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Friday Night Lights

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Friday Night Lights is now out on DVD and VHS. I've heard and read that it is the best sports movie of all time and some have even suggested the best movie of all time. My question, with out giving anything in the film away, is if Friday Night Lights is infact an excellent film and if it is infact the best sports movie ever.

Remember, no spoilers since I havn't seen it yet!

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Well, I'm not gonna call it the best movie ever. Not sure about best sports movie ever. But I WILL say that it's a very good movie, and one that I enjoyed thoroughly. The performances were solid from top to bottom, and the way the film was put together served to enhance the script and those same performances. Overall I'd give it a recommendation to be seen.

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Greatest movie ever - no.

Greatest sports movie ever - no.

Decent movie - no.

Decent sports movie - yes.

To call a movie a "great" or "good" movie, something must stand-out from the movie. And in the case of Friday Night Lights, nothing really did. It was a very average movie, with nothing really "wowing" me.

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It's not the best movie ever...but it's pretty good IMO

I think i like it more as I have family in Texas so it may have me wanting to see the team win more or something :P

It's cool how it's based on a real story and they......

Well...watch it too see :P

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I enjoyed it greatly, becuase, like Syco, said, if you play HS football, or have played, the chances of you loving the movie are very high.

The movie, I think was a little unrealistic with the hits stuff, but that just adds the effect and stuff, plus the fact that the team at the end was wearing Under Armour which wasn't invented until like 6 years ago.

Other than that, I enjoyed the movie. Jay Hernandez's character (I forget the name) was my favorite, but "Preacher Man" was awesome too.

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