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Best Live Albums

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A comment by Tristy (Tristof, whatever), triggered this topic idea. I want to know what your favorite live albums are. Simple.

Mine are far and away Live at a Dive by DI, which might even be the best punk album period, and S&M by Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. I'd also give some love to the Family Values Tour 1999 which I listen too on a regular basis.

So, what you got?

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Bruce Springsteen And The E-Street Band: Live 1975-85

Steve Earle/Townes Van Zandt/Guy Clark - Together At the Bluebird Café

Willie Nelson/Johnny Cash - VH1 Storytellers

Kris Kristofferson - Broken Freedom Song (Live In San Franciso)

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in no order

Dream Theater - Live at Budokan

Rammstein - Live Aus Berlin

Pennywise - Live at the Key Club

Metallica - Live Shit Binge and Purge

The Ramones - We're Outta Here

Rage Against The Machine - Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium

and my favorite live album, and one of my favorite albums of all time

Alice in Chains - MTV Unplugged

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I inspired someone. Sweet. Anyways, my favorite live albums are..

Rammstein's Live Aus Berlin:

If you've seen the DVD of this show, it's pure energy. The theatrics are insane, and as always, the music is kick-ass. Rammstein (the song) live = kickass.

Sarah McLachlan's Afterglow Live:

Give Mrs. McLachlan a guitar and 2 hours, and she can blow me away more than any band that I love, even The Mars Volta. Her voice live is like an angel (cliche? yes), and I just love hearing her live. I own all of her live albums, and every single one is awesome, but this one stands out to me, since Afterglow is in my Top 10 Favorite Albums ever.

nine inch nails' And All That Could Have Been:

Perhaps it's been done before, perhaps not. I've never seen a live DVD/CD composed of an entire tour, and molded together to make the listener think it's just a normal show, when infact almost every song is from a different concert on The Fragility Tour. Awesome, awesome DVD/CD.

Tool's Salival:

Man, Maynard's voice is spot-on in this live album. The way Maynard and the boys de-construct and re-make Pushit is beautiful. I love this album.

Metallica's S&M:

The Orchestra was a very nice touch to this show, in my opinion. I usually wouldn't buy anything Metallica, since it's not my thing, but an Orchestra + Metallica sounded awesome, so I went with it. I was blown away. I didn't think it'd work, but boy did it ever. "No Leaf Clover" is a fucking wicked song. I wish they'd make a studio version of it.

Oh, if bootlegs count, then "The Mars Volta Live At The Opera House: 7/21" is among my favorite live albums ever.

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I'd also give some love to the Family Values Tour 1999 which I listen too on a regular basis.

I've got '98, which isn't half bad. Who is on '99?

Off the top of my head:

KoRn (Anytime you can here A.D.I.D.A.S. live, its worth it)


Limp Bizkit (say what you will, but Break Stuff live is great)


Redman and Method Man

and the band that did the South Park theme... can't think of their name off the top of my head.

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and the band that did the South Park theme... can't think of their name off the top of my head.


And wasn't Rammstein on that tour as well?

Yeah, Primus. Jerry Was a Race Car Driver (not sure of the real names of their songs), and My Name is Mud, I believe.

Even some of the songs I don't really like, like Been Awhile by Staind are good. I'm not trying to make it out to be some godly CD, but its a worthwhile listen, IMO.

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Anti Heros - 1000 Nights of Chaos: This is maybe one of the only bands that I believe to be drastically better live. After listening to this album, you realize that the Anti Heros studio albums do them no justice.

Bad Brains - Live: There are very few bands that bring the energy like Bad Brains. This album provides a blitzkrieg of hardcore punk with a blend of calming reggae.

Dead Boys - Night of the Living Dead Boys: This album is primitive rock and roll at it's finest. Stiv Bators snide comments in between songs is also an added bonus to this great show.

Screamers - In a Better World: There was never a dull show from this unique group of San Francisco. This is actually a two disc set with four different shows on it. The Screamers electronic sound carried over well onto the disc, and really proves that these guys were way ahead of their time.

The Dicks/Big Boys - Live at Raul's Split: Either band is a great option, but featuring them both on one album is even better. The Dicks start the night off with their abrasive music and cynical lyrics. They are followed by Big Boys, who lighten the mood with their funk/hardcore style.

The Doors - Absolutely Live/In Concert: Possibly my favorite piece of music from the Doors. Jim Morrison was always a captivating performer, and this show is great evidence of that.

The Mentors - Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll: The kings of trash rock show that they were truely underrated. These talented musicians let their musical abilities shine through in this album. Despite the obvious sexist lyrics, it's hard to deny that the Mentors played excellent rock. The songs provided on this album are also not available on any of their studio material.

The Offs - Live at the Mabuhay Gardens: A rare piece of ska punk history, as not very many of the Offs albums are in circulation. As for the content of the album, it is nothing short of fantastic. The Offs play an inspired set, and keep things lively throughout the show.

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Bruce Springsteen And The E-Street Band: Live 1975-85

Bruce Springsteen And The E-Street Band: Live In New York

Pearl Jam, any of the 72 bootleg styled double discs they put out

Dave Matthews Band Listener Supported

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