WMF Chiharu will play a face with a Girl Next Door gimmick, but she will continue to wear the cheerleader outfit!

Christie Ricci

user posted image

If dedication, drive and desire are needed to be a success in the wrestling business, and they are, then Christie Ricci is well on her way to stardom. The 5'10, 160 pound Amazon will will play a heel with a Narcissist gimmick.

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user posted image

Fans, opponents and promoters never know what to expect when Echelon steps into the ring. In fact, even Echelon herself doesn't know what to expect when she steps into the ring! This psychotic, angry, disturbed and unpredictable lady is beyond description. The 5'9 175 pounder will play a heel with a Psycho gimmick.

Erica Porter

user posted image

From tomboy to female ring Tarzan (WOW's Jungle Grrl) straight to center of the squared circle of UPW; such is the unusual but undeniable path to success that brought standout Erica Porter to rapid prominence in the thick of the SoCal wrestling before heading to Japan where she will play a face with a Tomboy gimmick.

Fabi Apache

user posted image

Born Fabiola Balbuena Torres, the daughter of Gran Apache soon shortened her name to Fabi Apache when she debuted in lucha libre. 'La India Bonita', Fabi split her time between Mexico and Japan, wrestling for ARSION. Already claiming to be a bigger star than her father AND sister combined, Fabi will play a heel with an Evolution gimmick!


user posted image

She is considered the best female wrestler outside of Japan, and has been trained with men to take and dish out the highest punishment. She can beat anybody in any style, and her only downside is her diminutive size but even that can't stop her from dominating when she puts her mind to it. The former 'Queen of Hardcore' will play a heel with an Extremist gimmick.

(Aussie) Madison

user posted image

Not to be confused with Canada's Madison, this 6’2” 'Bombshell' from Down Under made an instant impact upon debuting in December 2001. From that time she has chokeslammed her way to be one of the top female performers in Australia and the world. Madison will play a heel with a Sexy gimmick.

Mariko Yoshida

user posted image

Mariko Yoshida was midcard for life in AJW, where she was considered a good high flyer but nothing special. But that all changed when she joined ARSION where she transformed into a lethal technician and submission grappler before claiming their highest honor 3 times. The 34 year old head trainer of WMFS will play a heel with a Joshi Shooter gimmick.

Mary Apache

user posted image

'La Voradora del Mundo', the other daughter of Gran Apache, Mariela Balbueno Torres changed her name when she debuted as a luchadora. Initially very spotty, her work improved as she worked in Japan for ARSION. Agile and surprisingly powerful, the elder Apache sister will play a face with a Luchadore gimmick.

Momoe Nakanishi

user posted image

Momoe was one of the rising stars of AJW, and managed to become one of the best joshi wrestlers in the world at a young age. The 23 year old became a free agent last year, and signed with WMF to measure her skills against both Hamada and Yoshida. Momoe will play a face with a Joshi wrestler gimmick.


user posted image

The mysterious Policewoman debuted with Osaka Pro but has since gone freelance. A fairly average wrestler, she has a little of the goofy flair Osaka Pro was based on. The masked wrestler will play a heel with an Armed Forces (Corrupt Cop) gimmick in WMFS.

Summer Rain

user posted image

(I know that's Alere Little Feather, but I couldn't find anyone else to fit the gimmick) Not much is known about this 25 year old Native American, except that she considers all "foreigners" to be evil. Rain will play a heel with a Native American gimmick, and has been rumored to be very close with Policewoman, possibly forming a team in WMFS.

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The Bloody

user posted image

Naomi Kato debuted as The Bloody Phoenix, but after she lost her Phoenix mask she became simply The Bloody. An excellent all-arounder who will brawl, bleed, fly and has great suplexes. Bloody will play a heel with a Joshi Hardcore Queen gimmick.


user posted image

While Valentina may have started in the wrestling business as a manager and valet, it didn't take this self-proclaimed "little bad ass" long to transition from ringside vixen to in-ring combatant. She will play a heel with a Slut gimmick.

Yoshiko Tamura

user posted image

Yoshiko Tamura's career mirrored that of Mariko Yoshida as she too was midcard for life in AJW, though she showed sparks of greater promise. Something she didn't get to show in her first run in Neo, but later she became the cool Tamura-sama, a supremely talented all rounder with a good look. Tamura will play a face with a Joshi Shooter gimmick.

Yu Yamagata

user posted image

A young wrestler who debuted with ARSION. She has a strong technical background, and has only improved since training with Kaientai Dojo. Yamagata will play a heel with a Joshi wrestler gimmick.

Yuka Nakamura

user posted image

From the begining Yuka Nakamura has been more of an idol wrestler, as she's not the most skilled in the ring but very cute. Yuka's appeared in a number of photoshoots while working on her wrestling, becoming a decent high flyer. The lovable Nakamura will play a face with a Joshi Idol gimmick.

Yuki Miyazaki

user posted image

Yuki Miyazaki started with JWP back in 1995, then moved on to Jd' and then finally ended up with NEO. Though often a vicious heel in Jd' as part of Lioness Asuka's group, recently she teamed with humorous Tanny Mouse to form NEO Machine Guns. In WMF Yuki will play a face with a Joshi Goofball gimmick.

Coming tomorrow: 5 shows in a month that saw me have to spend almost 1/5th of my budget! Oh yes, before I forget . . .

ROH SPOILER: Samoa Joe DOESN'T win! In something that made me laugh out loud, "Mr. RoH" left the company seven days into the game, vacating the World Title to go work fulltime for PWG, where he is now their top star.

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Good puro diary, but I have a slight problem... NO OFUNE?????? She could tag with Apple!!! You should post some shows soon... Ai Fujita retired in 2003, but if you are using EWR, then you'll have no problems, but with TEW, you'll have to bring her out of retirement...

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Good puro diary, but I have a slight problem...  NO OFUNE??????  She could tag with Apple!!!  You should post some shows soon...  Ai Fujita retired in 2003, but if you are using EWR, then you'll have no problems, but with TEW, you'll have to bring her out of retirement...

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I'd be happy to lend you Candice from my diary... she has good charisma and a great ability to drink (she once drank the Scotsman under the table!)

Other than that, I hope this diary works out as there haven't been a great many successful TEW diaries done. And it is a good engine, if a bit slow due to the masses of information. An intriguing mix of Sports Entertainment gimmicks and straight ahead athletes.

Not watching Japanese tapes or dvds, just what is Joshi? Because right now I keep having flashes of Yoshi from Super Mario.

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OOC: Joshi is just the Japanese term for female wrestling, and Fujita came out of retirement with little prodding.

I absolutely could not find the definition of some people's finishers, so I either made up moves that sounded right, or will just pretend you know what they are to save myself a lot of time and trouble. Fuckin' Momoraccis and Patriot Busters *sighs* I had to "cheat" and give all of my English speaking female workers the ability to speak Japanese and vice versa for if/when I run outside of Japan. I figure if PRIDE can have someone translate the intros from Japanese to English, WMF can have someone do the same with promos <_<

I also decided to pause after the monthly show from January. From now on I'll post the monthly show in one post, all the TV shows leading up to the next one together, and then the next monthly show. That way there's some build up, and I only have to type something decent up once per game month. Let me know what you think of the format.


We had a grand total of four days before we needed to come up with a 27 minute long episode of WMFukuoka, and I honestly didn't put too much thought into that program as our monthly show based in Fukuoka was coming up on the 9th and we had an hour and a half to fill. What I did decide was that WMF was going to try to appeal to all audiences as we would mix in a bit of Sports Entertainment with high quality wrestling and the obligatory T & A. On literally just a few minutes notice the night of our first TV taping I put together the following card. . .

1. 4 Way Bikini Showdown - Valentina def. Alexis Laree, Madison & Yuki Miyazaki - 38.4% (3 min)

2. Erica Porter p. Echelon via Jungle Splash - 37.7/0/66 (7:26)

3. Mary Apache hype video - 26.3% (3 min)

MAIN EVENT - Momoe Nakanishi p. Christie Ricci via Momoracci - 37/3.7/71.4 (9:31)

5. Valentina int - 41.9% (3 min)

Fukuoka - 36.3%, 637 attendance, 4036 viewers

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A day after our last TV show we were sent a fax from Samurai TV DEMANDING that we improve our camera set up and production facility. I quickly called Samurai and asked what they specifically wanted from us, and a particularly stupid intern tried to explain to me that we needed a better camera and a better way to produce our tapes. After telling him that I was indeed capable of reading, and that I wasn't looking to purchase state of the art equipment because we didn't have the money for it, he then delivered some staggering news. . . it would "only" cost us $85,000 to buy what we needed directly from Samurai. After telling him I'd call back, I began to panic as that was 17% of our entire budget, and there was no way we could know if this kind of investment would even be able to keep us on TV when our contract ran out. After talking to most of the workers on the roster, they assured me they would remain loyal to WMF if we did everything we could to make this work. So after swallowing a half bottle of Maalox, I called back and told Samurai to send us the equipment and the bill for it ASAP.

January 12th, 2005

1. Yu Yamagata att Chiharu - 33% (3 min)

2. Valentina p. Adara James via Tornado DDT after cheating - 28.7/0.6/53.7 (6:37)

3. Cluster storyline featuring (Ai Fujita, Ayako Hamada, Fabi Apache, LuFitso, Mariko Yoshida & Yoshiko Tamura) hype video - 15% (3 min)

MAIN EVENT - Yu Yamagata def. Chiharu via submission with the Yu Lock 1 - 38.5/10.6/62 (8:53)

5. WMF Owner Mr. (John) Smith int - 58.6% (3 min)

Kumamato - 29.6%, 370 attendance, 9295 (+5259) viewers, Fukuoka overness 14.3%, WMF title 5.4, adara/val 7.5, cluster 20.8, momoe/ricci 6.4

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I like the format. I don't really have to know how the match went and what moves they did, and I don't have to know what those women actually said in there interviews so this format is :thumbsup: I'm a quite surprised by the riskyness of your shows. Valentina's removal of James' top is risky.

I can't wait for the next update and the next big show :) This has been great

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OOC: Although the in ring portion of this diary is paused just before Februrary 13th's next monthly event in Fukuoka, I'm going to include all of the transactions that took place until the end of February just to make things tidier. Anyone who is going to my training school won't have their picture or bio included at this time, but I'll be sure to do so before they come up to the main company so you have some idea who they are and what they look like.

JANUARY 1st thru FEBRUARY 28th


February 6th saw A to Z extend their contract with Samurai TV for 180 days. This gave us some hope that we would be able to re-up with the network since our viewership is roughly the same, and we've got about two more months to go which will hopefully see us continue to grow.

It was a particularly good month for DGPW as TNC Sports extended the Dragon Gate: Door of the Dragon show for 6 months on February 8th, and Gaora did the same for Dragon Gate Infinity on the 23rd.

On the 19th, in a move that surprised absolutely no one, Velocity was also given six more months on the air by Spike TV.

March 8th may be reflected on as a day which one of our competitors couldn't recover from as AJW was unable to renew their contract with Samurai TV!


January saw us pick up two more trainees as 17 year old American, Alicia agreed to a 3 year long, $350 PPA contract on the 10th, and three days later we picked up 20 year old Showa-Ko with a 2 1/2 year, $220 PPA contract. The ironic thing about these deals is that they won't get paid as long as they are in training, and it's quite possible that neither will see any money for quite some time, so in essence the contracts will be for less than they thought.

February 3rd, stole Ran Yuyu from GAEA Japan when she inked a 3 year long written deal worth $1,402 monthly.

Ran Yuyu

user posted image

Tomoko Miyaguchi started with JWP, where her name was changed to Ran Yuyu after a few years. Not big, but a fiesty worker with a straight forward brawling style. During her recent partnership with Toshie Uematsu, she added a nastier attitude, which she will bring to WMF. The 10 year veteran will play a heel with a Troublemaker gimmick.

February 4th, signed Tsubasa Kuragaki to a 3 year long written deal worth $2,220 monthly.

Tsubasa Kuragaki

user posted image

Formerly named Yasuko, Kuragaki began her career relying a little more on her looks, but she has developed into a very solid wrestler with some painful looking high flying moves. Kuragaki will play a face with a Young Lion gimmick.

February 5th, GAEA felt our wrath for the second time in three days as we stole the formerly retired Kayo Noumi with a 3 year long written deal worth $1,848 monthly. Not only did Kayo leave GAEA, she also agreed to unretire upon joining up with us! To complete the day, 17 year old British rookie Roxi signed a 3 year long, $189 PPA contract with WMFS.

Kayo Noumi

user posted image

Young as she is (28), Kayo Noumi is a veteran who wrestled for AJW for eight years before retiring. Known more for her looks and photobooks than her wrestling, she steadily improved in the ring over the years, and hopes to prove that her decision to re-enter the ring was the right move. Kayo will play a face with a Joshi wrestler gimmick.

February 6th, signed Teruko Kagawa to a 3 year, $184 PPA contract with WMFS, and 25 year old former Jd' employee Yumi Ohka to a 3 year long written deal worth $1,420 monthly.

Yumi Ohka

user posted image

Ohka was one of the most popular of JD's athresses, where she had been teaming with The Bloody, before Bloody signed with WMF. Though athletic and energetic, Yumi is still young and learning. Now that she's reunited with The Bloody, Ohka seems ready to make their old tandem a factor in the recently formed tag team division. Ohka will play a heel with a Joshi idol gimmick.

February 8th, was a HUGE day for us, and one that Jd' will like to forget! Early in the day we signed 24 year old Kayoko Haruyama to a 3 year long, $375 PPA contract. Although Kayoko will continue to work for LLPW on the side, she has pledged her loyalty to us first and foremost. Later in the day, the thefts continued as we acquired both Keiko Saito and Megumi Yabushita from Jd' with 3 year long written contracts worth $1,045 and $1,570 respectively. Taking 3/5 of Jd's biggest names shouldn't have felt as good as it did :shifty:

Kayoko Haruyama, Keiko Sato, Megumi Yabushita

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

A solid, average brawler who debuted for JWP, Haruyama has the potential to be an exceptional worker as she is only 25 year old and willing to learn. . . Just past her rookie stage after debuting with JD', Sato is a promising high flyer but she still has alot to learn. Sato will play a face with a Joshi idol gimmick after a short stint in WMFS. . . A talented judoka, Yabushita got a late start in pro wrestling debuting at 25, but her exceptional physical ability allowed her to make up for lost time, and her win over 300+ pound Svetlana Gundarenko in a MMA match made headlines. Yabushita is a great submission wrestler who will play a face with a Joshi shooter gimmick.

February 10th, we beat GAEA to the punch again as we signed Michiko Omukai to a 3 year written deal worth $2,377 montly. Omukai would only sign if given creative control, which worried me, but her all around skillset should prove more valuable than any backstage politicking.

Michiko Omukai

user posted image

Wrestled with LLPW, ARSION and A to Z before becoming a freelancer. Tall and thin, she looks almost fragile but works an aggressive, striking based style. Also know for her smartness outside the ring in the politics of wrestling. Omukai will play a heel with a Joshi idol gimmick!

February 13th, signed 22 year old Kassidy to a 2 year long, $390 PPA contract with WMFS, and we got GAEA's number one more time when their legendary heel Mayumi Ozaki left them after signing our biggest contract to date, a 3 year long deal worth $4,400 monthly, a PPV bonus, creative control, medical cover and a 30 day termination clause! Although it's a lot to pay for a 35 year old worker who debuted in 1986, Ozaki is perhaps the best active talent we could find, and anything that hurts GAEA by extension helps us out.

Mayumi Ozaki

user posted image

'The Queen of Heels'. Though not particularly big or strong, her vixenish nastiness has made her popular with many fans. A smart worker who focuses more on brawling than high flying, she frequently uses weapons to get the job done. 'Oz' will play a heel with a Joshi hardcore queen gimmick.

February 15th, we officially became GAEA fans' worst nightmare as we signed the formerly retired Yumi Fukawa to a 3 year long written deal worth $2,406. Fukawa also demanded creative control when choosing us over re-signing with GAEA, so we reluctantly gave in to her demands and signed the deal before she went elsewhere.

Yumi Fukawa

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Like a few other wrestlers now working for WMF, Yumi Fukawa debuted with AJW and soon settled in as midcard for life, until she joined ARSION, where she was repackaged with a lucha-shooter gimmick. A great grappler with good flying skills, injuries forced her to retire in 2001. But after nearly 4 years away from the ring, the 28 year old is ready to return to action. Fukawa will play a face with a Joshi shooter gimmick.

As you can see, we're now loaded with talent and can shed some of our original signees when their contracts run out, BUT we also have a handful of people with (CCC's) creative control clauses, and that could cause some problems as any wrestling fan would know. It also remains to be seen if stealing some top stars from two of my rivals will hurt them as much as it helps me, of if I'll just end up "WCWing" myself <_<

Coming soon: WMF's 2nd monthly event, and some backstage HEAT!

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Our second monthly event saw a huge increase in attendance as we went from 1,010 fans all the way up to 2,748! With so many people in the crowd, it was imperative that we deliver a good show in order to keep the word of mouth building as we looked to establish our place in the joshi scene. With that in mind, we hesitantly sent out two young and promising but not so well known workers to see if they could deliver in front of this many people.

1 - 'The 6'1 Bombshell' Madison vs Yuki Miyazaki

The show began with Madison making her way down to the ring where she towered over the referee as he ran down the rules of the match with her. Moments later, he significantly shorter (5'3) opponent, Yuki Miyazaki entered the ring and loosened up against the ropes. Once the bell rang Madison tried to corner Yuki, but the smaller woman's superior speed allowed her to get away until she caught Madison with a dropkick to the chest. Madison staggered to the ropes, but rebounded with a monstrous clothesline that saw Yuki do a half flip in the air! Madison followed that up with a huge jackknife powerbomb that showed her strength and a bit of her mean streak. Not content with the damage she'd already done, Madison went for another powerbomb, but Yuki sensed it coming and countered it with a sit out facebuster! Madison got to her feet quickly, but was still dazed as she got kicked in the stomach. After doubling her opponent over, Yuki spun behind Madison and lifted her up and over with a perfectly executed TIGER SUPLEX, which was good enough for the victory.

Yuki Miyazaki p. Madison - 42.9/2.8/64.4 (7 min)

2 - Alexis Laree vs Cheerleader Melissa

The next contest was intended to start up a feud between Alexis Laree & Cheerleader Melissa, but things did not quite pan out in the long run which is why the finish here may seem rather odd out of context. Laree came out first to polite applause, while Melissa didn't allow the fans any chance to react as she came sprinting down the aisle and nailed Laree with a dropkick that saw her face barely miss catching the edge of the ring apron! The powerfully built Canadian then scooped Laree up and dropped her chest first across the guardrail before finally sending her into the ring where the bell finally sounded. With Laree already hurting, Melissa began to stomp away at her in the corner before driving a couple of knees into the side of her head. A blatant chokehold by Melissa's foot followed, but Laree managed to fight back by grabbing a handful of her tights and pulling her headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. After catching her breath, Laree managed to land a couple of German suplexes, and was climbing to the top rope when LuFisto emerged from the back, Laree caught sight of Melissa's ally and caught her with a beautiful crossbody splash off of the top! Melissa then rolled out of the ring and blasted Laree with a clothesline, before powerbombing Alexis on the outside. The referee's count got up to 7 at this point, and instead of re-entering the ring Melissa continued to pound her opponent on the outside, leading to a double countout. Shortly thereafter, Erica Porter showed up to make the save. While Laree looked a little worse for wear, she still seemed ready to fight as she headed to the back.

Alexis Laree & Cheerleader Melissa fight to a double CO - 37.5/7/62.4 (8 min)


Meanwhile, WMF Champion, Mariko Yoshida decided now would be a good time to try and soften up her opponent in tonight's Main Event as she blindsided Ai Fujita with a shot from her title belt. Yoshida then mounted Fujita and delivered a few palm and elbow strikes to the face before cinching in a CROSS ARMBREAKER! Fujita shrieked in pain until Ayako Hamada broke it up by kicking Yoshida in the small of her back. The champion threatened Hamada for her actions, but decided it would be best to walk away from the action especially after seeing her opponent clutching at her right elbow and calling for the medic.

Mariko att Ai - 43.2% (3 min) 

4 - Adara James vs Valentina

It was now time for a grudge match between two ladies who haven't gotten along from their very first encounter as Valentina was set to take on Adara James. Their first match took place just about a month prior to this one and saw Valentina score the tainted victory with a Tornado DDT following some cheating, but the crowd was not into that match at all and James' relative inexperience had the company rethinking whether or not to continue with this feud. Ultimately, this match would determine whether it would end here or if it would continue for another month. The action was fairly intense but basic as the two hammered away on each other without taking a break until James finally knocked Valentina down after a huge knee to the stomach. Valentina showed good ring awareness though as she managed to roll Adara up, making sure she had a handful of tights in the process, but a fired up James kicked out at 2 1/2, determined to not be beaten by a cheater twice in a row. James ducked a clothesline attempt and caught Val with a superkick on the point of her jaw leading to a nearfall of her own. James then pressed her advantage with a nicely executed brainbuster before climbing to the top rope. It was clear that James was slightly nervous as she struggled to get her balance before leaping off and planting her elbow squarely in Val's chest, which was more than enough to get the 1-2-3! The crowd reaction wasn't quite what it needed to be, so this likely saw the feud come to an end somewhat prematurely.

Adara James p. Valentina - 30.7/7.6/54.8 (9 min)

5 - Christie Ricci vs Momoe Nakanishi

The next contest was another battle between two talented youngsters as 22 year old American Christie Ricci was set to take on one of Japan's finest female workers, 24 year old Momoe Nakanishi. Much like in our first match, an Amazonian foreign born wrestler towered over a native worker as the 5'10, 160 pound Ricci dwarfed her 5'2 opponent, but Momoe's speed more than made up for her lack of size as she ran circles around Ricci striking her with kicks and open handed blows before the Tennessee native could counter. Eventually though, Momoe's luck ran out as she ate a size 10 boot to the mouth! Ricci then showed her awesome strength by EASILY pressing Momoe above her head, and doing a few reps before powerslamming Nakanishi into the mat. Ricci followed that up with a splash which earned her a 2 count. Christie felt the count was slow and let the referee know that as she attempted to launch Momoe over the top rope, but the feisty youngster managed to hang on to the top rope, pull herself up and execute a beautiful slingshot missile dropkick! Ricci was embarassed by how she'd been taken down and charged at Momoe who caught her with a drop toehold near the ropes, allowing Momoe to hit her with a 619 style kick to the teeth. The crowd was now firmly behind Momoe's efforts as she was setting up for the MOMORACCI, but it was at this point that Yu Yamagata came out of the crowd, spun Momoe around and drilled her with an Impaler DDT while Ricci tied up the official! Ricci smirked as Yamagata rolled out of the ring and then pulled a nearly unconscious Momoe up into a thunderous powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Ricci then made sure to hook the leg, allowing her to pick up the tainted victory over Nakanishi.

Christie Ricci p. Momoe Nakanishi after interference by Yu Yamagata - 45.3/7.4/66.1 (11 min)


Just before her match was about to take place, Ayako Hamada came out to the ring and requested a microphone from the ring announcer. Before she began to speak, Hamada made sure to acknowledge fans on each side of the ring.

Hamada: "First off, I just want to say that I will be at ringside for tonight's Main Event to make sure that Ai-chan gets fair treatment in her quest to become La Reina de WMF against our dishonorable champion, Mariko Yoshida. Secondly, I look forward to testing my skills against The Bloody for the second time tonight. Our last match was most violent, but I was able to overcome her and my loss of blood thanks to the support of all of my great fans. I only hope to make myself worthy of receiving another shot at becoming champion after I defeat her once again!"

Ayako Hamada int - 57.2% (3 min)

7 - Ayako Hamada vs The Bloody

With Hamada already in the ring, The Bloody walked out to a negative response from the crowd who were solidly behind her opponent, but that did not seem to bother her in the least. Their match last month right here in Fukuoka was the most brutal of WMF's short existence, and the crowd was treated to yet another hard hitting contest between these two increasingly bitter rivals. The match began with The Bloody getting right in Hamada's face and jawing with her for a few seconds before delivering a cheapshot that saw Hamada recoil for a moment before turning around and catching Bloody with a spinning wheel kick to the side of the head. Hamada then pounced on Bloody and unloaded a dozen hard right hands to the head before The Bloody rolled through and returned the favor, ending her barrage with a palm strike to the nose, clearly setting up for her devastating URAKEN later on in the match. The referee eventually separated the two as they ended up tangled in the ropes, with Hamada getting to her feet first, allowing her to take The Bloody down with a spear. With Bloody on the ground, Hamada tried to lock in her favorite submission move, LA AYAKITA 2000 (Hamada stands at the feet of a fallen opponent who is facing up, and ties their legs in front of herself similarly to a Texas Cloverleaf. She then bends forward over their tied legs and places her own feet on their arms before grabbing hold of their head and falling backward to apply the finished hold), but The Bloody managed to escape by rolling out of the ring.

The Bloody then rolled partly underneath the apron, where she was seen pulling something out of her left boot. A few seconds later, it was clear that The Bloody had indeed put some brass knuckles on her hand. Hamada grew tired of waiting for Bloody to get back into the ring, so she followed her out and was in the process of pulling her up, when she got caught with a knucks assisted right hand to the temple, dropping her on the spot. The Bloody managed to quickly tuck the knucks away in her tights before introducing Hamada's head into the ringpost, making sure she opened her up for the second time in their two meetings. Hamada was all but out on her feet as she was tossed into the ring. The Bloody then propped her up against the nearest corner, measured her and delivered a URAKEN to the open wound on the side of Hamada's face! Ayako then fell to the ground, where she was easily covered for the three count. The Bloody then posed over a fallen Hamada as the crowd showed their displeasure with her heinous actions.

The Bloody p. Ayako Hamada after cheating - 58.9/19.6/77.5 (15 min)


The next segment was set up for the fans to think it was promo time for Yoshiko Tamura. Just as she was about to speak about her third match with Fabi Apache, the Mexican legend's daughter stormed out from behind the curtain with a chair in hand and blasted Tamura in the small of the back with it a half dozen times before it was finally taken away from her by a handful of officials. Fabi then demanded that the match begin, as she knew she had a major advantage and that Tamura would not have any time to recover.

Fabi Apache att Yoshiko Tamura - 32.2% (3 min)

9 - Fabi Apache vs Yoshiko Tamura

As mentioned earlier, Fabi and Yoshiko have met twice before with Fabi going down to defeat via a Patriot Buster in each match. However, Tamura was in bad shape as the bell rang with Fabi dropping a series of elbows to Tamura's injured back before cinching in a Camel Clutch! Tamura was able to make it to the ropes, but it seemed as though she was only extending her agony as Apache continued to pound away at her back with a relentlessness not yet seen in a WMF match. Apache then demanded that the referee stop the match, but he shook her off after Tamura indicated she wanted to continue. Fabi pulled Tamura up and went for a running powerslam, but Tamura pushed herself off at the last minute and ended up sending Fabi chest first into the turnbuckle, leading to a Tamura roll up for a 2 count. Fabi quickly got up though and kicked Tamura in the head before locking in her TORMENTA APACHE submission hold! Although it took significantly longer to make the ropes than the prior time, Yoshiko managed to escape the hold, but the damage was done. Apache was becoming increasingly frustrated with her ability to put Tamura away so she delivered a sidewalk slam before heading up top for her other finisher, a Moonsault . . . but this time Tamura managed to avoid getting hit with one of Fabi's signature moves, and finally went on the offensive. Since her back was in horrible shape, Tamura grabbed Fabi's left leg and quickly applied a FIGURE FOUR in the middle of the ring. Fabi struggled for quite a while, and came thisclose to reversing the hold before Tamura got her back into position where Fabi reluctantly tapped out! Despite dominating 95% of the match, Apache now fell to 0 and 3 against her archrival.

Yoshiko Tamura def. Fabi Apache via submission - 43.3/9.4/64.1 (14 min)


Tonight's Main Event began with a well received introduction by Ai Fujita, who once again wore her full length black and brown leather coat and matching ring attire, including gold sunglasses and then informed the crowd that she was looking for one last piece of gold (the title) to complete her outfit. A few moments later, a bandaged up Ayako Hamada walked out and took her place in Fujita's corner, clapping for her partner who was stretching in the corner. Once Hamada was in place, it was now time for Mariko Yoshida to make her way out to the loudest negative reaction of the night. In her tenure in WMF, Yoshida is undefeated in singles competition and has only lost in a tag match where she was pinned by Fujita, which set up this highly anticipated match.

Although Fujita is known primarily as a high flyer and Yoshida as a submission specialist, this match was about as PHYSICAL as one could expect from two smallish workers. Each woman was bruised and suffering from fatigue as the match reached the 8 minute mark when things finally started to slow down. After a lengthy period of counters and reversals, Fujita hip tossed Yoshida over before delivering a picture perfect dropkick to the point of her jaw. Ai tried to follow it up with a somersault splash, but the champion avoided it and dropped Fujita with a modified facebuster. Yoshida went for a Kimura (arm triangle submission), but Fujita countered it before executing a brilliant Dragon Suplex for a 2. The crowd cheered as Fujita went up top and hit her FIREBIRD 450 SPLASH, but the challenger only got a 2 1/2 count for her efforts. Yoshida was still stunned from the prior move, but had the presence of mind to fire Fujita shoulder first into the ringpost as she charged in for a spear. Yoshida then connected with a spinning bulldog coming out of the corner, and followed it up with a flying elbow off of the middle turnbuckle, but even that was not enough to keep the tenacious youngster down.

Yoshida then drove the wind out of Fujita's lungs with a trio of Germans, but she STILL could not keep her adversary down. Yoshida was enraged at this point and began arguing with the ref, giving Ai a chance to recover and take her down with an impressive release German suplex that saw Yoshida end up flat on her stomach after flipping over in the air! A slingshot somersault legdrop across the back of the neck left Yoshida vulnerable again, and saw Ayako Hamada telling Fujita now was the time to go for another FIREBIRD 450 SPLASH. Fujita was a little bit slow in getting to the top as she was starting to tire, but she had enough strength in her legs to make the full rotation and a quarter. . . but she ended up coming down stomach first across Yoshida's knees! Fujita crumpled to the mat in obvious pain as Yoshida slowly got to her feet. After taking a deep breath, Yoshida finally muscled Fujita up into a high impact AIR RAID CRASH! Yoshida then took a moment to stare at Hamada before finally pinning Fujita at 16:29 to retain her title in a hard fought battle.


Mariko Yoshida © p. Ai Fujita to RETAIN the title! - 58.1/23.2/74.8 (17 min)


OVERALL - 40.4%, 2748 attendance, Fukuoka overness 22.2%, WMF title 8.6, adara/val 15, cluster 45.8, momoe/ricci 11

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I'm really enjoying this so far Naiwf, this is the first diary of yours that i've read, so i didnt really know what to expect, although you've said this is more brief than your usual diaries... Anyway, i think the backstage news, stuff about your TV deals etc. add a lot to the feel of the diary, i know that sounds cliche, but it is interesting, and reading your diary is helping me with my stats update! hehe. Im glad Yoshida is your first La Reina de WMF(~!), she was the best choice, do you watch much Joshi? I cant tell, which is a good thing, as you dont look out of your element.

I had to "cheat" and give all of my English speaking female workers the ability to speak Japanese and vice versa for if/when I run outside of Japan.
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