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I'm bored, and just thought I'd throw out a big list of bands, singers, rappers, whatever, and see what the general consensus is. Beware, the list will be big, so you only have to really reply to the bands/people you have an opinion on, as you won't know them all, nessecarily.






Iron Maiden

Def Leppard

Led Zeppelin

The Beatles

The Who

Elvis Presley

Papa Roach

Limp Bizkit

Linkin Park



Meat Loaf

Arch Enemy

In Flames





Dillinger Escape Plan

Fear Factory


A Perfect Circle

Massive Attack

Chemichal Brothers

Van Halen





Alice In Chains


Pearl Jam

Smashing Pumpkins



Guns And Roses

Velvet Revolver



The Killers

Machine Head

Marilyn Manson



Faith No More



System Of A Down

Joy Division

The Smiths

The Streets


Foo Fighters

Mars Volta

Snoop Dogg


Ja Rule



Eric Clapton

Norah Jones

Bob Dylan

Nine Inch Nails

David Gray

Jeff Buckley

Tom Waits

Depche Mode


Lacuna Coil

New Order

My Dying Bride



Stone Temple Pilots




The Clash

The Sex Pistols

Green Day



Beastie Boys

Notorious B.I.G


36 Crazyfists

Killswitch Engage

I'm gonna leave it at that....I know most of these are "alternative", but thats the kinda stuff I listen to. Also, I apologise for the length, but as I said, I'm bored, so just fill in what you can/want to.

Meh, as I said, I'm bored.

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AC/DC - Good.

Slayer - Haven't heard enough to judge.

Metallic - Good until the mid-90's.

Megadeth - See Slayer.

Pantera - Good.

Iron Maiden - See Slayer.

Def Leppard - Never impressed me.

Led Zeppelin - Mixed bag.

The Beatles - The best. Ever.

The Who - Overrated.

Elvis Presley - The King, duh.

Papa Roach - Fucking horrible.

Limp Bizkit - Somehow even worse.

Linkin Park - OH GOD THE PAIN.


Deftones - Thanks. Deftones are decent.

Meat Loaf - Bleh.

Arch Enemy - See Slayer.

In Flames - See Slayer.

Soilwork - See Slayer AGAIN.


Distillers - I don't hate them, but I don't care for them either.

Meshuggah - See Slayer.

Dillinger Escape Plan - See Slayer.

Fear Factory - Bad.

Tool - REALLY overrated.

A Perfect Circle - Better than Tool.

Massive Attack - See Slayer.

Chemichal Brothers - Good.

Van Halen - Meh.

REM - Damn good.

Nirvana - Overrated but I like them.

RHCP - Good.

Soundgarden - Overrated.

Alice In Chains - Overrated, especially by syco.

Manowar - See Slayer.

Pearl Jam - Good.

Smashing Pumpkins - Very good.

Mastodon - See Slayer.

Audioslave - Amazingly average.

Guns And Roses - Kinda good, but Axl needs to give up.

Velvet Revolver - See Audioslave.


Ash - See Slayer.

The Killers - In 2004 they were given the "Super awesome indy band" hype for ONE SONG. They aren't bad.

Machine Head - See Slayer.

Marilyn Manson - Good but should be banned from cover songs.

Emperor - See Slayer.

Sepultura - See Slayer.

Faith No More - Eh. Never cared for Faith No More.

U2 - Good until ten years ago. Now they anger me. ESPECIALLY "One, two, three, fourteen!"

Libertines - Despite the massive hype they get I still have yet to hear a Libertines song.

System Of A Down - I kind of like them yet I kind of hate them.

Joy Division - See Slayer.

The Smiths - Good.

The Streets - Overrated.

Morrissey - Good from what I've heard.

Foo Fighters - Very good.

Mars Volta - See Slayer.

Snoop Dogg - Great persona, but as a rapper I'm not THAT big on him.

Eminem - Good MC, but annoying as fuck.

Ja Rule - Horrible.

Jay-Z - Good, but better when remixed.

Tupac - Good.

Eric Clapton - Good.

Norah Jones - Guilty pleasure.

Bob Dylan - Good song writer, but that's all he should be. Can't fucking sing and it mars his work.

Nine Inch Nails - Overrated.

David Gray - See Slayer.

Jeff Buckley - See Slayer.

Tom Waits - I would like him better if I ever hear a song of his that doesn't sound like he's been gargling acid.

Depche Mode - Meh.

Nightwish - See Slayer.

Lacuna Coil - See Slayer, but with the added fact that I really want to hear their stuff.

New Order - Good.

My Dying Bride - See Slayer.

Coldplay - Average.

Keane - Good.

Stone Temple Pilots - Good, except for "Sour Girl."

Bush - Average.

HIM - See Slayer..

Slipknot - Bad, bad, bad.

The Clash - Damn good.

The Sex Pistols - Limited but good.

Green Day - Good.

NOFX - Decent.

Rancid - Good.

Beastie Boys - Awesome.

Notorious B.I.G - Meh.

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AC/DC - Never listened to them really.

Slayer - Never listened to them really.

Metallica - Never listened to them really.

Megadeth - Never listened to them really.

Pantera - Liked What I Heard

Iron Maiden - Good Band

Def Leppard - Never listened to them really.

Led Zeppelin - Never listened to them really.

The Beatles - There Okay

The Who - Don't Like

Elvis Presley - Meh

Papa Roach - Quite Good

Limp Bizkit - Bad-Decent That Area Really

Linkin Park - They Can Be Okay At Times

Korn - Okay I Guess

Deftones - Never listened to them really.

Meat Loaf - Never listened to them really.

Arch Enemy - Never heard of.

In Flames - Never heard of.

Soilwork - Never listened to them really.

Opeth - Okay I Guess

Distillers - Don't Like

Meshuggah - Never Heard

Dillinger Escape Plan - Never Heard

Fear Factory - Never Heard

Tool - Okay

A Perfect Circle - Meh

Massive Attack - Never Heard

Chemichal Brothers - Shit

Van Halen - Okay

REM - Meh

Nirvana - I like them sometimes.

RHCP - There okay.

Soundgarden - Crap. Utter Crap. Yes Kaney, CRAP!

Alice In Chains - Never listened to them really.

Manowar - Never listened to them really.

Pearl Jam - Don't Like

Smashing Pumpkins - Don't Like

Mastodon - Don't Like

Audioslave - Don't Like

Guns And Roses - HATE

Velvet Revolver - UTTER SHIT

Muse - Meh

Ash - Meh

The Killers - Okay

Machine Head - Meh

Marilyn Manson - Meh

Emperor - Never heard of.

Sepultura - Never heard of.

Faith No More - Meh.

U2 - Same Old Celtic Bollocks.

Libertines - CRAP. Worse Than Velvet Revolver

System Of A Down - Finally, something decent!

Joy Division - Never listened to them really.

The Smiths - Never heard of.

The Streets - Wow, worse than the Libertines..They are utter shit.

Morrissey - Meh

Foo Fighters - Whaey, another good band.

Mars Volta - Don't Like

Snoop Dogg - CRAP

Eminem - CRAP

Ja Rule - CRAP

Jay-Z - CRAP

Tupac - Okay for Rap music

Eric Clapton - Not my generation.

Norah Jones - Meh.

Bob Dylan - Not my generation.

Nine Inch Nails - Never listened to them really.

David Gray - Never listened to them really.

Jeff Buckley - Who?

Tom Waits - Who?

Depche Mode - Who?

Nightwish - Who?

Lacuna Coil - Never listened to them really.

New Order - Never listened to them really.

My Dying Bride - Never heard of.

Coldplay - Too pop music-esque for me.

Keane - See above.

Stone Temple Pilots - Who?

Bush - Who?

HIM - Good from what I've heard.

Slipknot - Crap.

The Clash - Crap.

The Sex Pistols - Crap.

Green Day - Great band - seem to be going downhill for me now though.

NOFX - Never listened to them really.

Rancid - Never listened to them really.

Beastie Boys - Don't Like

Notorious B.I.G - Crap.

RATM - Never listened to them really.

36 Crazyfists - Pretty good.

Killswitch Engage - Brilliant band!

Boy, that was horrible :P

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AC/DC - Old-school type of great.

Slayer - Don't like 'em.

Metallica - My favourite band. 'Nuff said.

Megadeth - Like 'em alot.

Pantera - Only like Walk.

Iron Maiden - Second favourite band.

Def Leppard - Like some of their songs.

Led Zeppelin - Same as with Leppard.

The Beatles - Meh... only like a couple of their songs.

The Who - Only like one song.

Elvis Presley - Not my style, really.

Papa Roach - Kinda like 'em.

Limp Bizkit - Were good, now they're crap.

Linkin Park - Like 'em.

Korn - Like some of their songs, but not many.

Deftones - Like a couple of their songs, that's it.

Meat Loaf - Meh. I can listen to Meat Loaf, but not my first choice.

Arch Enemy - Don't like 'em-

In Flames - Don't know enough of them.

Soilwork - Don't think I ever heard of them.

Opeth - Bleargh.

Distillers - Who?

Meshuggah - Wha?

Dillinger Escape Plan - When?

Fear Factory - Isn't this a TV show?

Tool - Meh.

A Perfect Circle - Nah.

Massive Attack - Meh.

Chemichal Brothers - I like.

Van Halen - I like.

REM - I like.

Nirvana - I like.

RHCP - Coolness.

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun rules... and that's about it.

Alice In Chains - Dig their sound.

Manowar - Courage owns.

Pearl Jam - Great band, love 'em.

Smashing Pumpkins - Like most of their stuff.

Mastodon - Vader???

Audioslave - Meh.

Guns And Roses - Were great, now joke. Love their old stuff.

Velvet Revolver - Seem cool from what I've heard of them.

Muse - Not my style.

Ash - Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

The Killers - Don't know them.

Machine Head - Only like one song.

Marilyn Manson - Like some of his stuff, can't stand most.

Emperor - Never heard of them.

Sepultura - Bleargh.

Faith No More - Meh. Some good stuff, some crappy stuff.

U2 - Love 'em.

Libertines - Never heard of 'em.

System Of A Down - Meh.

Joy Division - Dead Souls rocks... and that's about it.

The Smiths - Dunno.

The Streets - Dunno.

Morrissey - Nah.

Foo Fighters - Good stuff.

Mars Volta - Never heard them. Heard of them, never heard their stuff.

Snoop Dogg - Bleargh.

Eminem - His newer stuff doesn't attract me, but I like older stuff.

Ja Rule - Hate him.

Jay-Z - Hate him.

Tupac - Good stuff.

Eric Clapton - Great stuff.

Norah Jones - Bleargh.

Bob Dylan - Meh.

Nine Inch Nails - Like some of their stuff.

David Gray - Who?

Jeff Buckley - Who?

Tom Waits - Who?

Depeche Mode - Good stuff.

Nightwish - Nah.

Lacuna Coil - Nah.

New Order - Like some of their stuff.

My Dying Bride - Who?

Coldplay - Cool.

Keane - Like it.

Stone Temple Pilots - Like it,

Bush - Great stuff.

HIM - Good stuff.

Slipknot - Hate 'em.

The Clash - Meh.

The Sex Pistols - Nah.

Green Day - Great stuff.

NOFX - Never heard enough of it to judge.

Rancid - Nah.

Beastie Boys - Like some, hate some...

Notorious B.I.G - Nah.

RATM - Cool stuff.

36 Crazyfists - Who?

Killswitch Engage - Who?

Next time do a smaller list, dammit :wacko:

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AC/DC - Only work as a joke.

Slayer - Never Heard.

Metallica - Never Heard.

Megadeth - I've heard one of their songs and it was just poo metal.

Pantera - Never Heard.

Iron Maiden - Never Heard.

Def Leppard - Never Heard.

Led Zeppelin - Ace, especially the self titled albums.

The Beatles - Very, very good with one of the most consistent catalogues around.

The Who - Good band, hit and miss discography.

Elvis Presley - Don't care.

Papa Roach - Shit nu-metal.

Limp Bizkit - Worse nu-metal.

Linkin Park - Shit popified nu-metal.

Korn - Shit nu-metal.

Deftones - Occassionally decent, Street Carp is ace.

Meat Loaf - Don't care.

Arch Enemy - Never Heard of Them.

In Flames - Never Heard.

Soilwork - Never Heard of Them.

Opeth - Never Heard.

Distillers - Average punk rock band with a hot lead singer.

Meshuggah - Never Heard.

Dillinger Escape Plan - Never Heard.

Fear Factory - Scifi metal crap crap crap.

Tool - Never Heard.

A Perfect Circle - Never Heard.

Massive Attack - Never Heard.

Chemichal Brothers - Decent, but completely outside what I would normally listen to.

Van Halen - Never Heard.

REM - Very good, especially their earlier stuff.

Nirvana - Excellent band. Current fashion is to call them overrated, which may be right, but you're supposed to look at bands independently of what the media tells you to think about them.

RHCP - Pretty good, never really got into them on any album. Constant line-up changes hurt them.

Soundgarden - Pretty good from what I've heard, which is not much.

Alice In Chains - Crappy from what I've heard.

Manowar - Never Heard.

Pearl Jam - Mostly utter shite.

Smashing Pumpkins - Good from what I've heard.

Mastodon - Never Heard of Them.

Audioslave - Utter shite.

Guns And Roses - Stole everything they ever did, but they have a few good songs.

Velvet Revolver - Never Heard.

Muse - Decent, underwhelming.

Ash - Sketchy discography, but they've been one of the best British pop bands of the last decade.

The Killers - Quickly got tired of them. Badly want to be the new Queen, the album is half decent and half dreck.

Machine Head - Never Heard of Them.

Marilyn Manson - Meh.

Emperor - Never Heard.

Sepultura - Never Heard.

Faith No More - Not a big Patton fan, but they're pretty good I guess.

U2 - Bit of guilty pleasure, they're okay even if they are twats.

Libertines - Very strong first album, dull second album.

System Of A Down - Pretty good, like their more outlandish stuff like Johnny and Sugar.

Joy Division - Pretty good, but I'm mostly underwhelmed by them. Indie gods, but I'm not that Indie.

The Smiths - Ace. Which may make my last assertion seem erroneous, but the Smiths are of a different class.

The Streets - Still making my mind up. He'll survive as a relic of Kev culture mostly, I expect.

Morrissey - Good, but not the Smiths.

Foo Fighters - Decent, the occassional really strong song, often fairly dull but Grohl is a lovely man.

Mars Volta - Very good from what I've heard. ATD-I were better for me, I prefer neither the jam band excesses of Volta or the bland emo of Sparta.

Snoop Dogg - Rap? Who cares?

Eminem - Comedy Rap? Who cares?

Ja Rule - R? WC?

Jay-Z - R? WC?

Tupac - Okay, Tupac is cool.

Eric Clapton - Liked his work with the Yardbirds, very little else.

Norah Jones - Don't care.

Bob Dylan - Ace. Ace. Ace. Except the one or two albums that sucked.

Nine Inch Nails - Don't care.

David Gray - Dull indie shit.

Jeff Buckley - RIP, dude. Really cool, the lead guitarist in my band reminds me of Buckley sometimes.

Tom Waits - Same old act is getting tired. Don't care.

Depche Mode - Never Heard.

Nightwish - Never Heard of Them.

Lacuna Coil - Never Heard.

New Order - Eh. Indie. And stuff. Pretty good I guess.

My Dying Bride - Never Heard of Them.

Coldplay - Indie dross dreck shit.

Keane - Indie dross dreck shit.

Stone Temple Pilots - Never Heard.

Bush - Haven't heard much.

HIM - Never Heard.

Slipknot - Shit.

The Clash - Favourite band. London Calling, Give 'em Enough Rope and self titled are near-perfect albums, and Sandinista! has its moments too. Shame they fucked it up at the end there, but still...what can I say? Amazing.

The Sex Pistols - Decent for what they were. Neccesary.

Green Day - Dukie good, rest meh, now nauseating.

NOFX - Mediocre.

Rancid - Shitty dreivative punk, good live.

Beastie Boys - Very good from what I've heard.

Notorious B.I.G - R? WC?

RATM - Eh. Hate their style of politicisation and I've never been huge into the FunkRock thing. Gang of Four came twenty years earlier with more insightful lyrics and better music.

36 Crazyfists - Never Heard.

Killswitch Engage - Never Heard.

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AC/DC - Rock N Roll personified

Slayer - Never really did anything for me, they're ok

Metallica - My favorite hard rock band of all time

Megadeth - Decent music, horrendous lyrics

Pantera - Awesome

Iron Maiden - Good

Def Leppard - Guilty pleasure

Led Zeppelin - Genre defining band whose influences are still seen to this day

The Beatles - Good music, but overrated

The Who - Fantastic

Elvis Presley - Appreciate him breaking down barriers when it comes to censorship, but as Bluesman pointed out in another thread, all he did was take black music and make it safe for white people.

Papa Roach - Overbashed, good live band

Limp Bizkit - Horrible, has never done anything above average.

Linkin Park - Trite lyrics, terrible rapping, but awesome production.

Korn - Great band, genre defining.

Deftones - Another excellent band, never given enough credit.

Meat Loaf - Amazing voice

Arch Enemy - Scary

In Flames - N/A

Soilwork - N/A

Opeth - N/A

Distillers - I love female rock singers... just now getting into the Distillers in fact. Love em.

Meshuggah - N/A

Dillinger Escape Plan - N/A

Fear Factory - Better in their earlier years, but not bad now either.

Tool - Mindblowing

A Perfect Circle - Great band, not a "dumbed down Tool."

Massive Attack - Good stuff from what I've heard

Chemichal Brothers - Excellent

Van Halen - Like em

REM - Never got it... too soft for my tastes

Nirvana - You can't ignore their impact on music, but they woulda never been as big if Cobain didn't off himself.

RHCP - What the hell happened? Used to be punk as fuck and funk as fuck, now they're just soft.

Soundgarden - I always preferred them over Nirvana during the grunge explosion.

Alice In Chains - Awesome band, hopeful about their reunion, but it just won't be the same without Layne

Manowar - N/A

Pearl Jam - Personally always found them a little overrated, but still a great band

Smashing Pumpkins - My second favorite band of all time. Hoping Corgan will someday quit being a huge dickhead and get the band back together.

Mastodon - N/A

Audioslave - Good supergroup, hopeful they keep going after the next album is released

Guns And Roses - Never anything special to me. And it ain't GnR without Slash and Duff.

Velvet Revolver - People are always talking about the new GnR album coming out... blah blah blah. You already have it, it's called Contraband and it kicks ass.

Muse- Underrated

Ash - N/A

The Killers - What Pop Rock should sound like

Machine Head - N/A

Marilyn Manson - One of the greatest performers of all time.

Emperor - N/A

Sepultura - Great metal band

Faith No More - Sorely missed

U2 - Can't believe they're still around

Libertines - N/A

System Of A Down - Victims of overexposure

Joy Division - Makes me laugh

The Smiths - Good

The Streets - N/A

Morrissey - Good

Foo Fighters - Fantastic

Mars Volta - About to explode

Snoop Dogg - One of the best rappers today

Eminem - Underrated and Overrated at the same time

Ja Rule - Crap

Jay-Z - The best rapper alive

Tupac - Good

Eric Clapton - Great

Norah Jones - amazing musician

Bob Dylan - Engimatic

Nine Inch Nails - Reznor is simply the most brilliant musician alive today

David Gray - N/A

Jeff Buckley - N/A

Tom Waits - N/A

Depche Mode - The best 80s band and still going strong

Nightwish - N/A

Lacuna Coil - Awesome

New Order - Good 80s stuff

My Dying Bride - N/A

Coldplay - Overrated

Keane - N/A

Stone Temple Pilots - Another favorite of mine

Bush - One good album

HIM - Weird

Slipknot - Great music to bang your head to

The Clash - Pioneers

The Sex Pistols - Good for what they were... not as amazing as people make them out to be

Green Day - I really couldn't stand Green Day once Nimrod came out, but goddamn they blew me away with American Idiot.


Rancid - Decent

Beastie Boys - It's weird, you actually got to watch these guys mature through their music... music definitely needs them

Notorious B.I.G - I miss Biggie

RATM - Sad to see them go, but I think they said everything they needed to say

36 Crazyfists - N/A

Killswitch Engage - Decent

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Slayer - Awesome. Simply awesome. Loud as fuck and scary as hell. Luv em. Great live as well.

Metallica - Metallica have their moments. Master Of Puppets, Metallica, Justice For All are all excellent albums. Load, Reload and St Anger aren't. The others I haven't heard in a while. Garage Inc is probably the greatest covers album of all time. As long as you ignore the bad stuff, they're awesome.

Megadeth - Absolutely awesome. The System Has Failed is my favorite album right now, it's really, really good. The early stuff is equally as excellent. Awesome live.

Pantera - I don't like them. I have a couple of Pantera albums, and I only really like one song on each of them. If every pantera track was like 'Cowboys From Hell' I'd be happy. But they're not, so I'm not.

Elvis Presley - I've been listening to Elvis second hand through my dad since before I was born, so I love him. He's the king.

Limp Bizkit - I like Limp Bizkit. I said it, I know. What can I say, I love metal with DJ's, it just works.

Linkin Park - Except if you're Linkin park, in which case it's shit and I hate it. Music to slash your wrists by, as a thousand live journals will attest to.

Korn - I hate korn. I have a few korn albums and it's all the same whiny shit. Can't stand them.

Distillers - Excellent. One of my favorite bands. Chicks in metal bands are awesome. I Loooooove her voice. The best album is Sing Sing Death House, the second is Distillers and the worst is Coral Fang.

Manowar - AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH I LOVE YOU. MANOWAR ROCK. Music to rape and pillage by. It's awesome. I love it. Nothing makes you feel more masculine than listening to Manowar whilst bowling down the street.

Mastodon - Absolute shit. Everyone is claiming they're the future of metal or hard rock or whatever they play, but I can't see it. There a load of shit, and they sound like a wet fart live.

Guns And Roses - As long as we pretend that nothing but Appetite For Destruction exists, then Gun's N Roses can be claimed a success.

System Of A Down - Takes a lot of listens to get used to, but once you get their unique sound into your head you can't get it out. Going to see them soon.

Slipknot - Fucking awesome. Second best live show ever. They rock, hard as fuck but can do the soft stuff without sounding like fags. Get a lot of stick for being popular, but they deserve to be popular, cause they're awesome.


RATM - Incredible. How can one band be this good? How is it fair that a band so awesome cna not be around any more? It's not fair.

Those are the bands I have a strong opinion of. I have some stuff by other bands you mentioned, Jay-Z, Streets, Foo Fighters, RHCP, and more, but I don't have strong opinions.

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Guest Booker T & The MG's

AC/DC - Good band, a one trick pony. Takes skill though to keep going all these years

Slayer - ................

Metallica - Black Album is good, but work is too patchy to be considered legends.

Megadeth - .............

Pantera - Ok.

Iron Maiden - Never liked them. Lead singers voice annoys me.

Def Leppard - Never liked them.

Led Zeppelin - Great band, so many great songs.

The Beatles - Not a big fan, but I like them.

The Who - Ok.

Elvis Presley - How can you not?

Papa Roach - Bad.

Limp Bizkit - Worse than Papa Roach bad.

Linkin Park - Just above Papa Roach bad.

Korn - Patchy to Just above Linkin Park Bad.

Deftones - Great band, should be bigger than they are.

Meat Loaf - Knows how to write a ballad, aside from that meh.

Arch Enemy - ..........

In Flames - ............

Soilwork - ............

Opeth - .............

Distillers - Loved all there work so far.

Meshuggah - ............

Dillinger Escape Plan - Nah.

Fear Factory - Never liked them.

Tool - Skipped me by so far.

A Perfect Circle - Aside from James Iha, skipped me by also.

Massive Attack - Ok.

Chemichal Brothers - Killer singles.

Van Halen - Everything that was wrong with the 80s

REM - Everything that was right with the 80s. Still really good

Nirvana - Through the hype, there was a great band.

RHCP - I liked Californication but have gone a bit downhill since, a tad overrated.

Soundgarden - Not a favourite but I like them.

Alice In Chains - Indifferent.

Manowar - Quite like them.

Pearl Jam - Loved Ten, quite like there other stuff

Smashing Pumpkins - The best band of the 1990s. My favourite band of all time.

Mastodon - ...........

Audioslave - On and Off, they're ok.

Guns And Roses - Appetite = Awesome, could'nt stomach UYI I & II, way too much filler.

Velvet Revolver - Hmmm indifferent.

Muse - Never got into them, but they can play a killer live show.

Ash - Fantastic knack of writing killer singles. Underrated and Charlotte :wub: .

The Killers - Great singles band. Album has far too much filler/Duran Duran tributing.

Machine Head - ...............

Marilyn Manson - Stay away from Depeche Mode covers.

Emperor - ...........

Sepultura - .........

Faith No More - .........

U2 - Really liked Achtung Baby. Not so keen after that, went too poppy.

Libertines - Along with the hype, they had two killer albums, great live.

System Of A Down - Loved all of there work so far.

Joy Division - Really good.

The Smiths - The best British band this side of The Beatles. Marr = Musical genius.

The Streets - Good.

Morrissey - On his day can be very close to as good as The Smiths (i.e Everday is Like Sunday). Great live.

Foo Fighters - Really like them, especially The Colour & The Shape.

Mars Volta - Liked there work so far.

Snoop Dogg - Seems to live the life he raps about, like the cut of his jib. Music at bit meh.

Eminem - nah.

Ja Rule - useless.

Jay-Z - Ok aside from The Linkin Park stuff.

Tupac - nah.

Eric Clapton - Liked some of Cream's stuff.

Norah Jones - Ugh.

Bob Dylan - Ok.

Nine Inch Nails - Indifferent.

David Gray - Good god middle of the road, one of the worst kinds of music.

Jeff Buckley - Skipped me by so far, maybe in the future.

Tom Waits - See above.

Depche Mode - Underrated, Violater is one truly awesome album.

Nightwish - Not heard enough but come across too much like Evanescence.

Lacuna Coil - ............

New Order - Great band.

My Dying Bride - .............I'll go as far as saying never knew they even existed.

Coldplay - Way overrated, new album with an electro touch may be good though. If they fuck that Kraftwerk sample up though I will be pissed.

Keane - Ugh.

Stone Temple Pilots - Indifferent towards apathetic.

Bush - Ugh.

HIM - Music all sounds a bit similar. Still Quite good though.

Slipknot - Really like there new album, not so keen before that.

The Clash - Great.

The Sex Pistols - Great. Right place, right time.

Green Day - Really like them.

NOFX - Skipped me by so far.

Rancid - Liked some of there stuff (i.e Time Bomb).

Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique = Awesome. New album is superb too, good band.

Notorious B.I.G - Meh.

This .............. means I've not heard of them/not heard enough of them to comment on, and probably won't listen to them in the future.

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AC/DC - decent

Slayer - good

Metallica - 1983-1991, after the self-titled it goes downhill

Megadeth - decent

Pantera - good

Iron Maiden - pretty good

Def Leppard - meh, few decent songs

Led Zeppelin - pretty good

The Beatles - good

The Who - good

Elvis Presley - good

Papa Roach - ugh

Limp Bizkit - ugh

Linkin Park - ugh

Korn - one step above 'ugh'

Deftones - haven't really listened

Meat Loaf - ok

Arch Enemy - see deftones

In Flames - see deftones

Soilwork - see deftones

Opeth - good

Distillers - good sound. Brody still looks like a man

Meshuggah - decent

Dillinger Escape Plan - see deftones

Fear Factory - decent

Tool - decent

A Perfect Circle - see deftones

Massive Attack - see deftones

Chemichal Brothers - see deftones

Van Halen - good

REM - good

Nirvana - overrated

RHCP - 80's stuff was real good, newer stuff is decent

Soundgarden - good

Alice In Chains - good

Manowar - funnay but decent

Pearl Jam - decent/overrated

Smashing Pumpkins - good

Mastodon - haven't heard

Audioslave - good

Guns And Roses - axl should give up. stuff with slash etc. was good

Velvet Revolver - alright

Muse - overrated

Ash - haven't listened

The Killers - blech

Machine Head - haven't listened

Marilyn Manson - good

Emperor - decent

Sepultura - good

Faith No More - haven't heard

U2 - one, two, three...FOURTEEN! bwahahaha. decent

Libertines - haven't heard

System Of A Down - don't care for

Joy Division - haven't heard

The Smiths - haven't heard

The Streets - *shrug* meh

Morrissey - haven't heard

Foo Fighters - haven't heard

Mars Volta - haven't heard

Snoop Dogg - stuff with Dre/early stuff is good

Eminem - earlier stuff = good, latter = meh

Ja Rule - haven't heard

Jay-Z - haven't heard

Tupac - good

Eric Clapton - pretty good

Norah Jones - haven't heard

Bob Dylan - pretty good

Nine Inch Nails - haven't heard

David Gray - haven't heard

Jeff Buckley - seems familiar/haven't heard

Tom Waits - haven't heard

Depche Mode - your own...personal...jesus...//decent

Nightwish - good

Lacuna Coil - good

New Order - haven't heard

My Dying Bride - good

Coldplay - haven't heard

Keane - haven't heard

Stone Temple Pilots - decentish

Bush - haven't heard

HIM - don't care for

Slipknot - decent

The Clash - good

The Sex Pistols - good

Green Day - decent

NOFX - haven't heard

Rancid - decent

Beastie Boys - don't care for

Notorious B.I.G - from what i've heard, decent

RATM - good

36 Crazyfists - haven't heard

Killswitch Engage - good

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AC/DC - Not a fan, but they have a lot of killer tunes

Slayer - Don't know too much about them but they must be doing something right

Metallica - Love them, regardless of opinions of other people, I think they are one of the greatest metal bands out of the 80's

Megadeth - Not a big fan, but they do have good stuff

Pantera - see above

Iron Maiden - Haven't really heard much of their material, but what I have heard I liked

Def Leppard - Solid band, a lot of good tracks

Led Zeppelin - legends, when of my favorite classic rock groups

The Beatles - not a fan, but I can appreciate what they did

The Who - Great fucking tunes, granted I've only heard their more popular songs... but I loved them

Elvis Presley - See The Beatles

Papa Roach - They have some catchy tracks, but I'm not a fan of theirs

Limp Bizkit - I was a Bizkit follower back in the day and loved them back then, so it would be hypocritical to say that I don't like them

Linkin Park - Get too much flak... Tunes of catchy tracks and I give them credit for what they are doing

Korn - I was once a big Korn junky, nowadays not so much. I love their first few albums up to Issues, but I haven't really liked them since

Deftones - Kind of indifferent. They have songs I really REALLY like, but then they also have some that I don't

Meat Loaf - Only heard less than a hand full of tunes so I can't really judge

Arch Enemy - Haven't heard any of their stuff before, no opinion

In Flames - see above

Soilwork - see above again

Opeth - I've heard OF them, but not their music. If I have heard one of their songs I didn't know it was them... no opinion

Distillers - No offense to their fans, but I can't stand them

Meshuggah - once again, see the last few bands before the Distillers

Dillinger Escape Plan - Ok, not my taste though

Fear Factory - They have some pretty good tracks

Tool - see Deftones

A Perfect Circle - see Tool... then see Deftones

Massive Attack - see Opeth

Chemichal Brothers - Enjoy a lot of their stuff. I wouldn't call myself I fan, but I do like some of their tunes

Van Halen - Don't like them, but don't hate them

REM - They have a couple of songs I like, but not my type of music

Nirvana - I really don't think they are as great as some make them out to be, but I do think they were very good at what they were doing

RHCP - Used to be a big fan, but I've gotten kind of tired of their style recently. Still, they are pretty solid for what they are worth

Soundgarden - Really good band, great tunes. Not a big fan, but still awesome

Alice In Chains - see Soundgarden

Manowar - See Opeth

Pearl Jam - Good band, not many bands can make a song mean something like they can

Smashing Pumpkins - Good, they have many songs I enjoy... but Billy Corgan's voice gets to me sometimes

Mastodon - Haven't heard any of their stuff before, no opinion

Audioslave - Like them very much... really solid band, good tunes

Guns And Roses - Great band, well, they were in their prime... great, catchy, classic tunes

Velvet Revolver - I'm a huge fan of Scott Weiland, so by default, I'm a fan of anything he is involved with

Muse - Not bad, I don't really like them as a band, but I don't have anything against their music

Ash - see Opeth

The Killers - Can't stand them, something about their two singles that annoy the hell out of me

Machine Head - Haven't heard any of their stuff before, no opinion

Marilyn Manson - The instrumentals in his songs are awesome, but I hate his voice

Emperor - Haven't heard any of their stuff before, no opinion

Sepultura - Haven't a lot of them, but from what I've heard they are solid

Faith No More - Again, I haven't heard a lot of their tracks, but Epic is one of my favorite songs of all time

U2 - They have some really good tunes, but not a fan... however, I can appreciate there music for what it's worth

Libertines - Haven't heard any of their stuff before, no opinion

System Of A Down - One of my favorites, awesome, awesome, AWESOME.... I love the way Serj sings the lyrics

Joy Division - Only heard a few tracks, pretty good though

The Smiths - Haven't heard any of their stuff before, no opinion

The Streets - Haven't heard any of their stuff before, no opinion

Morrissey - See Opeth

Foo Fighters - I like them, nothing really special though

Mars Volta - Heard a few tracks.. They're ok, not bad, but not in my taste

Snoop Dogg - Used to be a big Snoop fan, but IMO he's gotten tiresome

Eminem - Not really a fan, but I like most of his music

Ja Rule - I like him back in 99 when he first hit it big, but I can't stand him now

Jay-Z - One of my favorites... I think he is legendary, but I don't force that statement down anybody throats, just my opinion

Tupac - When he wasn't infatuated with dissing the East Coast he was simply one of the greatest of all time

Eric Clapton - Legend.... One of the greatest acoustic guitat players ever, IMO

Norah Jones - I know who she is... I know she has a shit load of Grammy awards from last year..... But I don't think I've ever heard one of her songs

Bob Dylan - Awesome... He has some classic tunes under his belt

Nine Inch Nails - Love 'em... Great sound, NIN's music always comes out as very personal and emotional, yet harsh... which I love

David Gray - See Opeth

Jeff Buckley - See Opeth again

Tom Waits - See Opeth AGAIN!

Depche Mode - Many of their tunes are a guilty pleasure of mine... not my style, but they have some catchy shit

Nightwish - Solid, though I've only heard a handful of theire tunes, mainly because people compare them to Lacuna Coil all the time

Lacuna Coil - Speak of the Devil... I love Lacuna Coil. Cristina's mesmerizing vocals really add to their music. Her voice is angellic in a dark sort of way (and she's smokin' too). I'm generally not too fond of Goth Metal, but Lacuna Coil is the mighty exception

New Order - The name makes me think of New Edition... never heard their music before, no opinion

My Dying Bride - Haven't heard any of their stuff before, no opinion

Coldplay - They have some good tracks, but they are not my type of music at all

Keane - Haven't heard any of their stuff before, no opinion

Stone Temple Pilots - One of my all time favorites. I go through phases in which the only thing I can listen to is STP.

Bush -... Have fallen off the map. Seriously, what the hell happened? They only thing Gavin is known for now is being Gwen's husband. Back on topic, they were really good back in their day, one of my first favorite bands

HIM - I don't like them, something about their music rubs me the wrong way

Slipknot - Meh, not a fan... I'll admit I do enjoy some of their music, but nothing special, IMO

The Clash - Amazing, just amazing. I could listen to London Calling all day long

The Sex Pistols - Not really up on their stuff, but I think they are really good from what I've heard

Green Day - Will always be one of those bands that are just there. Nothing about them stands out to me or makes them any better or any worse then other bands, but I do enjoy the occasional Green Day track once a week

NOFX - Great band, I enjoy their work very much... They have done some awesome covers as well

Rancid - Pretty ok, not really a band I'd go out of my way to listen too, but don't mind them

Beastie Boys - Great lyricists, catchy beats. Vocals can be slightly annoying at times, but I can look past that. All in all, pretty amazing. Icons whether you like them or not

Notorious B.I.G - Was never really a fan, but I do like the majority of the material he put out. I can appreciate what he did

RATM - One of my favorites. Awesome instrumentals, awesome lyrics, just overall amazing.... How can you listen to an RATM song and not feel obligated to yell along with Zach or even simulate Tom's solos with your mouth and air guitar? YOU CAN'T!

36 Crazyfists - Another favorite... They just have this fresh, different sound to them. The vocal work is great, IMO, and many of their songs are extremely well done. They are a mix of numetal, metal and borderline punk... that can turn people off, but they do it to perfection. Throw in the vocals and you've got a band with a kind of unique sound to them

Killswitch Engage - Really good tunes, enjoy them very much

Whew.. I can't believe I finished that whole thing...

Edited by Enter Blue Guy
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AC/DC - Not a big hit for me

Slayer - Have been ok from what I have heard

Metallica - Good band, pity they can't get on

Megadeth - Haven't Soulfly nicked their guitarist before?

Pantera - Just started listening to them, good stuff so far

Iron Maiden - Can't stand them, hate the singing

Def Leppard - Not my cup of tea

Led Zeppelin - Not my cup of tea

The Beatles - I respect them and they have some catchy songs indeed, but I don't exactly love them

The Who - Who? Kidding, never have really listened to them

Elvis Presley - Liked Hamburgers

Papa Roach - Coby Dick, Jacoby Shaddick? Changes his name per album!

Limp Bizkit - Fred Durst = Ugh, however do have some catchy songs

Linkin Park - Having a secret love affair with currently

Korn - Big Korn fan, mixes well with my personality

Deftones - One band I need to hear more stuff from, so far I like a lot

Meat Loaf - Will do anything for love...but not THAT

Arch Enemy - Too heavy for me

In Flames - Good band, three songs on my Ipod and are all good

Soilwork - Heard one song, didn't get into it - but might have to investigate further

Opeth - My mates love 'em, don't see the attraction

Distillers - Don't like em

Meshuggah - Don't know what to think about Meshuggah, let alone how to say it

Dillinger Escape Plan - 43% Burnt is a bit odd, haven't heard anything else

Fear Factory - Archetype is awesome, need more stuff from them

Tool - Hated them before, could get into them now

A Perfect Circle - Love them, catchy expressive simple tunes

Massive Attack - Heard of them, not their stuff

Chemichal Brothers - Don't like em

Van Halen - Don't like em

REM - Too light for me

Nirvana - Soundgarden are better

RHCP - Can't Stop listening to Can't Stop, otherwise they don't exist in my brain

Soundgarden - Better than Nirvana

Alice In Chains - Keep 'em in Chains

Manowar - Never heard of

Pearl Jam - Don't like

Smashing Pumpkins - Don't like

Mastodon - Don't know what to think of either

Audioslave - Meh, Like A Stone makes me want to kill people - horrid song, band not much better

Guns And Roses - Not bad

Velvet Revolver - Worse than Guns N Roses

Muse - Very good, another band I need more stuff of

Ash - (Secretly likes "Candy")

The Killers - Good, not my usual music taste but good

Machine Head - Haven't heard enough of, Davidian owns

Marilyn Manson - The Willy Wonka cover put me off...

Emperor - Never heard of

Sepultura - Getting into now, Ratamahatta and Roots own

Faith No More - Good

U2 - Bad

Libertines - Worse

System Of A Down - Near Gods

Joy Division - Haven't heard any of their stuff

The Smiths - My namesake

The Streets - Different, but slighty erotic

Morrissey - Neil?

Foo Fighters - Good band, very good songs

Mars Volta - Need to hear more of

Snoop Dogg - No

Eminem - (Secretly likes "Lose Yourself") Otherwise No

Ja Rule - No

Jay-Z - No

Tupac - No

Eric Clapton - No

Norah Jones - No (Theres a pattern emerging here)

Bob Dylan - No

Nine Inch Nails - Need to hear soon

David Gray - No

Jeff Buckley - Never heard of

Tom Waits - Never heard any of his stuff

Depche Mode - Never heard any stuff

Nightwish - Don't give a good reason for me to listen to them

Lacuna Coil - Swamped is awesome, hot singer, need to look into

New Order - nWo?!

My Dying Bride - Call an Ambulance

Coldplay - Don't like

Keane - Could get into surprisingly

Stone Temple Pilots - Haven't heard any stuff

Bush - Not very big, mine that is

HIM - Look into more, need to that is

Slipknot - Good, Vol 3 proves they aren't just a barrage of ill-timed noise to all those fools who thought otherwise

The Clash - Don't listen to

The Sex Pistols - Don't listen to

Green Day - Met the singer, nice Bloke, like a lot of their songs, need to buy albums next

NOFX - Don't listen to

Rancid - Don't listen to

Beastie Boys - Make me fight to party.

Notorious B.I.G - No

RATM - Overrated in my view, but not my cup of tea so thats prob why

36 Crazyfists - Ok

Killswitch Engage - A couple of good songs, the rest is shite

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AC/DC - I used to like it when i was 11

Slayer - Better than a lot of its genre

Metallica - I kinda like their older stuff until metallica maybe, or maybe and justice for all. I dislike almost everything from them ever since. And listening to their interviews makes me wanna throw up, so i don't listen anymore.

Megadeth - Don't dislike.

Pantera - I had a girlfriend who liked it a lot, and therefore i had to listen a lot to it. It eventually grew on me and now i find it ok.

Iron Maiden - Like it, but not THAT much.

Def Leppard - I can listen to it.

Led Zeppelin - I can listen to it.

The Beatles - I enjoy some of the stuff, i dislike some of it too.

The Who - I can Listen to it.

Elvis Presley - I like his 50's, early 60's songs a lot (although his best songs aren't really is), but his career reached a point where all he done was crap.

Papa Roach - I like the guitar in some of its songs but overall dislike it.

Limp Bizkit - BOOOOO. Before someone says they weren't that bad in their early records, i have listened to all of them and the answer is still BOOOOO.

Linkin Park - can't say i like them but i like some of the melodies on their most recent stuff.

Korn - I give them the credit for having to build their way to stardom, unlike most of the crap who joined the bandwagon afterwards. I can't say i like them though.

Deftones - This is one of the bands everyone around me seems to love. I can listen to it, but i can't say i like it.

Meat Loaf - Only for a laugh

Arch Enemy - Not my style. Burning Bridges doesn't seem to be a bad album though.

In Flames - I can listen to it, although i don't like it much. Style i wouldn't call them a bad band.

Soilwork - average

Opeth - You sure like Scandinavian Black Metal, don't you?

Distillers - I love The Distillers and Sing Sing Death House. Coral Fang doesn't produce any effect on me.

Meshuggah - Dislike them.

Dillinger Escape Plan - Mathcore at its best. Great Live show too. Loved the stuff with Patton.

Fear Factory - Dislike them.

Tool - THE BAND.... for many. Not my style. Good players on the band though.

A Perfect Circle - Love the drums. Josh Freeze is great.

Massive Attack - hate the style. Can't listen to it.

Chemichal Brothers - the same.

Van Halen - fit the decade perfectly. I can listen to it, but won't move of my way to do it.

REM - I like a lot of stuff, but there are some things i really dislike. I Like their older stuff better than the new one.

Nirvana - I like it a lot, but not the LOT many people do.

RHCP - I can listen to it but i'm not a fan.

Soundgarden - The only grunge band i really liked was Nirvana. A lot of people usually wanted me to listen to a lot of other grunge bands as if i didn't knew them, but no other has had much impact on me.

Alice In Chains - Read Above.

Manowar - Can listen to it, but not a fan.

Pearl Jam - I HATE eddie Vedder's voice. My girlfriend and most of my friends hate the band as a whole, but i don't. Still, i don't think they're as good as everyone claims they are.

Smashing Pumpkins - Like some stuff.

Mastodon - Worse than Dillinger Escape Plan, but i don't dislike it.

Audioslave - Don't care. It was an attempt of building an allstar band and i believe the objective was truly missed.

Guns And Roses - I like some of their stuff, but don't care about some of it.

Velvet Revolver - Not quite the live show, but hey.. i got in for free :)

Muse - I believe this is the most overrated band there is. All its fans seem to feel the urge to tell me how great this band is and don't understand why i haven't got a single album of them in my album collection.

Ash - They have songs i love, and then they have the ones i don't understand what was the point in doing it, nevertheless i own their albums.

The Killers - Not bad. average maybe. I can't tell much after only one album.

Machine Head - Don't like, although they have some stuff i don't find that bad, mainly on Burn My Eyes.

Marilyn Manson - Not all image, but most of it.

Emperor - Kinda like the swedish black metal bands, only norwegian. Actually is a little different and perhaps innovative, but still don't find them much remarkable.

Sepultura - Fabulous Drummer. I don't find anything remarkable in the rest and i couldn't stand Max Cavalera. Not that i like Derrick Green though.

Faith No More - Despite being the most notorious of Mike Patton's bands this is probably the one i care for the least. I'm a fan of Patton though.

U2 - Don't care for them. They did a fun job covering ramones in their tribute, unlike most of the rest in it.

Libertines - I like them.

System Of A Down - Serj Tankian seems to be a smart guy from what i've heard from him. I'm not a big fan of the band but i've often seen unjust comparisons with some crap nu-metal bands, with which i can't agree.

Joy Division - nice band.

The Smiths - fun band to listen to. I don't love them, but i do enjoy listening to them some times.

The Streets - which The Streets are these? If it's the most recent i don't like. The one from the 80's was ok.

Morrissey - I liked the Smiths better. :P

Foo Fighters - They're one of those bands, i think i like almost everything from them and yet, they don't break the barrier from like to love. Meaning i have fun listening to them, but they're not often my choice when picking something to listen to.

Mars Volta - I like Sparta better, and liked At The Drive-In better than both. Still i own De-Loused in the Comatorium and can say i like it.

Snoop Dogg - B

Eminem - O

Ja Rule - O

Jay-Z - O

Tupac - O

Eric Clapton - a little boring, but the bluesy stuff is cool.

Norah Jones - don't care for.

Bob Dylan - the fact that i like quite a few of his lyrics prevents me from saying i don't like him.

Nine Inch Nails - Don't like it. Just not my style.

David Gray - Not a fan, but i don't dislike everything.

Jeff Buckley - died to young :(

Tom Waits - some nice stuff

Depeche Mode - don't like it.

Nightwish - I knew these bands had to arrive sooner or later :P . As for this one i would say i don't really like, but don't dislike either.

Lacuna Coil - like it less.

New Order - I like a few songs but i believe joy division were better and i think its because of the keyboards.

My Dying Bride - A case where i strongly disagree with the critics on which is their best album, but since i'm not a big fan of the style it doesn't bother me much.

Coldplay - Probably the only brit pop-rock band i can't stand. Some of my friends like it very much.

Keane - Makes me wonder if my last statement is true

Stone Temple Pilots - not bad

Bush - I liked them better before they found their own style. I liked them better when they sounded like nirvana :P

HIM - Sometimes i find myself listening to this and liking it. :blush:

Slipknot - BOOOOO. Not as big as a boo as limp bizkit though.

The Clash - Love their early stuff. Kind of a decline from after London Calling though. The Clash and London Calling are some of my favourite albums ever.

The Sex Pistols - I like it although they are loved by a lot of "punk" kids who would send darts to their faces in the moment they actually read something to know how they were formed. Sid Vicious solo work is fun as well. In this case fun in the true sense of the word. It's effect on me is a smile.

Green Day - Love most of Green Day's work except for Warning. Not as much as a lot of people do though.

NOFX - Love Punk In Drublic, also like a lot nearly everything from the Nofx ep until the So long and thanks for all the shoes album. Pump up the valuum was sucky, the war on errorism wasn't much better. Fat Mike is a honest guy that avoids me from getting on my nerves on its shows, unlike some other lead singers who either shut up the whole show, or spend it saying how much they love <insert city here>.

Rancid - My favourite band. Love all of their albums either their punk-rock albums, like Rancid or Let's Go, their "Clash"-Like Album on and out come the wolves, their more "core" album on the 2000 album, or the exploring through reggae and world sound on Life Won't Wait. The last album is not the suckage everyone says, although they picked one of their worse songs to make a videoclip out of.

Beastie Boys - I kinda like some stuff, although most of it i don't

Notorious B.I.G - I wouldn't be fair if i said BOOO cause i've heard very little of it, but at least i can say BOOOO to that little i've heard.

RATM - Liked their booklets. The sound was so/so.

36 Crazyfists - I kind of like it. I find it more inventive and emotional than most of what i've heard in its genre.

Killswitch Engage - I can't say i dislike it all cause i've listened to stuff from them that wasn't that bad, but most of it is IMO.

I hope i didn't miss any band, but i copy pasted the list of bands from another post, so if they didn't evaluate X i didn't evaluate X either.

...and yes. Is quite a big list. I wasn't hungry when i started and now i am :P

Edited by Malenko
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Some of the bands I put in more for my personal taste (In Flames, Soilwork, Jeff Buckley, Emperor, Opeth, Depeche Mode, New Order), but it seems like a lot of people either don't know them, or haven't heard anything by them.

EDIT: The Streets from the 90's-00's, the New Order from the 80's through to now (were Joy Division) and Morrissey was in the Smiths.

And yes, Malenko, I like my Swedish Death!

Edited by rvdwannabe
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AC/DC - Blows.

Slayer - Woo. Easily one of my top five favorite bands.

Metallica - I enjoy the earlier stuff.

Megadeth - See Slayer.

Pantera - (Y)

Iron Maiden - Meh.

Def Leppard - Very Meh.

Led Zeppelin - I love everything. Favorite band, ever.

The Beatles - Probably the only non-Beatles fan on this board. I don't hate everything, but I don't like a lot.

The Who - (Y)

Elvis Presley - I appreciate him as an artist, but have never found myself listening to more than one random song at a time.

Papa Roach - Ugh.

Limp Bizkit - Ugh.

Linkin Park - Ugh.

Korn - I love Korn, so fuck most of you.

Deftones - (Y)

Meat Loaf - No.

Arch Enemy - I do not know of them.

In Flames - I am sure I have listened, as I know the name well, but I can't connect any songs. They probably suck.

Soilwork - Haven't heard.

Opeth - Shrug. I listen occasionally, but no opinion.

Distillers - From now on I will mark bands I haven't heard by not putting anything.

Meshuggah - Shrug.

Dillinger Escape Plan - No.

Fear Factory - (Y)

Tool - Not a huge Tool guy, actually, but I like some.

A Perfect Circle - Overrated.

Massive Attack

Chemichal Brothers

Van Halen - No.

REM - I remember a day when I loved them.

... Nevermind, fuck this.

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